Marpac Zohne Sound Conditioner Review

Marpac Zohne Sound Conditioner Review

Marpac Zohne Sound Conditioner Review 1The Marpac Zone Sound Conditioner is a small travel sound machine that you can take with you if you have to stay away from your usual bedroom. This portable sound machine is suitable for people who have to travel and stay away due to work or when you are staying over at friends, relatives etc.

The sound conditioner offers a white noise choice of rainfall, waterfall and surf, all of which are good. There is no “air gush” noise but the white noise produced will help you relax and fall asleep to.

Is the Marpac Zohne the Best Portable White Noise Machine?

The Marpac Zohne travel sound machine is portable but does not run on batteries. Therefore, it is not truly portable. You need a power point to plug it into to operate the white noise machine.

It would be good if the sound device had a built-in power option that it could run on without the mains power.

Marpac Zohne Sound Conditioner Review 2

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The only other possible negative is the lack of an earplug socket, which would help if you share a room with someone who does not like to use sound machines to relax.

While not truly portable, the Marpac Zohne is the best travel sound machine. The portable sound system is small enough to be packed into a suitcase or overnight bag. It does not take a lot of space.

The Marpac Zohne sound system is white in color and comes with a nylon bag for storage during travel.


  • Great volume controls
  • Small, compact and lightweight
  • Effectively blocks out unwanted noise
  • Useable in most countries

Many people are light sleepers and can be woken up if any unusual noises occur in the normal background noises, or if any noises are made that are out of sync with the regular background noises. The Marpac Zohne sound machine helps to counter these unusual noise. Moreover, it has great volume controls. Therefore, you can place it a decent distance from your bed and it will still work great, eradicating any noise outside the room.


  • Must be plugged into a mains supply to work
  • Limited choice of sounds
  • No earphone/jack plug socket

When you use this white noise sound machine, you will wake up feeling fresher in the mornings. There is no doubt that the sound machine enhances and promotes a good nights sleep.

However, we felt that the machine would have been perfect if it has an option to run on batteries. For example, when you are travelling, you may not be in an area with power supply where you can plug in the machine to work. Therefore, it would be frustrating if you had packed the travel sound machine hoping to use it at your destination


Overall, you will be pleased with this white noise machine. It does everything promised and has a great set of easy-to-operate volume controls. You can place the sound machine a little distance away from the bed and feel like you are a part of the noise, which has a very relaxing effect.

Apart from the lack of batteries, the machine works great at blocking out noises which may disturb your rest. Most customers at Amazon have given the product 5-star reviews because they are happy with its performance.

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