What is the Best CPAP Mask on the Market?

What is the Best CPAP Mask on the Market?

Wondering what is the best CPAP mask on the market? Read our guide to find out.

Sleep disorders are on the rise in the United States with the most common being sleep apnea. A huge percentage of those with moderate and mild sleep apnea usually go undiagnosed each year. However, the episodes only last for a few seconds but can occur several times in one night causing adverse health issues if you don’t seek medical attention.

Undiagnosed sleep apnea can result in stroke, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, obesity, type 2 diabetes, depression and various cardiovascular problems.

What is the Best CPAP Mask on the Market

CPAP machines are the most commonly recommended treatment for sleep apnea as it helps users breathe regularly during sleep. There’s a wide variety of CPAP machines in the market and mask designs to ensure everyone gets a perfect fit.

How successful the machine is in treating sleep apnea typically depends on the patient using it. Most people don’t like wearing the mask that’s why they don’t often wear it every night. However, choosing the best CPAP mask is quite important but having the right fit determines whether or not you will comply with the CPAP nightly therapy. Most people stop using the machine if they get one in the wrong style or it feels uncomfortable.

Types of CPAP Masks

Don’t stop the treatment if the CPAP mask you are currently using is uncomfortable. Manufacturers are making new innovations with each passing day since they have realized that the mask makes a huge difference when it comes to compliance for healthier outcomes. Here are different types of CPAP masks:

a)      Full Face CPAP Mask

Generally, the full face CPAP mask covers both the mouth and the nose and are ideal for mouth breathers. These units usually feature a firm seal around the mouth and nasal opening with triangular or oval cushioned edges and a headgear to hold them in place. Full Face CPAP masks work well for those with sinus problems, chronic allergies and people who can seem to keep their mouths closed when sleeping. The full face CPAP mask is ideal for side, back and stomach sleepers.

b)      Nasal CPAP Mask

The nasal mask usually sits on the nose bridge and covers the entire nose or the bottom part only. It features a headgear with four points attached to its frame to hold it in place throughout the night. You can configure them as nasal cradles to form triangular seals on the nose down to the upper lip, this will not cover the mouth. Alternatively, as nasal prongs forming seals around the nasal opening.

Nasal CPAP masks are ideal for those that breathe through the nose and suits any sleeping style from stomach, side, to back.

c)      Nasal CPAP Pillow Mask

Nasal CPAP Pillow Mask usually don’t cover the entire nose unlike the nasal CPAP masks. Just like the nasal prong mask, this one also uses two seals on the nasal opening while the cushioning pillows add stability and comfort while holding the mask in place throughout the night even when you move around.

Nasal Pillow Masks are lightweight and compact with a small headgear. They are the best bet for nose breathing patients who find full face CPAP masks restrictive and too bulky. Anybody can use the nasal pillow mask regardless of their sleeping position but are especially great for stomach sleepers.

The Best CPAP Masks

This article will help you choose the best CPAP mask in the market whether you are a first timer to CPAP therapy or use it seasonally and are looking for a better fit.  We have taken into account their functionality, ease of use, performance, comfort and durability. We also review the pros and cons of each one the CPAP masks from those who have tried them.

#1. DreamWear Full Face Mask

DreamWear Full Face Mask

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DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask is one of the best in the market in terms of versatility, comfort and convenience. It comes in both full face and nasal masks featuring cushions in different sizes for a perfect fit. The mask has a flexible spacebar that rotates at 360 degrees enabling you to shift the tubing position.

The cushions in this mask utilize the typical patented airgel that is non-irritating, lightweight and super comfortable. Plus, it helps eliminate any pressure points thus preventing skin irritation. The ACT (Advanced Cushion Technology) offers a perfect fit ensuring the seal is dependable and works effectively when the patient moves around during sleep.

This mask works for all sleeping styles owing to its flexibility and is a great pick for patients that breathe through the nose. Besides, the DreamWear Full Face CPAP mask is best suited for those mouth breathers or both.

Benefits and Features

  • The unit offers different sizes for a perfect fit
  • The mask is available in nasal and full face designs
  • It’s lightweight, comfortable and the patented airgel technology eliminates pressure points and prevents skin irritation
  • Super comfortable, effective and ergonomic seal with cushions
  • It’s flexible and has a stable configuration


  • The mask will not leave any marks on the face
  • The seal is quite effective and comfortable and doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the nose and face
  • It’s flexible but the seal stays in place throughout the night for proper breathing therapy
  • It comes in three different sizes offering a perfect fit
  • It’s easy to wear and take off


  • The different cushion choices overwhelm some patients and need professional help to wear the mask properly
  • People with manual disabilities, physical challenges and intellectual impairment may need help with configuration


#2. Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

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Brevida Nasal CPAP Mask has a minimalist design providing a lightweight and comfortable fit for nose breathers. The air pillow cushion is configured in a distinctive geometry shape enabling the seal in and around the nasal opening which eliminates any need for a confining or bulky one.

Brevida CPAP Mask uses the VisiBlue technology in their designs to enhance visibility of essential points of connection on the masks. It additionally features a headgear with a dual strap for ease of location especially at night or when the user’s contact lenses or glasses are out of reach. The design provides extra space of foot between the CPAP mask and hose which enables improved mobility all through the night.

The filter and diffuser cap ensure purified, clean breathing utmost efficiency and quiet operation. What’s more, both parts are easy to clean and maintain. This model works well for nose breathers and will stay in place even when you move around regardless of your sleeping position.

Benefits and Features

  • The lightweight and minimal design is super comfortable, non-restrictive and flexible
  • The mask is uniquely shaped enhancing comfortable seal on the nose
  • The air pillow cushioning keeps in place and provides stability
  • The VisiBlue element enhances visibility especially during the night
  • The filter and diffuser cap purifies the air, operates quietly and is equally easy to wash and maintain


  • When you inhale, the air pillow inflates and vice versa during exhalation creating a stable and comfortable seal
  • The Brevida CPAP Masks keeps in place throughout the night
  • It doesn’t leave any marks on the face owing to the headgear design
  • The mask features a diffuser elbow that prevents air from getting into the eyes but instead aim for where it’s supposed to


  • Some patients don’t get a proper seal since the nasal node is super soft
  • Some users complain that the headgear strap doesn’t keep this CPAP mask securely in place
  • The swivel tube causes the drag effect for some patients and pulls the mask off their faces


#3. Full Face Comfort Fit Deluxe CPAP Mask

Full Face Comfort Fit Deluxe CPAP Mask

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Deluxe CPAP Mask is made of silicone rubber and comes in different sizes and unique variable options to ensure every user gets a perfect fit. The mask is ideal for mouth breathers. Just as in the name, it’s a full face mask ensuring compliance with the super comfortable stabilizer on the frame responsible for evenly redistributing pressure for a more secure seal.

The mask is uniquely shaped for visibility eliminating the need of using a forehead pad when watching T.V, reading or engaging in different activities while on treatment. Besides, you can easily view the entire face within the CPAP mask thanks to the clear design.

The Comfort Fit Deluxe Mask is comfortable enough, lightweight, soft, pliable and allows any customized specifications when ordering. You can choose the mask’s size and cushions and whether or not you want a headgear. It works well for side and back sleepers.

Benefits and Features

  • Super soft silicone molded rubber construction is ideal for comfortability
  • You won’t need the forehead pad, plus it increases visibility for users who want to read or watch T.V
  • Customized headgear and cushion sizes for a more secure fit
  • It features a frame stabilizer that evenly redistributes pressure for effective and more comfortable therapy
  • The headgear is easily adjustable since it has Velcro straps. Besides, it can come without the headgear


  • The mask typically conforms to the shape of your face for a great seal, offering exceptional comfort
  • You can read and watch T.V comfortably when using this mask
  • It’s an ideal choice for mouth breathers
  • For a full face CPAP mask, it’s super light


  • The mask doesn’t seal perfectly when you use a different headgear
  • It’s too restrictive for patients that only require nasal CPAP


#4. DreamEasy Full Face CPAP Mask

DreamEasy Full Face CPAP Mask

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DreamEasy Full Face is the best CPAP mask in the market and has it all from comfort, convenience and efficiency. The unit is ideal for patient use in different facilities, hospitals and at home. Since it’s a full face mask, it’s best suited for mouth breathers.

The CPAP mask comes in different sizes to ensure every user gets a perfect fit along with an adjustable headgear that you can resize. The soft cushion of the mask conforms to the face’s natural ridges and contours softly creating an efficient and comfortable seal that does not let out air. The forehead pad additionally features a keyhole design to eliminate any pressure points and also minimize the mask’s and strap’s weight.

The mask has clips at the front making it easy to wear and take off while the design doesn’t need any readjustments. It’s made of medical-grade silicone and the cushion is washable, odorless, reusable and airtight which makes it easy to clean and maintain. Besides, you can wash it with water and mild soap and is equally dishwasher safe.

Benefits and Features

  • The mask comes in three different sizes for a more secure fit
  • The keyhole design on the forehead redistributes weight evenly and eliminates any pressure points
  • It has clips at the front for ease of wearing and removing
  • The headgear strap is removable for a more comfortable fit
  • The 360 degrees rotational elbow allows unobtrusive mobility
  • The components are easy to maintain and clean


  • The mask is easy to clean and maintain
  • The front clips are easily removable
  • The headgear is adjustable for a more customized fit
  • The mask is durable


  • The design of the mask doesn’t allow you to wear glasses


#5. Comfortgel Blue CPAP Mask

Comfortgel Blue CPAP Mask

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Comfortgel Blue CPAP Mask is available in both full face and nasal mask to fulfill the patient’s individual needs comfortably. The unique blue gel dual-walled cushions conform to the contours of your face for a reliable and easy seal.

The mask comes in different sizes to ensure each patient gets a perfect fit while the hook and loop straps keep the mask in place all through the night even when you move around. The forehead pad is soft and comfortable reducing the mask’s weight on your face and eliminating pressure points.

This CPAP mask operates quietly as the exhalation port is positioned away from you and your bedmate. Both masks are easy to wear and also remove plus all the components are easy to clean and maintain. You can order the gel cushions separately to replace the worn-out and old ones which makes this mask durable.

Benefits and Features

  • It’s ideal for all CPAP patients as it’s in full face and nasal masks
  • The mask comes in different sizes for a perfect fit
  • The double-walled blue gel cushions offer maximum comfort
  • The mask keeps in place throughout the night
  • The hook and loop straps are adjustable for a more customized fit
  • The exhalation port is positioned away from the bedmate and user
  • The forehead pad is made of silicone to eliminate any pressure points


  • The mask has a great fit and air doesn’t leak
  • The gel pads are super comfortable and soft conforming to the contours of the face perfectly
  • The exhalation port is positioned well
  • The mask has a sizing guide to help you choose the right fit


  • The full face mask design fits awkwardly on the nose for some patients


CPAP therapy is quite effective when it comes to treating different life-threatening sleep disorders like sleep apnea. The above-mentioned units are some of the best CPAP masks in the market for mouth and nose breathers along with different sleeping positions. Choose one that suits your needs from the above recommendations.

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