Marpaq Dohm Mechanical Reviews


Intended for a variety of sleeping environments, this MARPAC Dohm DS Dual Speed Electro-Mechanical White Noise Machine is very compact, and made from quality durable plastic, enabling it to withstand any bumps. Many people have trouble with noises which are not part of the usual background noise, such as music from neighbours, voices and things like dogs barking, and this includes while on vacation or visiting friends.

Is the Marpaq Really A Travel Machine?

To be considered a truly portable and effective travelling companion, this unit should be able to work on batteries. It is true that almost all nights are spent in a place which has a power point as this is what you will need to turn this on shouldn’t be a major issue, but to be classed as a travel item, it should be able to be run on an independent power supply, even if it is temporary.

People come to rely on these machines to provide them with the relaxing sounds they are used to as they try to rest, and if the occasion arises that no power point is close by, a potential sleepless night due to pervading sounds may well ensue. Apart from this issue, the machine is great, and has the option of producing gusting air, or a wind like noise, which is very comforting and relaxing.


  • Small and compact, easy to take with you
  • Great volume controls, and easy to use
  • Promotes an enhanced night’s rest
  • Good selection of white noise sounds available

Has been designed and engineered to effectively block out such problem noises, and replace them with one which is by far more relaxing, and can help to get to sleep. This model is small, and can be taken away with you wherever you go to guarantee you can relax and sleep to the usual softer noises you are used to.


  • Can’t be operated by batteries
  • Has no earphone/jack-plug socket
  • Some may feel it is a little expensive for what you actually get

This product lives up to the claims made of it by the manufacturers. For its size – and it is a very small device, some may be surprised at just how small when they take it out of the packaging – it fills up the room with no problems, and filters out any obtrusive outside noises. Whether this is intended for nurseries, bedroom or any other sleeping environment, or intended to be placed near an office door, or other place where you feel you need your own privacy to speak, it will do its job. You could do a lot worse than to get this machine, if you need a very small, but effective white noise machine to help you sleep through the night.


It is easily packed and can be taken with you. You will, however need to be fairly close to a power point to operate it, as there is no battery option, and no earphone socket in case you are sharing a room with someone who does not use a machine to get to sleep. The only other negative about the Marpaq Dohm Mechanical is while it is very small the price is perhaps a little more than you would expect to pay. This point aside though, it has a great wind gushing noise, and is easy to operate.

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