10 Sleep Aid Gift Ideas for Insomniacs

10 Sleep Aid Gift Ideas for Insomniacs

best sleep gift ideasDo you know someone who seems to have trouble either getting to sleep or sleeping long hours? How great would it be to give someone a gift that can solve their sleepless dilemma?

As a sister to someone who suffered from insomnia for many years, I learned that there is nothing better nor more rewarding than being able to support my sister and give her what she craved for the most: sleep.

My obsession for making my sister happy and helping her sleep more satisfactorily led me on a wild chase of sleep gifts that would help her. In the course of looking for gifts, I have found many that anyone with sleeping problems would appreciate.

Here are some of the best gifts I found you could give to people that have trouble sleeping.

1. Coop memory foam pillow

10 Sleep Aid Gift Ideas for Insomniacs 1

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If there's something that does a good job in making one go straight to sleep the moment they lay in bed, its a good pillow!

Sensitive sleepers have issues with even the tiniest details on their bed and beddings. These details can either increase their insomnia or help them fall asleep faster. My sister, for example, pays a lot of attention to her pillow. If her pillow is uncomfortable, she just won't fall asleep.

After multiple researching, I found the Coop memory form pillow to be perfect for her.

The Coop memory foam pillow has two covers. When you unzip the topmost cover, you can remove or add some memory foam to create your ideal pillow thickness. The pillow also has a quality shredded memory foam and a hypoallergenic cover. The cover is made of cool fabric that prevents it from overheating.

A Coop memory foam pillow is ideal for sleeping in any position. This is because you can change the fill so that the pillow conforms perfectly to your head. Moreover, the pillow is machine washable. You can therefore be sure of sleeping on a clean pillow every night.

2. Lectrofan

10 Sleep Aid Gift Ideas for Insomniacs 2

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Sometimes you just need white noise, because silence is too depressing and music is too noisy!

Music and earplugs are a great way to block unwanted noise at night. However, there is an even better alternative that most people would prefer: white noise.

For most sensitive sleepers, white noise is more effective in blocking out sounds emanating from outside the bedroom. White noise is also better for coping with tinnitus and concentrating when studying. Babies also love white noise as it mimics the sounds in the womb that they are more familiar with.

The Lectrofan is a white noise generator that's relatively simple yet highly efficient. The white noise machine features both pure white noise and fan sounds, with 10 different settings. With the machine, it is possible to find the perfect level to drown out all those disturbing sounds.

Although white noise is not everyone's ideal definition of peace and quiet, it is an instant solution for blocking out the sound of conversations in other rooms, birds, dogs, creaking of doors and even the sound from a leaking water tap for many insomniacs and babies.

3. Sunbeam heated mattress pad

10 Sleep Aid Gift Ideas for Insomniacs 3

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Nothing will make you sleep faster on a freezy winter night than a warm mattress.

Winter can be an unnerving time of the year for most insomniacs and young kids. After breathing in the cold air outside, you want to get to your bedroom to a bed that is warm and that will not make you worried about your heating bills. In this case, you need a Sunbeam heated mattress.

The Sunbeam heated mattress pad has a pre-heat setting you can use to ensure you snuggle into a warm bed at the end of your long day. It has 10 heat sensitivities, giving you the freedom of selecting the exact amount of warmth you want on your side of the bed (if you are sleeping with your partner).

Sunbeam is famous for its high quality heated bedding. The bed's pad is of high quality and is safe to use. With the wide range of temperature options, you can be sure of an even heat spread on your bed.

The mattress pad is made of thick and comfortable material. The thick pad hides the internal parts but also boost the layer on your mattress padding. Since the heat rises, the number of icicles outside your window won't really matter as you'll feel warm and snug the entire night.

4. Cozyphones sleep headphones

Cozyphones sleep headphones

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When sleep is your gateway to rest, the quality of your headphones will mean the world.

For side sleepers that love their music on when they sleep, finding comfortable sleeping headphones can be an uphill task. However, if your partner is sensitive to noise when he/she sleeps, wearing comfortable sleeping headphones can help.

There are many sleep headphones in the market today. The Cozyphones happen to be my favorite. The headphones are made of a breathable lycra material that prevents you from sweating when sleeping with them. They also have thin, non-invasive speakers whose sound quality is perfect for listening to a calming meditation track or music.

Compared to normal headphones, the sound quality of the Cozyphones is a bit off. However, you cant comfortably sleep with normal headphones. The Cozyphones is therefore your best option. Moreover, if you want to beat insomnia, there's no better powerful way than listening to a distraction to help you sleep.

5. Pinzon flannel bed sheet set

10 Sleep Aid Gift Ideas for Insomniacs 4

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The calming effect of a luxury flannel sheet set is sometimes underrated.

I can't find anything else to compare with the warm, welcoming feeling that you get on slipping into soft cuddly bed sheets at the end of a long day. The touch and temperature of the fabrics on your bed have a great impact on how comfortably you will sleep.

Although the most common type of sheet fabric is cotton, the material is not the best for the cold season. On the other hand, flannel is perfect for cold months when you need an extra layer of warmth.

Pinzon sheets are made from quality flannel. This material is thick and warm and won't create lint or pile. The complete package is a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases. This is all you need for that extra touch of luxury to your bed.

6. Philips wake-up light

10 Sleep Aid Gift Ideas for Insomniacs 5

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Wake me up with some sunshine on my face if you want me to be your best friend.

I'm not a fan of waking up on cold winter mornings. The mornings in those cold months make me grumpy and spoil my mood. Or at least they used to until I found the Philips wake-up light.

Many people find it difficult to wake up with a smile in the cold mornings when it is still dark outside. The Philips sunrise simulator is heaven-sent. This simulator will calmly and beautifully emit a warm sunrise-red glow minutes before your alarm sets off. The glow will gently fade from red to orange to yellow, while slowly increasing in brightness.

You can even set the device to add radio or nature sounds to the sunrise effect. This will ensure you start your morning on a calmer mood instead of the disturbing and jolting ring of your mobile phones wake up alarm.

The Philips sunrise simulator has been scientifically proven to improve your wake up mood and set you on a good mood for the day. The reverse mode setting is a calm sunset stimulator that can help you calmly drift off to slumberland.

7. Bed Jet

Bed Jet

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Ideal for you, if you struggle with temperature the entire year.

Some people shiver their way to bed on cold winter nights and sweat uncomfortably on summer nights. Other people will never just be comfortable in whatever ambient temperature. The Bed Jet is a high tech wizard that is a perfect alternative for heated bedding in winter. In the summer, it works as a cooling fan.

Although the Bed Jet is a bit pricey, it's a trustable and effective temperature regulator on whatever end of the spectrum. It features programmable settings that allow you to control the night temperature of your bedroom.

Bed Jet also has a dual-zone version. This is handy specifically for couples as each person can have control over the speed and power of cool or warm air flowing over their feet and legs. I always recommend the Bed Jet for people who have previously been frustrated with heated beddings or normal fans and are looking for that thermostatic relief.

8. Fitbit Charge 2

10 Sleep Aid Gift Ideas for Insomniacs 6

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A sleep and activity tracker for better sleep

The difference between dedicated bedroom sleep monitors and wearable devices is that the latter is capable of tracking things, and that's why I prefer them.

I especially love FitbitCharge 2. The tracker looks sleek look and is accurate. It can track down the number of hours you slept and your frequency of restlessness or deep sleep. The results can be obtained and analyzed from a phone app.

Fitbit Charge 2 has a relaxation app that guides you through short breathing exercises. This device also has a constant heart rate monitor that:

  • Shows the distance you have traveled
  • Shows number of steps you took
  • The amount of intense activity that you undertook

The Fitbit Charge 2 aims at inspiring you to be more active during the day and gain better sleep at night. It has a setting for sleep goals that you can work to meet every day. This app is good news for people who struggle to sleep as it can help you achieve a stable sleep routine.

9. Moldex earplugs

10 Sleep Aid Gift Ideas for Insomniacs 7

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The most valuable things in life come in small packages

If the bedroom is your favorite place in the house, then you know how expensive investing in bedroom products can get. But for many people that struggle with sleep abnormality, it's not the quality of the bed that keeps them awake but noises both in the head and outside.

The Moldex earplugs are of excellent quality and provide a solid barrier between insomniacs sensitive ears and the noises keeping them awake. The earplugs are easy to insert and remove, and are comfortable to wear. To add to this is the variety of fancy colors!

Although these earplugs don't look fancy nor won't look like an extravagant gift, they will forever change the life (read sleep quality) of a person.

10. Alaska bear silk sleep mask

10 Sleep Aid Gift Ideas for Insomniacs 8

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Don't pick-boo-me when I'm getting my beauty sleep

My sister and I are extremely sensitive to light. I'm actually so sensitive to light that giving me a dark gift for blocking my eyes from it is one of the best things you can do

Most insomniacs are like my sister and me. A tiny LED light is zoomed 100 times in their eyesight and can give them open eye nightmares. People who love daytime naps and are sensitive to light also suffer the same fate.

I have tested a variety of masks made of different materials and coming in various sizes and shapes. Of all the masks I've tested, none was as satisfactory to use as the Alaska Bear.

The Alaska Bear mask is made of a natural silk that has a soft feel on the skin. The straps will hold it in place just perfectly; not too tight to hurt your eyes nor too flimsy to come off when you toss and turn.

Keeping the sleep mask clean is easy. Moreover, the mask is breathable and so you won't feel too hot when wearing them. The mask does a perfect job of getting you to your total darkness away from the world.

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