ZQuiet Review: Does the Mouthpiece Really Work?

ZQuiet Review: Does the Mouthpiece Really Work?

Finding unbiased Zquiet reviews online can be quite difficult. This is why we decided to order the snoring mouthpiece and test it for ourselves. Read on to find out what we discovered.

ZQuiet Review from a Real User

zquiet reviewDid you know that snoring occurs when the air passage is blocked by the falling back of the jaw, and the vibrations of the soft palate tissues and the uvula occur in the throat tissues? If you didn't, now you know. So, how can you stop snoring?

There are various anti-snoring devices you can use to stop snoring. One of the top devices that majority of snorers use is Zquiet. In this Zquiet review, we will go through an overview of the product to find out how it works and whether it can help you to stop snoring. Let's dive in.

Zquiet Review: Overview of the Product

ZQuiet is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) designed to stop snoring by holding the jaw forward to reduce temporary air passage interference. The hinged device is manufactured from high-grade medical plastic.

Data on sleeping patterns across USA shows that about 90 million people suffer from a chronic snoring condition. If you have been reading my blog for some time now, you know I have struggled with this condition for so long. This is why I started writing about anti-snoring devices, documenting my search for a solution. I figured that most people would love to get a solution to their cases; they just have no idea how to go about it.

How the ZQuiet Mouthpiece Works

zquiet reviewBeing a Mandibular Advancement Device, ZQuiet works by extending the lower jaw forward, keeping the tongue in place to keep the airway open. This reduces the snore noise that usually occurs due to strenuous breathing.

The stop snoring gadget also makes the throat and jaw muscles tighter, therefore preventing vibration of the Uvula and soft palate against the tissues of the throat. This will prevent you from producing snoring sounds.

Features Of The Zquiet Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

Living Hinge Technology

The anti snoring mouthpiece has a hinge design that uniquely identifies it from the other MAD devices in the market. The hinges allow the mouth and the jaw to move naturally, preventing one from snoring.

Double size pair

This product comes as a pair of two different sizes. You can choose either the Comfort Size One or Comfort Size Two and gauge which one fits perfectly and comfortably.

Latex-free material

The device is designed of latex-free thermoplastic materials. This means it has a smooth feel in the mouth. Even better, people who grind their teeth while snoring don't have any cause to worry as the material will not break. Not only is this mouthpiece easy to clean, it is also durable. This makes purchasing it a worthwhile investment.

Plastic travel casing

This gadgets package includes a small plastic travel case with an articulately written instructional guide.

How Credible is Zquiet Mouthpiece?

First, let me give you a brief history of this mouthpiece.

Dan and Katrina Webster, a couple that had been struggling with chronic snoring for a long time, started Sleep Well LLC Company to find a solution to their misfortune. The couple invented the Zquiet mouthpiece. In 2008, after bringing in Avery Lieberman DDS to assist them with the mouthpiece design, they registered the company and the mouthpiece was shortly released in the market. The company is registered in Vermont.

So Can You Trust This Brand?

I would say yes. Dr. Lieberman, who helped design Zquiet snoring mouthpiece, is an accredited dentist with more than 20 years of experience in sleep medicine. His immense know-how on oral appliances, sleep apnea and snoring makes his work trustable.

Sleep Well has an A-rating by Better Business Bureau and is a competitive business venture in the USA.

Does ZQuiet Mouthpiece Really Work?

As I regularly advise, the only real way of proving how effective this stop snoring device is for your case is by trying it out. Most people with snoring condition have to test several mouthpiece products to find one that best fits their needs.

However, I compiled a list of beneficial features of this anti-snoring device.

  1. The design is pretty simple, which makes the mouthpiece easy to maintain. Since Zquiet has no crannies or contours, you do not need to worry about bacteria breeding on it. A simple wash with warm water and soap is enough to clean it.
  2. The USA Food and Drug Administration has classified Zquiet mouthpiece as a Class II medical device. This is surety of its authenticity and safety. The Better Business Bureau has also certified the company that manufactures it.
  3. For only 9.95$, which is merely a shipping and handling fee, you can get the device and test for 30 days.
  4. It is latex-free and therefore safe for use by latex-sensitive people.
  5. The mouthpiece is designed to fit most mouth types. The stress of molding and remolding that always comes with other mandibular advancement devices is eliminated.
  6. The contours of the mouthpiece are smooth to feel and therefore comfortable to wear.
  7. The hinges of the device make it springy. You can drink any beverages comfortably while wearing the device and not worry about it falling off.
  8. The designer is an experienced dentist. You should not worry about any accidents while wearing this device.

ZQuiet Price And Where to Buy

In comparison to Pure Sleep, Zquiet is more expensive. The good news is that investing in it means complete relief from your snoring nightmare. You will have a more comfortable, trouble-free sleep.

On purchase, you will pay 9.95$ for a free package. The fee is just for shipping and handling. If you don't like the device after 30 days, you will be required to return it at no extra charge.

However if the anti-snoring device works for you and you decide to keep it, you will have to pay additional 79.95$ and an extra 9.95$ for shipping.

Although manufactured in the USA, where one can physically purchase the device, people living in Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Canada, Holland, France, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Scandinavia, Portugal and New Zealand can shop for it and order it online.

Purchasing the mouthpiece from the official outlets and Zquiet website is the only sure way of acquiring the original product.

ZQuiet Complaints

  1. Some users report experiencing drooling the first few days of use. The drooling, however, reduces with continued use. Drooling happens because the position of the mouth has been reshaped by the device.
  2. There are users who complained of sore jaws the first few days of use. However, once the oral muscles adapt to the device, the soreness reduces. This sore feeling can also be a result of the jaw not having acclimated to the new gadget.
  3. The assumption that the device will fit all mouth or oral shapes and designs is not true in all cases. The standard fit-for-all, therefore, is disadvantageous for some people.
  4. People who already have crowns, bridges, dentures and caps cannot use the gadget because it poses a risk to their health.
  5. If you are not happy with the devices and decide to return it, the 9.95 shipping fee you had paid will not be refunded.

My Final Thoughts on ZQuiet Review

There are over 100 MADs on the anti-snore product market. With these many devices, it can be tricky choosing an authentic device. Some of the devices are copycats and although they have tempting features and claim to be high quality, you cannot fully trust them.

Verified users of the ZQuiet anti-snore mouthpiece have praised it. Most gave it a high rating for its, smooth texture, the ability to let one drink and talk while wearing it and the ease and comfort when fitted in the mouth.

I cannot assure anyone of benefiting from the device, all I can advice is for you to test it out. Perhaps it will be the best option for your case.

I have you have enjoyed this Zquiet review. You can check more features and pricing information of Zquiet at the official website.


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