Therapee Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

Therapee Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

therapee bedwetting alarmAfter 30 years of practical application and thorough research, Therapee came up with several advanced bedwetting alarms as well as a web based software that enhances the sleeping experience of people who have natural medical problems. Here are the qualities of Therapee bedwetting solution.

The device has two parts, a sensor pad and a bedwetting alarm. However, the alarm is linked to an online software that is used to guide patients through dry nights and to help them sleep comfortably without any disturbances.

The STOPEE pad is made using the latest technology to ensure it does not give false alarms due to seat or humidity. Once the pad senses the first drop of urine, it will respond by ringing out loudly hence making you aware accordingly.

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Therapee sensor pads are made of PVC materials and hence are comfortable. The material makes the bedwetting alarm reliable and long lasting compared to other enuresis alarms. Moreover, the material doesn't have any side effects and hence will not irritate your skin.

When you order the device, you will be provided with an activation code which gives you access to a visualization chart that will show the users progress. When you login to the software for the first time, there is a welcome video that will guide you on how to use Therapee to stop bedwetting at home).

How Therapee Works

To begin, place the censor pad underneath the sheet. Then place the bedwetting alarm that is connected with a thin cable next to the user's bed. The alarm will be activated at the first hint of wetness. After hearing the alert, you can wake up and go to the bathroom.

The alarm is connected to an online session that you can access for consultation. A session is conducted twice a week, where treatment is monitored and also special exercises are recommended with the aim of increasing the patient's bladder capacity so that you can have dry nights.

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The program also has a FAQs section that will help you in case you have any difficulties.

Therapee Reviews: Features of the Device

  • User-friendly, extremely safe and comfortable
  • Uses advanced technology
  • Has a sensitivity level of seven degrees which ensures that there are no false alarms
  • It has an additional protective child lock
  • Comes with several LED indicators used for different functions
  • Its manual is clear and easy to understand


  • No wires are attached to the user's body
  • No risk of radiation since the device doesn't have a radio transmitter
  • The alarm is loud enough to be heard by the user
  • It is very accurate and works fast
  • Low consumption of batteries


  • Some reviews state that there are chances the device will overheat.
  • More expensive than alternative devices (like top seller Malem Ultimate)
  • Some users have complained that the device at times goes off even when there is no sign of wetness


Despite the cons, many users strongly recommend the Therapee and say it is worth buying. The interactive sessions along with the alarm are extremely useful to the user. Is the product worth its high price? The decision is up to you, especially after reviewing competition.

If you are looking for a more affordable bedwetting alarm, I suggest you check the Chummie alarm.

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