Best White Noise Machines for Snoring (6 Top Rated Brands)

Best White Noise Machines for Snoring (6 Top Rated Brands)

white noise machine reviewsMaybe you have heard about white noise sound machines but are not fully aware of what they are or how you can benefit from using one. Once you experience how effectively the machines mask background sounds to soothe you off to sleep and vastly improve your health and well being, you will want to find the best white noise machine for snoring you.

What is a White Noise Machine?

White noise is made by combining multiple frequencies to form a sound. A white noise machine is a device that produces soothing sounds, which are then mixed with white noise. Examples of the sounds include gentle music, ocean waves, light traffic, wind or rain. The sounds are very soothing and often help individuals fall asleep faster and easier as they drown out other noises.

White noise is mainly used by people suffering from insomnia, tinnitus or ringing of the ears. The white noise provides just enough sound to mask the symptoms.

White noise machines are also used for masking outside or background sounds, and as sleep aid devices.

Benefits of White Noise Machine

The primary goal of most white noise machines is to provide enough white noise to reduce sleep disruptions. The constant noise not only helps people fall asleep more easily, but can also help them stay asleep. Using a white noise machine is one of the simplest and most effective treatments for insomnia.

White noise machines also drown out sounds that interrupt sleep. The white noise enables people sleep through noises that might typically wake them up. The machines can be wonderful gifts for those who suffer from an environmental sleep disorder.

Who Needs a White Noise Machine and Where are They Used?

There has been a lot of research on white noise and its benefits. Research indicates that white noise can be useful for different people and serve multiple purposes. For example, the noise is sometimes used in an Intensive Care Unit to calm people and help them sleep.

White noise devices can be helpful for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders. If someone works at night and needs to sleep during daytime, a white noise machine can help drown out sounds to help improve both the quality and quantity of sleeping during the day. Oftentimes, the device can help newborns fall asleep quicker.

Apart from the home, a white noise machine can be used in offices to help drown out office-related noises. The machine can provide relief to some people and privacy for others. The devices are also useful in hotel rooms. Sleep can be difficult when staying away from home and a white noise machine can help insulate a sleeper from unusual noises that would typically disrupt their sleep.

Which is the Best White Noise Machine?

When looking for the best white noise machine, it can be quite confusing to know which one to go for. The devices are designed to perform a single task but they can have different features. There is no one model that can be considered the best white noise machine for snoring. What is important is for you to find the best one for your situation.

Here are a few of the top rated white noise machines on the market. Check their unique features and qualities and then narrow them down to your most basic needs. This will help you know the best white noise machine to go for.

Best White Noise Machine for Snoring

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1) DOHM-DS Natural White Noise Machine by Marpac

Best White Noise Machines for Snoring (6 Top Rated Brands) 1The DOHM-DS Natural White Noise Machine by Marpac is a very popular model that is endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation. The machine has loads of five-star feedback and tons of customer reviews on Amazon.

Here is one of the reviews:

This is the best white noise machine available and is perfect for any situation, for baby nurseries, noisy apartments, day care centers, work place situations and for getting a restful night sleep at home. It is portable, so you can take it anywhere when you travel

Read further reviews of the white noise machine on Amazon.

Overview of the Marpac DOHM-DS Sound Machine:

  • Colors available: Black, White, Tan and Fog White
  • The National Sleep Foundation named it their official sound conditioner
  • Provides comforting, soft background noise
  • Can be used in a variety of settings including homes, offices, nurseries
  • Comes with a 12 month limited warranty
  • Portable for travel use

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The Marpac Sound Machine creates a smoothly consistent sound of rushing air. You can control the volume and tone of the sound by rotating the cap and collar of the housing on the sound machine, effectively masking any unwanted noises. This masking creates a sense of peaceful calm, which makes it easier to relax and sleep well. You can also use the white noise machine to concentrate and block out disruptive background sounds.

If you are restless sleeper, a shift worker, have infants that are difficult sleepers, or have a situation where you want to block out background sound, the Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise Sound Machine is well worth looking at.

This model is lightweight and hence can be easily transported. This makes it very versatile and usable in a variety of settings. The Marcpac DOHM-DS white noise machine is highly recommended for shift workers, insomniacs, those living in apartments, and infants.

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2) Sound Spa Relaxation Machine by HoMedics

Best White Noise Machines for Snoring (6 Top Rated Brands) 2Another popular choice and currently an Amazon white noise machines best seller is the Sound Spa Relaxation Machine by HoMedics. This sound machine has great reviews on Amazon with many happy customers indicating they have benefited from it. Here is one of the reviews:

HoMedics are known for making some of the best white noise machines and the Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with a choice of 6 Nature Sounds is the most popular. Choose to block out unsettling background sounds with digitally recorded natural sounds of the ocean, a warm summers night, falling rain, running water, white noise or thunder

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The HoMedics white noise machine has an auto- off timer. You can set the sound machine for 15, 30 or 60 minutes at a time.

This white noise machine comes in a lightweight and compact unit. Thus, it is perfect for travel. The device can be battery or adapter operated.

Overview of the Homedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine:

  • Deep, restorative and refreshing sleep, leaving you feeling energized
  • The perfect natural sleep aid. No drugs required
  • 6 sounds to choose from (nights, brook, thunder, rain and ocean sounds)
  • Automatic timer turn off, 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals
  • DC adapter or battery powered
  • Compact for ease of traveling

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3) The Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner

Best White Noise Machines for Snoring (6 Top Rated Brands) 3The Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner creates a nice soothing sound of natural white noise with the sound of moving air. The white noise blocks out disturbing background noises that may stop you from falling asleep.

If you are an insomniac or light sleeper, or even finding it difficult to concentrate at work with background sounds, a sound machine creates an ideal environment for experiencing a restful sleep or being focused on work

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Overview of the Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner:

  • Perfect solution for adults and children who cant drift off to sleep easily
  • Adjustable volume for natural soothing tone and volume
  • Produces sounds of moving air which encourages sleeping
  • Ideal for work situations
  • Portable for travel

To use the Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner, all you need to do is plug it and turn it on for the noise machine to happen. The tone and volume are fully adjustable to suit your needs. The device is small and compact enough to sit on night stands. You can take it to the office or carry it along when traveling and would want to block out hotel sounds. Many customers commented on how helpful the Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner was in helping babies sleep well.

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4) The LectroFan Fan Sound & White Noise Machine

Best White Noise Machines for Snoring (6 Top Rated Brands) 4The LectroFan Fan Sound and White Noise Machine has many customer reviews on Amazon. Many customers are commenting that this was the best white noise machine they had ever experienced and that it made a difference in the quality of their sleep. The LectroFan offers the choice of 2 elemental sound therapies to soothe the mind through fan or white sound choices.

The 10 unique soothing sounds are guaranteed to help you drop off into a deep rejuvenating sleep quickly. The LectroFan eliminates unwanted noise in two ways, with either the fan or with white noise sounds. Whichever one you choose, they both have 10 non-repeating and unique sound variations which you can adjust with the volume control

If you suffer from tinnitus, a white noise machine will be helpful. The LectroFan Fan Sound and White Noise Machine has an auto timer that gives you 60 minutes of white noise. This creates a perfect environment for you to drift off to sleep. A volume control gives you the benefit of softer or louder sound to suit your needs.

Overview of LectroFan White Noise Machine:

  • Available in Black or White
  • Good design and sound system, easy to use
  • 10 unique, non-repeating sound variations with adjustable volume control
  • Perfect for blocking out background sounds, reducing the sound of tinnitus, snoring partners etc
  • Operates by batteries or standard DC adapter

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You can choose between black or white units. LectroFan uses cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology to provide dynamic and realistic sounds to drown out intrusive and disturbing background noises. These unique sounds are both realistic and non-repeating, meaning there is no annoying looping to distract you. Moreover, the sound quality is digitally enhanced offering clear sound.

Since the machine has no moving parts, you will never have to replace the motor or need to clean fan blades. If you are looking for an effective natural way to sleep deeper, eliminate insomnia, mask tinnitus, encourage babies to sleep or block annoying sound while at work, the LectroFan will do this very adequately. If you have anxious pets, a white noise machine is a good way to help soothe and settle them.

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5) The Ecotones Sound and Sleep Machine

Best White Noise Machines for Snoring (6 Top Rated Brands) 5Ecotones Sound and Sleep Machine is another of the top rated white noise machines to buy this year.

Ecotones makes a very smart and sleek looking sound machine that produces the most realistic and natural sounds that help people relax and sleep better each night.

The device emits ultrahigh quality natural sounds for the most realistic audio experience. The ASTIs patented Adaptive Sound TM Technology listens to and responds to background disturbances, automatically responding by remixing sound profiles and automatically adjusting the volume to mask the noise

Overview of Ecotones Sound and Sleep Machine:

  • Quality and comfort and rest at night at a great price
  • 10 high quality natural sound recordings that create the most realistic and natural sleep environment possible
  • Adaptive Sound Technology (listens to the environment and then responds)
  • 3 Richness settings to control sounds
  • Sleep timer
  • Two operating modes: adaptive, manual

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The Ecotones Sound and Sleep Machine has 10 sound profiles scientifically engineered to encourage deeper sleep and promote relaxation with rejuvenation.

The sound machine dynamically mixes naturally recorded, lengthy and high definition sounds to eliminate any repetition. While the length of the recording is important, the sound combination is a vital feature. This unit definitely makes it onto our list as a best white noise machine as we have not found another sound machine which can individually create white noise sounds.

You can set the timer of the Ecotones Sound Machine in 30, 60, 90, or 120 minute increments or play the sound machine all night.

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6) Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep II Relaxation Sound & White Noise Machine

Best White Noise Machines for Snoring (6 Top Rated Brands) 6The Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep II Relaxation Sound & White Noise Machine is an amazing sound system. Many scoff at those who cannot sleep well or find it hard to drop off to sleep easily, thinking it is the easiest thing in the world. For some people, it is a luxury rarely experienced. Those people who fall asleep easily, teak it for granted, having never experienced the difficulty of insomnia etc.

Sometimes people need just a little help and this is where the Homedics Deep Sleep II works a treat.

Overview of the Homedics Deep Sleep II White Noise Machine:

  • Deep restful sleep with proven white noise sounds
  • Sleep sound therapy lulls you to sleep, keeping distractions away with a combination of relaxation sounds and white noise tones
  • Choose from 4 water tones: ocean, rain, thunder storm, and brook
  • Choose from 4 nature tones: campfire, summer night, wind chimes, everglades
  • Adjustable control for personalized sound
  • 8 sleep therapy programs: custom combination of nature or water tones with white noise technology
  • Remote control means you don’t have to get out of bed

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The Homedics white noise machine is portable, featuring sleep therapy programs that are a patent-pending combination of relaxation sounds and white noise tones. This device is a wonderful investment for those who need to feel better, have more energy and to function well during a hard days work. If you are desperate, this white noise machine can help.

The dual speakers have an added bass element, guaranteeing unsurpassed sound with the four white noise tones which work to soothe, mask, relax and calm.

You can choose from 4 water tones: ocean, rain, thunder storm, and brook as well as 4 nature tones: campfire, summer night, wind chimes, and everglades

Homedics has also integrated 8 sleep therapy programs provide you with a custom combination of nature or water tones with white noise technology, depending on what your state of mind needs for that moment in time. We love the included remote control which means there is no need to get out of bed.

Often, children find it hard to fall asleep after an exciting or busy day as they find it hard to soothe themselves off to a deep sleep. Simply plug in the Deep Sleep II and watch them nod off so quickly that you’ll have to pinch yourself awake! This may become one of the most important devices in the house.

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Which are the Best White Noise Machine Brands?

These six white noise machines are the best machines available in the market. Rather than use sleeping pills, a good-quality sound machine will produce a deep rejuvenating sleep by masking unpleasant and annoying background sounds. Scientific studies have shown a sound machine is as effective as sleeping pills and healthier.

Decide if you would like natural, elemental sounds or the sound of a fan to listen to. If you need a timer, make sure you choose a unit offering time increments. Once you know the features you prefer or desire, it makes it easier to choose the best white noise machine for you.

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