Best Sleep Apps for iPhone, Apple Watch & Android

Best Sleep Apps for iPhone, Apple Watch & Android

Did you know that there’s an app that will help you catch some sleep? As a matter of fact, there are lots of sleep apps that guarantee to help deal with your sleeping problems like falling and staying asleep. Sometimes it even hard to figure out the ones that work perfectly well and that’s where the Housekeeping Institute comes in handy. We are going to review some of the best sleep apps in the market.

Feeling restless is one of the contributing factors of insomnia according to a recent study. Clearing your mind by getting your headspace right before going to bed is quite a task. Besides, different resources usually work differently from one person to the other. Some people enjoy meditation sessions while others rely on certain audio activities that help ease anxiety at that particular time.

The recommended sleep apps below have several features that will make you calm before retiring to bed. Download these sleep apps to help you fall asleep easily whether you are looking to sleep off the to bedtime stories, white noises or nature sounds. Have a restful night!

Best Sleep Apps

Here are some of the best sleep apps out there:

1. Moshi

If your children are cartoon enthusiasts and want a storybook with illustrations that they can flick through before going to bed, they have a great shot with Moshi. Besides, there’s a new audio with its soundtrack to keep the little ones calm around germs especially with the COVID pandemic. The stories are 25 minutes long to keep the kids engaged as they get ready to sleep. What’s more, you can download them for future use when travelling or not connected to the internet.

Best Sleep Apps for iPhone, Apple Watch & Android 1

Get it on  Android or iOS.

2. Sleepiest

Sleepiest is the modern-day upgrade of kid’s bedtime stories as it helps keep them calm before bedtime. Therefore, you might want to try this whimsical app if you are looking to put your little ones to sleep faster. The app has a wide variety of stories and meditative techniques in audio such as white noise to make regular bedtime routines easier. The child’s phone has push notifications that reminds them to sleep while the soothing music in the background drifts them to slumberland with ease.

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Get it for iOS.

3. Reflectly

Try journaling if you are looking to establish a routine to help relax your mind before bedtime. You don’t necessarily need to have a real journal for this purpose. Reflectly is a journal with guided questions that will make you organize any thoughts you had for the previous day. It typically helps you reflect on your thoughts, days and the problems you might have encountered along the way. You will find yourself moving on from thoughts that would have otherwise stagnated you.

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Get it for  Android or iOS.

4. 10% Happier

Just like the name suggests, this sleep app will keep you 10% happier so you should give it a try. This app has different meditations including sleep inducing ones ranging from about 3 to 40 minutes to get you into the right headspace and fall asleep faster. You can also access some meditation courses in a range of genres and an option to text an expert if you need extra support.

10% Happier

Get it for Android or  iOS.

5. Sleep Cycle

The Sleep Cycle App is the best bet for those who want to know how they slept. It usually tracks sleep patterns while providing useful tips on optimizing snooze time. It additionally features an alarm clock to wake you up in the lightest phase of sleep to keep you refreshed all day long. However, you should note that sleep trackers are not usually 100% accurate which means you’ll need to seek medical attention if you struggle a lot with sleep.

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Get it for Android or iOS.

6. Calm

Using Calm is quite easy which makes it the best sleep app in the market. The section with sleep stories covers both kids and adults. People with soothing voices read aloud including celebrities! Matthew McConaughey is featured as well. The free trial has few stories but when you upgrade to the premium version, you get access to sleep inducing meditations and different categories like ASMR and stress.

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Get it for Android or iOS.

7. Slumber

Slumber will provide you with a blend of different experiences that will help you fall and stay asleep through the sound of a jacuzzi, adult bedtime stories and focused meditation. You also get to pick a background noise of your choice like the ocean or rain that can play for 10 hours straight right after the track ends.

Every week, a new meditation ad bedtime story is added. However, you can listen to more after upgrading to a premium version but you can still get a number of free episodes.

Best Sleep Apps for iPhone, Apple Watch & Android 6

Get it for iOS.

8. Pzizz

With this app, you get to set the timer for the period you intend to sleep so that it keeps playing the soothing dreamscape- a combination of different sound effects, music and voice overs as you snooze. The in-built alarm will wake you up. However, you have to upgrade to access advanced features such as getting to choose other different sounds but there’s a free trial for 7 days.

Best Sleep Apps for iPhone, Apple Watch & Android 7

Get it for Android or iOS.

9. Noisli

Noisli is the best sleep app since you can choose from a wide range of sounds from white noise, thunder, coffee shop buzz to wind. This helps you come up with a perfect soundtrack that will soothe you to sleep. You also get to combine different sounds and save it for use in future. Ensure your battery is fully charged if you plan on using the app overnight.

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Get it for Android or  iOS

10. Headspace

Headspace is a popular meditation app that will help you fall asleep faster. There’s a free version of the app that features sleep casts audios about 55 minutes long with bedtime stories for adults. The stories will make you visualize some calming experiences such as a train moving slowly or a stroll through the garden. You get to listen to new stories nightly to break the monotony that comes with listening one over and over.

The paid version has about 50 meditation themed courses for both stress and sleep. You will also access more music and sleep cast options that will help you unwind.

Best Sleep Apps for iPhone, Apple Watch & Android 9

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