Is Vital Sleep Mouthpiece as Effective As Claimed?

Is Vital Sleep Mouthpiece as Effective As Claimed?

If you are a snorer, an effective stop snoring gadget will help to improve the quality of your sleep, and consequently your general health. One of the best snoring mouthpieces on the market is VitalSleep. We’ve curated trusted VitalSleep reviews to learn how the device works.

VitalSleep Review

vital sleep reviewDespite most people thinking that snoring is just a nerve-wrecking sleep habit, its actually a health risk. Snorers don’t get enough sleep since their sleep cycle is constantly interfered with. This makes them so much exhausted during the day and in turn, lowers their productivity. Also, since snoring is as a result of obstruction of the airway, the body gets insufficient oxygen.


Vital Sleep Mouthpiece Review

Vital Sleep is a Mandibular Advancement Device that is recommended for heavy snorers. Unlike most MADs, Vital Sleep allows users to adjust the lower jaw using a hex tool that it comes with.

This gadget got FDAs clearance in January 2010 (FDA-510(k), number K092942) and is classified as a Class II anti-snoring kit.

Vital Sleep is made of a thermoplastic material and can therefore be custom-molded at home using the boil-and-bite process. This gadget is also BPA and latex-free, and therefore safe to use. Using the anti-snoring mouthpiece device will keep your airway free of obstruction and also enhance your breathing due to the front air hole.

About The Company

Vital Sleep is manufactured by the Snore Reliever Company LLC, based in New York City. The company is owned by David Hernandez and was registered in 2010. The company gained popularity from January 2, 2012 when it released the Vital Sleep mouthpiece.

vital sleep review

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David Hernandez is a graduate in Physical Therapy from Daemen College in 1999. When designing Vital Sleep, he collaborated with Dr. Richard Koffler M.D, who at the time had more than 20 years of experience in physical therapy and rehabilitation. Dr. Koffler is an alumnus of Tel Aviv University (1993).

The motivation that drove Hernandez into creating an anti-snoring mouthpiece was his struggle with snoring. Most oral appliances he had used were extremely costly (almost 3,000$) but did not last long. He, therefore, set out to develop an alternative, more affordable gadget.

Creating a Custom Fit with Vital Sleep Snore Guard

Most people new to the boil-and-bite technology get anxious about getting the right fit. The good news is that the process is easy. Moreover, the kit comes with an instruction manual. The whole process will take about 5 minutes. You will need a further few extra minutes to adjust the lower tray using the hex tool to achieve a perfect fit.

Here is a summary of how to achieve the right fit:

Things You Will Need

  • A pot of water
  • A timer
  • 2 bowls or mugs (one with ice-cold water)

Instructions on Fitting VitalSleep Mouthpiece

  1. Make sure the upper and the lower trays are directly on top of each other. If they are not, use the hex tool to align them. There is an indicator mark on both sides of the mouthpiece which will help you know whether the trays are in the correct position.
  2. Find the small opening on the rear of the mouthpiece where the handle is expected to snap into. If the handle is giving you problems, get it upside-down.
  3. Boil 2 cups of water to and then pour it into one of the bowls or mugs.
  4. Leave the water to cool slightly for about 1 minute. After this, use the handle to dip the mouthpiece in for exactly 10 seconds. IMPORTANT: Do not submerge the device for up to 1 or minutes like is required with most other MADs.
  5. After the 10 seconds, remove the gadget from water and check on the inside for triangle stamp to determine the side of the tray that goes up. Run the snore device it under tap water to regulate its temperature.
  6. Ensuring that the triangle side touches your upper jaw, place the gadget in your mouth and gently bite down for about 15 seconds.
  7. Remove the device from your mouth and dip it in the ice-cold water for 30 seconds to make it harden fast.
  8. Finally, remove the handle and wear the mouthpiece to test the fit. You can use the hex tool to make necessary adjustments of the lower jaw position. If the fit is not right, repeat the whole process from the beginning.

Is Vital Sleep Mouthpiece as Effective As Claimed? 114 Days of Putting Vital Sleep to Test
The morning my gadget arrived by mail, I followed the necessary instructions to ensure it fits properly. After completing the process, I adjusted the lower jaw position and then placed in on my bedside drawer ready for the night. My wife was excited about this gadget and couldn’t wait for me to be fast asleep to begin monitoring my snore.

The morning after, I woke up feeling fully rested. I did not feel any gum irritation, something that I fear most with MADs. However, my jaws felt slightly sore. I suspect that I might have adjusted the lower jaw position a little too tight. My wife confirmed to me that I had not snored at all, but I had already guessed this since I woke up in great moods.

On the second night, I re-adjusted the lower jaw and it felt more comfortable. I feared that the mouth guard won’t be as effective in this position but I was wrong. My wife confirmed that it did great and the best part was that I didn’t feel the sore jaws when I woke up.

Over the next two weeks, I continued to enjoy a sound sleep with VitalSleep. I found the gadget comfortable and the air hole made breathing very easy. I experienced some little drooling but by the 3rd night, it had completely stopped.

Does Vital Sleep Really Work?

The performance of Vital Sleep was impressive. From my opinion, it is one of the top most intricately designed mouthpieces. The anti snore device does not only feel comfortable on the mouth, but the air hole in the front makes it ideal by allowing sufficient inflow of air. The best part is that it has a very high efficacy rate.

Here is an overview of the features of Vital Sleep mouthguard.

Is Vital Sleep Mouthpiece as Effective As Claimed? 2

Vital Sleep Cost and Coupon Code

Vital Sleep was retailing at less than 40$ towards the end of 2010. However, the price has since increased and today sells for 99.95$ for two and 59.95$ for a single piece. However, sometimes you can get a 10% discount is there is an offer. This will bring the price of two for 89.95$ and 53.95$ for the price of one. Check here to see current deals.

The manufacturer gives 30-day money-back guarantee and one whole year of free replacements for purchase. So, you can be fully confident that you will receive a new gadget in the event that the one you have suffers some shortcomings.

Advantages and Disadvantages

I had a plausible experience with this gadget. However, there is no one single gadget that is perfect and free from faults. So we will analyze features of this gadget that give it a big plus, and those that could do with some improvement.


  • Made from medical grade material that’s 100% USA-sourced and is BPA and latex-free.
  • Maintaining this gadget is easy. It only requires simple cleaning with a toothbrush and a denture cleaner or toothpaste.
  • The device uses the boil-and-bite fitting process, which can be done in less than 5 minutes.
  • Allows you to move the jaws laterally. This improves comfort and reduces the stress put on the jaws.
  • Designed with air holes that promote the flow of air and makes breathing easier.
  • Features an adjustable sliding mechanism and a mini hex key that allows you to make micro-adjustments for ideal jaw positioning.
  • The manufacturer gives a one-year free replacement and 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days after purchase, in case you change your mind due to any inconvenience.
  • On average, this gadget is expected to last 12 years with proper use. This is much longer than that of most over the counter MADs.
  • This device has received FDA clearance.


  • According to the manufacturer, even denture wearers can take advantage of this gadget as long as they have partial teeth. However, the amount of pressure that can be received from this gadget can lead to damage of the teeth. Therefore, consult your dentist or doctor before purchasing the device if you have pre-existing structures on your teeth.
  • The company is not accredited by Better Business Bureau.
  • This mouthpiece has a lot of corners which can host bacteria. It is therefore important that you clean it thoroughly after every use.
  • Although this device allows you to get a custom fit, its molded on the gum line instead of around your teeth. If this design was improved, the gadget will be more comfortable.
  • The company gives a 30-day money back guarantee. However, the shipping fee will not be refunded.

Actual User Feedback

Generally, most people who have used this device are happy with the performance. However a few customers had the following complaints:

  • They experienced jaw soreness on the first few nights of use. This is however expected and should improve with continued use.
  • The crevices are difficult to clean.
  • Snorers who also grind their teeth might replace their mouth guards more times.

Customers who are happy with the device praise it for enabling a whole night of restful sleep. They are relieved that the gadget does not carelessly fall off through the night. Moreover, they experienced increased productivity and energy after the nights they slept with the gadget.

What You Should Know About Vital Sleep

Has Vital Sleep been tested clinically?

Most people want to know if the gadget they intend to buy has been clinically tested. They directly relate the testing of the gadget to its safety. On the contrary, most companies dont take their anti-snoring gadgets through testing since these tests can be time consuming and are also expensive. Therefore, the manufacturers will tend to analyze their gadgets based on previous studies of copy-cat products.

Vital Sleep is one of the products that have not been clinically tested. However, other gadgets that have a similar design have been tested and found effective in management of moderate to severe snoring.

One of such studies was done by the Department of Thoracic medicine in Middlesex Hospital, UK. According to this study, 80 out of 94 subjects noted an improvement in their snoring frequency and loudness. This study therefore concluded that products similar to VitalSleep have an 85% efficacy rate.

Do I recommend VitalSleep?

This gadget has a unique design that makes it stand out from the other anti-snoring mouthpieces in the market. It has a breathing hole that makes it an ideal mouthpiece for chronic mouth breathers (with a deviated septum or nasal polyps). The BPA-free and Latex-free material used to manufacture it is also safe. Finally, the gadget is comfortable and generally mild on the gums.

Vital Sleep has been created by specialists; a physical therapist and a rehabilitation physician. While the specialists are not dentists, they have designed the gadget with the user in mind.

Vital Sleep comes with a 30-Day money back guarantee. This means the manufacturer is confident of the product. Moreover, you have the freedom to return the gadget if you find it unsatisfactory.

Based on all this and my personal experience with VitalSleep, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone any day.

Is Vital Sleep Mouthpiece as Effective As Claimed? 3

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VitalSleep Reviews: Conclusion

Although you might be a snorer like me, the severity of our snoring might differ and our needs are definitely different. It, therefore, goes without telling that a gadget that I find perfect for me might not necessarily be ideal for you. Thus, you should research well and weigh the pros and cons (value for money) of the gadget you decide to purchase.

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