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Does your partner snore? Get him the best snoring mouthpiece in the market.

Are you looking for the best snoring mouthpiece? Read on.

There are several mouth piece products in the market that you can buy. Also known as Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS) or Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD), the anti snore mouthpieces work by repositioning the lower jaw forward to make breathing easier.

The mouthpieces have a tongue stabilizing device (TSD) that keeps the tongue forward. This makes it easier for you to breathe while sleeping. There are also hybrid devices that use both tongue stabilizing and jaw advancement techniques.

These aforementioned are the three major devices that are medically certified as remedies for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

These are three different products. However, each manufacturer will want to convince you that theirs device is your best shot at stopping snoring. So, how can you tell which anti snoring device works and which one doesn’t? Can you identify the best anti snoring device for you?

When I was researching to find the best snoring mouthpiece, I couldn’t help but notice most products were being sold in a twin pack. The mouthpiece products were being sold as “buy one, get one free”. We know this is normally just a marketing strategy. Manufacturers offer free products for the price of one to make the customer feel like they are getting a discount. In reality, the companies are usually just selling the snoring mouthpieces at a regular price. The strategy enables them to sell more anti snoring devices.

From my research, I found a number of devices that make it in the list the best snoring mouthpiece devices. Check the table below for an overview of the mouthpieces.

Best Snoring Mouthpieces for 2018

MouthpieceFeaturesUseful LifeCouponPrice
SleepTightLargest front airway opening available on the market. Better breathing for those with colds, allergies, or deviated septum.6 months to 2 years

Buy 1 Get 1 Exclusive Offer
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GMSSWorks by creating a suction which holds tongue in place. Can be worn with dentures1+ years

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ZQuietAllows mouth to move freely. Works out of box but may have to trim to fit with small scissors1 to 2 years

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VitalSleepComes in 2 sizes - Small and regular. Features hex screw adjustment1+ years

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ZyppahPatent pending band used to hold tongue in position while sleeping1+ years

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SnoreMedsSimple 1 piece design with 2 breather holes.4 yearsPurchase the 4 pack and the cost per unit will be $24.20
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SnoreRXMicro-adjustment feature that requires no tools. Can adjust in 1mm increments up to 10mm1 to 1.5 yearsRedeem HereCurrent Price
SnoremenderCurrently unavailable in the US1 to 2 yearsRedeem HereCurrent Price
SleepPro EasifitBasic design. Has 2 air holes for breathing6 months to 2 yearsRedeem HereCurrent Price
SleepPro ContourLow profile design. Adjustable up to 12mmRedeem HereCurrent Price
aveoTSDMade from soft medical grade silicone. Does not attach to teethRedeem HereCurrent Price
SomnoGuard APCan be used with missing teeth. Adjustable up to 10mm with screwdrive1 to 1.5 yearsRedeem HereCurrent Price
Noiselezz IIAble to fit over denturesRedeem HereCurrent Price
SleepPro CustomDental impression kit is sent off to labatory where custom mouthpiece is madeRedeem HereCurrent Price
SnoreDocSoft rubber texture. Custom fitted.4 to 6 monthsRedeem HereCurrent Price
RipsnoreHas a breathing hole. Can be remolded up to 5 times3 months to 1.5 yearsRedeem HereCurrent Price
PuresleepEasy to adjust jaw position with 3 "snap in" settings. No complicated mechanisms that can break.6 to 9 monthsRedeem HereCurrent Price
SnorebanSimple mold fitted device that is transparent1to 1.5 yearsRedeem HereCurrent Price
Snore Eliminator ProAdjustable up to 10mm. No tools requiredRedeem HereCurrent Price
EZ Snore StopperBasic design leaves little room for product malfunction.Features a breathing hole1 to 2 yearsRedeem HereCurrent Price
SnoreWizardOne of the few devices ready to use out of box. Does not require boiling.1 yearRedeem HereCurrent Price
The PacifierSimple device that holds tongue forward1 yearRedeem HereCurrent Price
SnoreMateOne size fits all. Easy to mold.3 to 4 monthsRedeem HereCurrent Price
Kudo SnoreFighter3 Products available - one for mouth breathers, nose breathers or either6 months to 1 yearRedeem HereCurrent Price
SnoreFree NowStandard custom mold design. Comes with extras such as cleaning solution, insertion tool, etc.3 monthsRedeem HereCurrent Price
Snore EliminatorStandard M.A.D. device but has a oblong hole to allow breathing with mouth closed

Guide to Buying a Snoring Mouthpiece

There are a number of things you need to keep in mind when looking for an anti-snoring device. Following the tips below will help you find the best snoring mouthpiece for you.

Quality and Type Material

Consider the materials used to manufacture the snoring mouthpiece. You will be wearing the device for about 8 hours. Thus, you don’t want any products that can affect your health. Some materials used to make anti snoring mouthpieces can be harmful. For example, Bisphenol A (BPA) has been controversial for its long-term health effects when used for food and beverage packaging.

Today, most anti-snoring device manufacturers advertise their products as BPA-free. However, if you research well, you might find that this is a lie. Some low-end products manufactured abroad have traces of plastics that might contain BPA.

Also, check the products for the presence of latex. Almost 3 million Americans are latex sensitive. Some people also react to silicone. Silicone is commonly used in the manufacture of mouthpiece items like dentures. In fact, most dental thermoplastics have silicone. Therefore, do your research well.

Adjustability and Comfort

Since you are looking for a snoring solution, you do not want a device that will solve the problem but cause another discomfort. In most cases, discomfort is caused by the material used to make the snoring device. Some materials make it difficult for the gadget to be adjusted.

Choose MAD devices with a low jaw adjustment capability. The best snoring mouthpiece devices use “boil and bite” technology. To use these mouthpieces, you have to boil and then cool them for a recommended time. After cooling, insert the device and bite down, putting in slight pressure. The device will retain the shape of your teeth. This means they will be custom fit. Custom-fit snoring mouthpieces allow you to reposition your jaw backwards or forward until you feel comfortable.

Unlike MADs that use boil and bite technology, most TSDs (Tongue Stabilizing Devices) are made to be one-size-fits-all. TSDs are not ideal as people’s teeth and mouth shapes vary. MADs are therefore the better option.

Alternatively, you can opt for a dental impression kit. Various anti snoring solutions like ProSnore and SleepPro 2 come packaged with this kit. The kit usually contains molding clay and a mouth tray. Using the kit is simple: place the clay in the tray, and then chomp down and release to create an impression of your teeth mouth surface. You will have to mail the kit to a lab for the custom mouthpiece to be manufactured. Custom kits are more expensive than out of the box anti snoring devices. Moreover, they also take several weeks to be made.


From the chart above, the average lifespan of most TSDs and MADs is 6-12 months. Some manufacturers even recommend replacing the device after 3 months of use! While the period of comfortable use will vary depending on the user, this recommended time is far less than one would expect or wish.

Snorers who grind their teeth are often disappointed with the durability of the devices. Manufacturers recommend teeth grinding snorers should replace their gadgets often than those who don’t grind.

Some manufacturers also raise eyebrows with the materials they use to manufacture the devices. For example, if a company proclaims a 90-days lifespan for its device, I would be very worried. The quality of the materials used would definitely below for such a low lifespan. Don’t also get shocked by the low prices of such products.

If you buy cheap anti snoring devices, you will be disappointed. This is because you will have to replace the gadget even more than 4 times in a year. This will be more costly than if you had purchased a superior, longer-lasting mouthpiece at a higher price.

Breathing Space

Although most people ignore this factor while shopping for snoring mouthpieces, it is important to consider it. The downside of having a breathing hole in a mouthpiece is that it produces a whistling sound that sounds like a snore. However, for people who have a clinical condition that prevents air from flowing through their nasal cavity, sinus issues, or those that have to sleep with their mouth open to breath should especially consider mouthpieces with breathing holes. The holes will make oral breathing easier.

A good anti snoring mouthpiece model should have a breathing hole that is balanced with the size of the gadget. If the hole is too small, less oxygen will come through. This will make you uncomfortable. On the other hand, a considerably large breathing hole will make you to open your mouth.


Cost is another factor to consider before making a purchase. When I first considered purchasing a stop snore device, I was tempted to settle for the cheapest in the market. Which I would have, had I not considered the other factors. Most mouthpiece products cost between 35$ and 200$. This is if we are not talking about custom made mouthpieces like the Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP 3). TAP devices are more expensive and could go into $1000 plus.

In the end, I did a cost-benefit analysis and figured out that actually the expensiveness or cheapness of the product didn’t matter. What really mattered is how best it will serve you. My advice? If you can afford it, go for a product that wholly meets your personal requirements. If you can’t, go for a product that gives you value for the money you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people snore?
There is a tissue at the back side of the mouth called the Uvula. When this tissue touches the throat tissue, the air passage is temporarily blocked. The two tissues vibrate against each other and cause the “snoring sounds”.

Other factors like nasal obstruction (nasal polyps or deviated septum), overgrown tonsils, being in very deep sleep or use of sleeping pills, excessive alcohol intake or even being overweight can also cause snoring.

What are stop snoring devices”?
These are devices recommended by dentists and sleep professionals that help eliminate the sounds produced when a person snores. These devices include Tongue Stabilizing Devices (TSD) and Mandibular Advancement Devices.

How do MADs work to help stop snoring?
Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) or Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS) are the gadget often recommended for people who snore. One is required to fit the device in their mouth before sleeping. When fitted between the upper and lower teeth, the device moves the mandibular (lower jaw) forward. When this happens, the tissues and muscles in the upper airway are tightened and narrow the airway. This makes the snoring sounds to stop.

MADs are popular in Canada, The United Kingdom and the United States.

How do tongue stabilizing devices work?
A tongue stabilizing device (TSD) resembles a pacifier. The device is fitted loosely at the tip of the tongue to prevent it from coming into contact with the back of the throat and obstruct breathing.

There is a bulb at the end of the device that is squeezed to make it attach to the tongue before it’s positioned at the tip. Once the required position has been achieved, the bulb is released. Releasing the bulb creates a vacuum that sucks the tongue into the device.

Many TSDs have double protruding tabs that rest on the outer lips. The tabs keep your tongue in a forward posture and the device in check. TSDs are not as popular as MADs. But when it comes to stopping snoring, the devices work just as well as MADs.

Can stop snoring devices work for me if I usually grind my teeth in sleep?
Yes, MADs can work for you. Most MAD models are designed with the same materials used for dental guards. And because you insert the device between your upper teeth and the lower ones, it will eliminate snoring while at the same time protecting your teeth from grinding. Note that I said some. So, you should check the specifications of the particular gadget you purchase.

Do anti snoring devices help to treat obstructive sleep apnea?
First, there are two different types of sleep apnea. The first is the obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This happens when the upper air passage is temporarily blocked. The second is the Central Sleep Apnea (CSA. This occurs when the brain fails to send instructions to the lungs to breathe, which causes short breath.

Sleep apnea is a more serious condition than snoring. It would, therefore, be dangerous to attempt treating the condition with an oral device. If you suspect you have sleep apnea, see a physician to do a proper diagnosis. The doctor may need to carry out a sleep study in the lab, a home sleep test, or both to come up with a conclusion and recommendations.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to purchase a stop snoring product?
Stop snoring devices, MADs and TSDs are class II medical devices. This means you can only buy them if you have a prescription. But you can always acquire one through the “backdoor”; you can buy one online without displaying your prescription. This is nothing criminal as you will be covered by the Code of Federal Regulations clause “adequate directions for use”.

I can get discounted snoring mouthpieces on eBay. Are these safe to use?
Since we are talking about a health condition and a gadget you will have in your mouth for 8 hours or more, take no chances. It is tempting to purchase a cheap product, especially when you feel it will do the same job as a more expensive option.

The problem is that most of these products that sell for as low as even $5 are not authentic. Or you cannot confirm their authenticity. Most of them have no information about the materials used to make them, leave alone an FDA clearance. It will be risky trying them out.

This does not mean there are no legit mouthpieces on eBay. On the contrary, there are models from known companies that are relatively safe to use. The trick is to know which of these products are legit and which are not before taking advantage of the low price.

What’s the use lifespan for stop snoring mouthpieces?
Most mouthpieces last for 6-18 months. Some will last for shorter than this period, others for longer. The need to replace a mouthpiece is determined by different factors. The greatest factor that determines the durability of a mouthpiece is the type and quality of material used to make it.

Custom-fit mouthpieces made by dentists are of better quality. These mouthpieces last for years rather than months. Your sleeping habits will also determine the longevity of the snore mouthpiece. Sleepers who wear the device more regularly and those who grind their teeth when sleeping will need to replace their gadgets more often.

Will I be able to breathe through my mouth while wearing the device?
This will depend on the design of the snoring piece you purchase. Some models don’t have a breathing hole while others have. Take this factor into consideration before choosing a mouthpiece. Remember, gadgets with breathing holes also have their limitations.

Will the device work for me if I’m already wearing dentures?
Except for the Noiselezz II device, most MADs can’t be used by people with dentures. If you buy the Noiselezz II device, you will need your dentures on while sleeping. A better option for denture wearers is probably the Tongue Stabilizing Device (TSD). This mouthpiece will not compel you to wear your dentures while sleeping as it attaches to the tongue and rests outside the lips.

If I have TMJ, can I use an anti snore device?
Most manufacturers warn against use of the TSDs or MADs by people with TMJ. The devices can worsen TMJ symptoms get worse. If you have TMJ, consult your dentist or doctor before using these products.

Will I be at risk of swallowing the device when sleeping?
Quality MADs that are FDA-approved, approved by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (AU) or the Therapeutic Products Directorate (CA) have been certified not to be hazardous. These devices are safe for use and will not pose a choking hazard. Nevertheless, you should take necessary precautions when sleeping.

How effective is a snore mouthpiece in treating snoring?
Some manufacturers indicate their products are 98% effective. Others give a percentage of the user-satisfaction rate of their devices. However, no one can really assure you of this. Of course, there are factors that will contribute to the effectiveness and satisfaction of a particular gadget. These factors include the quality of the devices and the sleeping patterns of the user. Do your research well to get the best mouthpiece for your needs.

A study conducted in Belgium showed that 65% of snoring patients who used low-cost MADs saw an improvement in their snoring condition. This study concluded the mouthpiece was a viable solution to stop snoring. Other studies show an even higher success rate.

Are anti snore products safe for use by children?
Since children’s mouth and teeth are still developing, it is not advisable for them to use snoring mouthpieces. This is because both MADs and the TSDs can hinder the development of the mouth and teeth.

What does “boil and bite” mean?
This term is commonly used to describe the technology used in MAD models. The technology enables users to custom fit the devices on their teeth. Users have to place the snoring mouthpiece in hot boiling water for a few seconds, remove it and place it in cold water for a few seconds before putting it on. The mouthpiece has to be inserted between the teeth. After this, bite down to make an impression. When cooled, the mouthpiece will take the shape of the users’ teeth.

Apart from this, you can buy a dental impression kit. The kits have dental clays and a tray which make an impression on the teeth surface. After this, a custom piece is cast.

How many times can a boil and bite mouthpiece be remolded?
This will depend on the mouthpiece. Some manufacturers claim their snoring mouthpieces can be remolded up to five times. Generally, when the material used in boil and bite is heated and cooled repeatedly, it gets weak and starts breaking apart. It would be ideal if one could get a perfect fit for the very first time, as difficult as this may be. Be sure to follow the packaging instructions for the particular mouthpiece you have bought.

What does FDA clearance mean?
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the body given the mandate of protecting USA citizens from fraudulent, inauthentic products. The department tests all biological products; drugs, food, cosmetics, medical devices and others to ensure they are safe for use before allowing them in the market. A quality mouthpiece or any stop snore product will have an FDA clearance.

Why does the online purchase require me to fill out a questionnaire?
Usually, you will be required to complete a form online before purchasing. The stores do this to be certain the product you want to buy will be right for you. Therefore, answer all the questions honestly. Online stores also require buyers to fill questionnaires for legal purposes.


There are over 100 stop snoring mouthpiece devices in the market today. This makes it challenging to know the best snoring mouthpiece to buy. Make sure the device you choose has an FDA clearance. Moreover, the materials used to manufacture it should be stated. Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on using the mouthpiece.

Remember, if you have a medical condition such as TMJ, loose teeth or gum disease, you should not use anti snoring appliances.

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