Wet Stop 3 Review

Wet Stop 3 Review

After analyzing hundreds of Wet Stop 3 reviews online, we’ve put up a comprehensive guide of how this bedwetting alarm works. Read on to find out why we recommend it.

The Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm is a popular product in the market and is equally affordable. This review covers the its advantages and disadvantages if you don’t have time but want to know the potentially bad and good things of the bedwetting alarm. This will help you decide if you want to invest in one or check out other models.

Wet Stop 3 Review: Overview of the Bedwetting Alarm

Wet Stop 3

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The Wet Stop 3 Bedwetting Alarm comes with:

  • The alarm
  • A calendar
  • A complete instruction guide on bedwetting -CD version
  • The instruction guide in different languages
  • A sticker reward system

How the Wet Stop 3 Bedwetting Alarm Works

The bedwetting alarm comes in three different bright colors – green, blue and pink. Anything that can be done to make the entire process of using this product more fun is usually a bonus as it motivates the kid and considerably increases the chances of succeeding. Therefore, allowing children to get a color of their choice is the first step that helps in gaining their interest.

After putting the two AAA batteries in place, you can get going by clipping the part that attaches to the little one’s underwear at the front. The cord should run under the pyjamas right to the bedwetting alarm that typically attaches onto the top of the night attire using magnetic clips.

Both pieces are lightweight and small so that they don’t compromise on the child’s comfort during sleep.

It’s highly recommended for the boy child to have his sensor clip placed at the underwear’s front and this is only possible if the underwear has a pocket at the front. To avoid false alarms at night such as sweat, ensure the sensor doesn’t come in contact with the baby’s skin directly.

Most people prefer using the bedwetting alarm with pull ups as opposed to under wears. You can also give this excellent alternative a try if you are not using it already. It works well in the first stages of preparing the child to get accustomed to using the Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm.

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Just like all alarms, the Wet Stop 3 also features several other alarm sounds. Some of these alarms have at least five different sounds while others go up to eight. The idea is for the children not to get used to hearing one sound everyday anytime the bedwetting alarm goes off.

Mixing up the alarm sounds increases the chances of them staying up just to put it off before heading to the washroom to relieve themselves instead of going back to sleep and waking up with wet beds. Besides the five different alarm sounds, the Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm also has a regular vibration feature. You can combine it with the sound or use it on its own. You can choose from the three different options set from battery cover of the alarm inside:

  • Vibration and sound alert
  • Vibration only
  • Alarm alert only

The vibration mode usually provides some privacy level especially if the child will be using it in a new place or at a sleep over with friends. The child will only need to take two steps turn off the sound when the alarm detects any wetness. It’s an excellent feature that should be incorporated in all bedwetting alarms. This therefore means that the kid can’t just quickly press the button then continue sleeping.

The child will be forced to wake up and turn off the alarm and that will encourage them to head to the bathroom to relieve their bladder before going back to bed. You need to hold down the flash button for some time when the alarm goes off to deactivate the alarm then remove the sensor clip to prevent the alarm from reactivating. The child needs to be fully awake to get through the entire process and this increases their likelihood of heading to the bathroom instead of going back to sleep.

Other Alternatives

This is the best bedwetting alarm for those working on a budget. It’s the main reason for its popularity among people since we all like efficient products that are relatively cheap and not seeing the need of spending more especially on other alternatives such as the Chummie.


  • The Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm is quite affordable especially for those working on a budget. Plus, it lets you get started on the bedwetting program quickly.
  • The sensor is very sensitive as the alarm tends to activate at the first sign of any urine. However, this can be a drawback for some people.
  • The manufacturing company has a supportive customer care service


It’s cheaply constructed which means is not as durable compared to other more expensive and robust brands with sturdier designs

The Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm is sometimes not accurate enough since it can go on when you sweat although this can only happen when you don’t keep the sensor clean as per the instructions.

Is the Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm effective or people are only investing in one since they are inexpensive? In thus review we will highlight and give answers to this question. Read on.


  • The Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm uses two AAA batteries
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • Wet Stop 3 is affordable
  • It’s available in three different bright colors – pink, blue and green
  • It’s easy to turn off as it only involves two steps
  • Most people all over the world are currently using it


Most experts recommend the Wet Stop 3 Bedwetting Alarm because it’s convenient, affordable and goes off when you turn it off encouraging the child to wake up and use the bathroom instead of going back to sleep and waking up with a wet bed. This typically describes the function of a bedwetting alarm.

The alarm comes with a warranty unlike most of them within that price range. This ensures you are at peace as you will not be risking financially. If you are looking to try out the efficiency of a bedwetting alarm for the first time, the Wet Stop 3 is your best bet.  However, there are other alternatives in the market with more features for those who can afford.

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