Best Hybrid CPAP Mask for Mouth Breathers

Best Hybrid CPAP Mask for Mouth Breathers

Which is the best CPAP mask for mouth breathers? Read our guide to find out.

If are a mouth breather and your CPAP mask feels uncomfortable, you can try other options in the market. There are different types of masks in the market that work effectively and will keep you super comfortable.  Besides, it’s the mask that ensures the CPAP machine is effective and it’s not working properly if it’s not comfortable enough.

A hybrid CPAP mask typically combines two different designs to one. It uses a nasal pillow insert and cushion seal that work together allowing the BiPAP or CPAP patient to breathe using both. This way, users can continue with the CPAP therapy while breathing comfortably in the most natural way which is an excellent recipe for quality sleep at night.

Treating Sleep Apnea Comfortably

Treating sleep apnea should be comfortable and this where the hybrid CPAP mask comes in handy. A CPAP mask for mouth breathers should be comfortable just like all the other masks.

Hybrid CPAP masks resembles the full face mask and comes with a frame to cover both the mouth and nose. ResMed Mirage and AirFit F20 Full Face Masks are a perfect example for BiPAP and CPAP machines. Philips Respironics produces hybrid mask alternatives.

Hybrid CPAP masks usually cover both the nose and mouth and are therefore considered as full face masks. There are different ways of improving comfort when it comes to wearing CPAP masks and this is where the nasal pillow comes in play. Besides, the best hybrid CPAP mask for mouth breathers have various unique features such as forehead support.

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Do You Need a Hybrid CPAP Mask?

Hybrid CPAP masks work well for those who feel claustrophobic since some experience the same even when using regular full face CPAP masks. You will get the breathing benefits that usually come with CPAP machines but the mask makes it easier for you to breathe as it has a proper fit to keep you comfortable.

Additionally, mouth breathers can also use the hybrid CPAP mask and ensure that the CPAP machine continues to provide ultimate comfort and care regardless of the condition. People are different and the masks are made to make the CPAP machines more accessible.

You cannot compromise when it comes to quality sleep that where the best hybrid CPAP mask for mouth breathers comes in handy. As life speeds by, you need quality sleep at night as it helps you wake up feeling energized and refreshed to take on the day.

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Best Hybrid CPAP Masks for Mouth Breathers

Here are some of the best hybrid CPAP masks for mouth breathers:

#1. ResMed Airfit N20 CPAP Mask

Best Hybrid CPAP Mask for Mouth Breathers 1

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This hybrid mask combines nasal pillow design and nostril inserts with a cushion to cover the mouth. The unit is an excellent choice for both nose and mouth breathers with a smaller nose bridge which tends to cause air leakage. It additionally comes with a headgear allowing the user to make it an entire mask system. This mask enhances visibility ideal for those who like reading or watching tv before bedtime.

The headgear helps maintain stability and keeps the mask securely in place throughout the night even for active sleepers. Besides, this hybrid CPAP mask comes in different cushion sizes for a perfect fit making it a comfortable alternative to regular full face CPAP masks.

#2. ResMed Mirage Activa LT CPAP Mask

ResMed Mirage Liberty Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

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The ResMed Mirage Activa LT CPAP Mask comes with a headgear which is usually important as it helps keep the mask in place throughout the night even when you move around. However, some patients have a narrower nose bridge which cause air leakage especially when using the CPAP machine despite the firm seal of the headgear. Luckily, this hybrid masks blends the unique design of full face and nasal pillow masks. It features a mouth cushion that typically makes breathing through the mouth easier and a nasal pillow cushion to plug into your nose directly.

The hybrid CPAP mask offers the mouth and nasal pillow cushions in different sizes for a more customized fit. Besides, it seals separately at the nose and mouth. The nasal pillows have trampoline action which makes it flexible and moves along with the user staying securely in place. The mask is lightweight, less evasive with less contact on the skin and enhanced visibility.

ResMed ACTIVA CPAP Mask is the best bet for users who are looking for a more comfortable alternative. The mask guarantees ultimate comfort and stability with a super supportive headgear featuring Velcro straps for a perfect fit.

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#3. ResMed Mirage FX Full Face CPAP Mask

Salta Labs Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask

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The ResMed Mirage FX Nasal CPAP Mask features a blend of unique technologies typically designed as a universal interface for providers, patients, and clinicians. The mask is an oral and nasal interface but can also work as both. This mask is a multiple airway interface used with pressure ventilation machines for obstructive sleep apnea and respiratory insufficiency treatment.

The hybrid CPAP mask is uniquely designed to enhance comfort and eliminate any pressure points on the nose bridge and forehead. It additionally comes with an in-built flap for ultimate chin support, optimizing performance. The hybrid system contains different components to size the user properly for a hassle-free fit. The mask has less contact with the skin significantly reducing complications that come with wearing a full face mask.

#4. DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask

Salter Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask Kit

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The DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask Kit uses different technologies. The universal design usually simplifies fitting techniques and mask choice for users since one product offers all modes and sizes of therapy – nasal, oral or a combination of both. The mask also comes with a chin strap perfect for mouth breathers. Besides, it adjusts the jaw to eliminate any risks associated with snoring.

Patients can comfortably wear glasses since the mask doesn’t come in contact with the forehead and nasal bridge. The premium headgear helps keep the mask securely in place al through the night even if you move around. It’s also adjustable for increased support and better seal while the buckle makes it an easy on and off mask.

#5. ResMed Swift FX Bella Pillow Mask

ResMed Swift FX Bella Pillow Mask

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The ResMed Swift FX Pillow Mask gives you the freedom you need during sleep. This unit doesn’t use a regular headgear strap unlike other CPAP masks for obstructive sleep apnea treatment. The upper part of the teeth with a unique ThermAcyrl Mouthpiece helps hold the nasal pillow in place.  It’s a boil and bite mouthpiece with an easy fit.

The mask will swing into position once you fit the mouthguard properly then you can secure the nut. It therefore means that the patient wouldn’t have to keep adjusting the mask and headgear when sleeping or nightly. The mask is comfortable and stays in place all through the night. Generally, the mask usually maintains stability using the mouthpiece so you don’t have to tighten your nasal pillow.


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