Best ResMed CPAP Machines

Best ResMed CPAP Machines

ResMed is the leading manufacturer and developer of devices used in management and treatment of many sleeping disorders, including central and obstructive sleep apnea.

The Respiratory Remedy (ResMed) is one of the best CPAP machine brands in the market. The motivation behind the development of this brand was the obsession to commercialize the use of Nasal Continuous Airway Pressure (CPAP) for treatment of obstructive sleep spnea treatment. Peter Farrell and Professor Collin Sullivan were the brains behind this idea.

Founded in Australia, ResMed started operations after 8 years of intensive research that culminated in 1989. The brand has since become popular worldwide. The ResMed CPAP machines and masks are now available in more than 60 countries around the world.

The company’s organic growth has not stopped. Presently, ResMed is investing in buying out companies that deal with ventilation technologies. Even with its rapid growth, the company has not veered off its main objectives and goals. ResMed continues to manufacture CPAP machines for treatment of obstructive and central sleep apnea.

Top 4 ResMed CPAP Machines

ResMed has a variety of quality CPAP machines and kits. The best ResMed CPAP machines are listed below.

1. ResMed S9 Escape

resmed s9 escapeThe ResMed S9 Escape is designed to be lovely to touch. The CPAP machine is sleek but compact. The sleek compact nature of this ResMed CPAP machine is what uniquely identifies it.

The S9 Escape uses Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR) technology, which reduces air pressure when you exhale. This ensures you have a comfortable sleep since you will have an almost natural breathing experience.

The noise made by the S9 ResMed CPAP machine is minimal thanks to the presence of the Easy-breath motor. You can easily customize the S9 Escape’s settings using its buttons and color display.

2. ResMed S9 Elite

resmed s9 eliteJust like other CPAP models in the S9 series, the S9 Elite is compact and sleek. This stylish design makes the sleep apnea therapy bearable for a patient.

The CPAP machine has a user-friendly color display and unique buttons. Customizing the kit’s settings is quite easy. The S9 Elite can measure your airway potency using CSA algorithm. This means the device can detect if you have a CSA condition.

The unique feature in this model is its ability to detect various styles of sleep apnea condition.

The S9 Elite also has a climate control option like other ResMed S9 models. This enables the CPAP machine to regulate humidification and heat. The device can also mimic ambient environment or room conditions.

The ResMed S9 Elite CPAP is noise-free services thanks to the easy breath motor. You can be sure of a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep or rest by using this CPAP device.

3. ResMed S9 Auto Set

resmed s9 auto setThe S9 CPAP model has a modern design and looks good on your bed side. You will also be comfortable carrying it around with you.

Some of the features of the ResMed S9 Auto Set include:

  • Expiratory Pressure Relief

The S9 Auto Set has a pressure adjustment feature. The device uses a combination of intelligent algorithm and expiratory pressure relief (EPR) technology to lower the expiratory pressure when in use. When using the device, you will not struggle with continuous pressure usually released from CPAP during expiration.

  • APAP Technology

The S9 Auto Set uses APAP technology, which enables it to monitor your breathing. The technology also allows the machine to adapt to any changes when you are asleep.

  • Climate Line Heated Tubing

The S9 Auto Set has a thermostat at the rear end of the climate-line heated tubing that measures temperature sent to the mask. The thermostat also adjusts the heat settings as necessary. This prevents you from having dry mouth and rainout after using the CPAP machine. If temperature drops, the tubing heats up the air as per the initial settings.

  • Climate Control Capabilities

Another feature in this model is climate control. The feature means you can get the same humidification and heat as that of the ambient environment.

  • Removable Data Card and Storage

S9 ResMed CPAP machine series can store data for up to 1 year. The data stored includes used hours, average usage, possible usage and that of days used. The devices can also tap other useful information. All S9 ResMed CPAP machines have an onboard data storage component and a removable one.

  • Mask Fit

This feature warns you when you have won your CPAP mask incorrectly. The display will indicated “Adjust” if you have won the CPAP machine incorrectly and “Good” if won correctly. When you wear the device correctly, you will be ready to experience a comfortable good night sleep.

  • Auto Set Technology

ResMed CPAP machines use Auto Set technology that makes them comfortable and easy to use. The technology enables the machine to provide sufficient pressure (not too much or excessively low pressure).

Therefore, the pressure released is based on your needs, such as the sleeping position, leaks, the sleeping stage, etc.

4. ResMed S8 Series

resmed s8 auto setThe ResMed S8 models have unique features not found in the S9 series. For example, the CPAP devices have auto scan software that is used to view all the data, including compliance data included. You can download the data from the CPAP machines to your computer.

NB: Compliance data is analysis information of how you’re responding to the CPAP therapy.

Your sleep therapist will use the information provided by the machines to help you manage your condition.

The S8 ResMed CPAP machines feature flexible patient management capabilities, direct USB connectivity, and Rescan data card. The CPAP machines also have a 12v/24v data card input, which makes it ideal to carry when traveling.

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