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snoremender ps reviewChoosing a mouthpiece to buy can be a daunting task. This is especially so considering there are over 100 mouthpieces in the market. Repeat users may have an idea on the best snoring mouthpieces in the market. However, first time buyers may be totally oblivious of what features to look out for.

SnoreMender is one mouthpiece that many readers have asked that we look into. In this review, we look at its features, advantages and disadvantages. We also compare it to other snoring mouthpieces, especially on the basis of price.

About SnoreMender

SnoreMender PS (2013 version) and SnoreMender are actually the same product, except that the former is a new version with a pressure shift feature added to it.

SnoreMender is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD). MADs work by pulling the lower jaw in a forward position, slightly above the upper jaw to prevent obstruction of the airway. This eliminates the vibration of the soft tissues of the throat against one another, and consequently the snoring sounds.

SnoreMender follows the same ideology like other MADs but has extra unique features. This SnoreMender review will provide an in-depth look into the anti-snore device.

History of the company

The company that manufactures SnoreMender PS is the Sleep Well Enjoy Life Company. The company started in 2007 and was originally based in UK. The company was relocated to United States in 2011.

The manager, Jeremy Alan Kenyon, a University of Cambridge alumnus, had no prior experience in the world of dentistry. However, he designed this product with a team of orthodontists from Denmark, led by a doctor with 30+ years of experience and a member of The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Kenyon is specialized in the gaming and computer industry. However, he is the director and secretary of the company.

In one clinical trial with SnoreMender PS, 91% of the subjects noted a reduction in their snoring by up to 50%. Overall, up to 78% of all the participants reported that the product completely stopped their snoring.

Difference Between SnoreMender PS and SnoreMender

The original SnoreMender was created in 2007, and the newer version entered the market in 2013. I have used both versions and here are the noticeable differences.

  • Material

The newer version feels like it has better quality material. Compared to the older version, the walls of the new gadget look and feel somewhat thicker.

  • Point of pressure

The original unit had its outward pressure applied on the small front teeth of the lower jaw. Due to this high amount of pressure, many users complained of jaw soreness. In the new device, the pressure point has been repositioned to the larger and stronger teeth.

  • Hinged Tension

Probably due to the increased thickness of the material, the PS model has been designed with stronger hinges. The default hinge that your device will come with is of medium strength and the company has no exchange program. However, if you want to, you can change it yourself with ones with decreased or increased strength.

  • Back of Excess Material

The PS version has no excess material, unlike was the case with the original SnoreMender. The new model therefore has a more streamlined feel and is more comfortable to the mouth. Some of the excess material that was removed were on the outer and inner walls of both the lower and the upper trays.

  • Smooth Feel

With a thicker material, the PS model has been designed with more rounded edges. It feels better against the gums.

  • Presence of Spacers

The original SnoreMender had no air hole. Therefore, you had to wholly rely on your nose for breathing. The design was not convenient for people with sinus issues, a deviated septum or nasal polys. The new SnoreMender PS has two small posts in the upper tray and two on the lower tray. The posts compel your mouth to remain slightly open when you sleep to enable a more regular air flow.

Complete SnoreMender PS Review

The SnoreMender PS is a ready-to-use mouth guard that does not use the boil-and-bite technique for custom fitting. Unfortunately, this comes with its own pros and cons.

The SnoreMender PS also has a hinged design. This is a patented feature that improves the comfort level of the device by allowing for the jaws to move naturally. Since the snoring mouthpiece is adjustable, you can decrease or increase the jaw advancement positioning.

Pros of SnoreMender PS

  • Has micro adjustment capability
  • Made of medical grade dental thermoplastic material thats extremely malleable. Thus, it can be adjusted as many times as you deem necessary but still maintain its quality.
  • You can decrease or increase the jaw advancement positioning.
  • It is latex, BPA, phthalates and silicon-free. Therefore, people sensitive to these products can safely use the snoring guard.
  • Features a simple design with no small crevices that can house bacteria. The gadget is therefore relatively easy to clean with water and soap.
  • Allows you to naturally move your jaws and therefore enhances your comfort.
  • Can last between 12 and 24 months with proper care. This life expectancy is much longer than that of most competitors.
  • The price is affordable and inclusive of shipping. Goes for $$.
  • You are ready to use it the moment you get it out of the box. If you dont like the boil-and-bite technology, you have nothing to worry about with the SnoreMender PS.
  • Designed with smooth edges that are non-irritating to the gums.

Cons of SnoreMender PS

  • Although the mouthpiece can be adjusted, you have to apply more effort. With other adjustable products, all you need to do to adjust is simply screw to tweak the positioning.
  • The range of adjustment is limited.
  • Although SnoreMender is sold with a money-back policy, this is only given after 90 days re-trials and trying out the manufacturers suggestions
  • Not ideal for people with pre-existing dental conditions like those who wear crowns, dentures or braces
  • There is no mention of FDA clearance on the products official website.
  • You may experience teeth and jaw pain, especially on the first night of use
  • The one-size-fits-all is a limiting feature as all mouths are not the same

The Pressure Shift Technology

Pressure Shift Technology is a patented (pending) feature in the SnoreMender PS design. This is the only gadget with this technology that automatically shifts pressure to stronger and larger teeth. Moreover, the angle between the device and the area of your teeth that it touches is designed to appropriately direct pressure.

There has been a lot of complaints about mouthpiece gadgets regarding too much pressure being placed on the lower jaws teeth. The SnoreMender PS now effectively addresses this issue.

14 Days of SnoreMender PS

Here is a review of the SnoreMender PS from an actual reader of this site:

Like the original SnoreMender, this one also came ready to use. On first touch, I felt that the edges of the mouthpiece were remarkably smooth. This motivated me to wear it.

However, when I wore the SnoreMender, the tray kept carelessly falling off. So, I made the material of the lower tray softer by immersing it in a bowl of heated water (160 degrees) for 90 seconds. I then placed it in my mouth for 2 minutes to make a mold. After this, I submerged the mold in ice cold water to harden it.

When I wore the mouthpiece the second time, it was much better. I had a comfortable night of sleep with the SnoreMender PS. When I woke up the morning after, my jaws were not as sore as I had thought they would be.

SnoreMender PS Price

SnoreMender PS is relatively more affordable compared to most products in its class. A single device retails for 57$. However, you can save money by buying two pieces at 49$ each or 5 pieces at 43$ each. This fee is inclusive of shipping.

The manufacturer also gives a 100% money back refund. However, theres a catch. You will have to call the manufacturer and explain the problem. If after 90 days (in which a professional will analyze your case and help you with proper adjustments) you still dont find it satisfactory, you can return the gadget. Please note also that these guarantee condition is subject to change from time to time. Check here for the current guarantee.

SnoreMender PS vs. Vital Sleep

Based on my experience with mouth guards and the numerous designs that I have personally tried, I feel that Vital Sleep would really give Snore Mender PS a run for its money. It has the boil-and-bite technology which makes it easy to custom fit in any mouth shape. You are bound to get a more perfect fit with it.

Vital Sleep also has a Hex tool that you can use to adjust the lower jaw. It also breathing holes for mouth breathers. Thus, people with partial dentures can use it. Vital Sleep is latex and BPA-free and its material is smooth against the gums. The device has lateral jaw movement capabilities, which enhances its comfort.

Finally, Vital Sleep is more affordable in price than Snore Mender. You get 2 gadgets for 59.99$ inclusive of shipping and if you are not satisfied with the product you can be get 100% refund within 30 days without any drama of contacting the manufacturer involved. In addition, it comes with an offer of 1 whole year of replacements from the purchasing date. The product is manufactured and sourced in USA and is FDA approved.

My Verdict

The unique innovative features of the SnoreMender PS and its simple no-crevices design have gotten my approval. I appreciate the presence of the breathing holes at the front of the gadget for mouth breathers, the smooth and rounded edges, the hinged design and the Pressure Shift technology. These are really strong selling features. Moreover, the snoring mouthpiece is latex and BPA free. Therefore, I confidently recommend SnoreMender PS as a snoring mouth guard.

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