Sleep Right Dental Guard Review

Sleep Right Dental Guard Review

After browsing hundreds of Sleep Right Dental Guard reviews online, we decided to buy the product and put it to the test. Read on to find out what you should know about this nightguard.

Sleep Right Dental Guard Reviews Online

sleeprigt dental guard review

SleepRight Dental Guard is a mouth guard that uses self-adjust technology to relieve pain resulting from grinding teeth at night.

The guard has two bite pads that are adjusted to fit between the lower and upper molars. This ensures there is a natural freeway space between the molars. The retention tissues between your tongue, cheeks and lips naturally hold the guard in position.

SleepRight No Boil Dental Guard

sleep right dental guard reviewThe Sleep Right dental guard has a heat-sensitive band and therefore does not require boiling and biting. The band is adjustable to the contours of your teeth. SleepRight dental guard is effective in cushioning and protecting your teeth from loosening or chipping. The device also spaces your teeth making jaw joint decompress and relax.

SleepRight dentalguard has no sharp corners or clasps that will make you uncomfortable

Types of How SleepRight Dental Guards

There are three types of SleepRight Dental Guards:
sleep right dental guards

1. The Dura-Comfort

sleep right dura comfort

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The Dura Comfort is the most advanced design of the SleepRight dental guards and is recommended for heavy bruxers. The denser material used to make the Dura Comfort makes it withstand heavy bruxing.

The guard is made of separate wings for flexibility and stability, a frontal band and sturdier bite pads. This makes the dental guard comfortable to wear. Moreover, its fit is completely aligned and there is absolutely no irritation to the gum tissue.

The heat-sensitive band has a grooved strap that is wider than the other models of SleepRight guards which reduces friction and holds it in place.

sleepright dura comfort wings

2. The Ultra Comfort

sleep right slim comfort

The Ultra Comfort is the smallest and lightest of all the Sleep Right dental guards. The clench guard is similar to the SleepRight Secure Comfort Dental Guards. However, the only difference is that there are no stability wings on the sides of the Slim-Comfort dental guard.

The SleepRight Ultra Comfort Dental Guard is made with less material to reduce gum interference. The bit pads are also adjustable and hence can fit all sizes. Moreover, they automatically swivel to match the bite angle. The main highlight of the Slim Comfort is it’s comfortable to wear.

The product is discrete and ideal for people with sensitive gums and for those who get irritations from regular mouth guards.

how slim comfort works

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3. The Secure Comfort

sleep right secure comfort

The SleepRight Secure-Comfort guard is the same as the Slim-Comfort, but has stability wings on both sides for extra security. The guard is held into place throughout the night by these wings. The bite pads are adjustable and hence can fit all sizes. Moreover, they automatically swivel to match all bite angles.

This is the generally recommended model for customers wishing to address their clenching problems.

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4. Select Dental Guard

sleepright select dental guardThis is the latest addition to the SleepRight range of mouth guards. The Select Dental Guard comes with more features and options to fit different types of mouths. The mouth guard has a low profile and hence will be perfect for teeth grinders with either small or large mouths. The guards bitepad also has a new position at which it can meet the angle of your bite and location of the morals.

If you are looking for an affordable mouth guard to try, we highly recommend the Select model.

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Features of SleepRight Mouth Guards

  • SleepRight does not require boiling to fit
  • All the models of the dental guard are easy to talk or eat with it in the mouth
  • The Slim-Comfort model is so discrete
  • Free of latex


  • No need for boiling and biting into the device to shape
  • Easily fits into any mouth size because of the adjustable straps and bite pads
  • Made from heat-sensitive material that easily conforms to the curve of your mouth
  • SleepRight is a cost-effective and user-friendly product patented to combat teeth grinding and clenching


  • Dura-Comfort model of SleepRight dental guard has been reported to cause some irritation
  • Some customers report that Slim-Comfort easily falls out of the mouth at night

Sleep Right Dental Guard Reviews

Is SleepRight safe?

Consumers are usually concerned about the safety of the teeth guards they want to buy. The SleepRight dental guards are safe as they been approved by the FDA.

The night guards of made of non-allergic materials. This means they do not cause any allergic reactions to users.

Can I talk with the guard in my mouth?

With your SleepRight mouth guard models, you will be comfortable talking as well as breathing and even drinking with it in your mouth. Perhaps the only thing you cant do while wearing the guards is eating.

Is there any harm in wearing the guard all day?

You can wear SleepRight guards all day. The devices do not lead to any adverse side effects.

The dental guard should be worn all day but not exceeding 12 hours. This is the accepted best practice. The dental guard is an effective tool in curing your teeth grinding and clenching habit. However, the main goal of using the mouthguard should be to stop the habit altogether.

Take steps to avoid permanently relying on the dental guard to stop teeth grinding. For example, you should take periodic breaks from using the teeth guard. This will help you determine whether you have progressed in your question stopping teeth grinding and clenching.

How is SleepRight Dental Guard different from other mouth guards?

SleepRight was designed after an extensive study done on hundreds of patients. You do not need to remove the guard from the mouth for you to eat or talk. No heating or cutting is required because it can be adjusted to fit your mouth.

There are a number of factors that make SleepRight the best mouth guard for TMJ in the market. To begin, the models are easy to fit when compared to other bruxism guard models. This is because you don’t need to boil and bite them to make a mold. Therefore, all the hustles of achieving a perfect fit are eliminated by this fact.

SleepRight guards are also way cheaper than most guards, especially the custom ones made by dentists. A custom dental guard can cost you over $300 while a SleepRight guard goes for under $50.

Moreover, with when you are wearing SleepRight guards, you to drink, talk and breathe while it is in your mouth. This is not usually the case with other TMJ guards.

Finally, SleepRight guard is proven effective devices for stopping bruxism. After spending a lot of money on other bruxism guards, you can end up disappointed when you realize they do little to stop the habit.

With SleepRight, you get value for your money!

Sleep Right Mouth Guard Cleaning

The product is cleaned by rinsing in cold water and then storing in the case provided after it has dried. Cleaning it thoroughly and drying is important to prevent the growth of bacteria. Use warm water to clean the mouth guard and then rinse it in mouthwash or cold water. When dried, store the Sleep Right dental guard in the case it came with.

Store the guard where pets cannot reach it. You do not want to find your dental guard chewed and destroyed!

Why does my jaw hurt more than before using the dental guard?

When you start to use any mouthguard, you should expect jaw fatigue and soreness. These symptoms occur due to your natural tendency to bite down. Your mouth needs to get used to wearing a mouthguard.

When you wear SleepRight mouth guards, the bite pads stretch the jaw muscles to create the natural space between your lower and upper jaw. As a result, you may experience some discomfort. However, continued use restores the natural space in your mouth and the soreness will disappear.

How do I choose a model that’s right for me?

Your preferences and condition should help you determine the right guard to choose. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have a large or small mouth?
  • How durable is the guard you wish to buy?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you a heavy or a light bruxer?

Is SleepRight suitable for kids with bruxism?

Theoretically, the mouthguards work on kids as they do on adults. However, it is not advisable to purchase the guards for children.

Like we mentioned before, SleepRight teeth guards are simply a means to an end. If you get the guards for your kids, they may become fully dependent on them. This will reduce their chances of stopping to use the guard.

SleepRight is only recommended for adults (18 and over).

I hear SleepRight stops snoring too. Is that true?

Originally, SleepRight dental guards were designed to stop bruxism. However, like is the case with most products, consumers tend to discover alternative uses. For example, some consumers have found success in using SleepRight stop mild sleep apnea and snoring.

However, this is not to say that the guard will stop snoring for you. If you suffer from sleep apnea or snoring, check the various snoring aids we have reviewed. Some of the aids you can go for include CPAP machines, CPAP pillows and chinstraps.

Do the manufacturers offer a warranty?

Yes! All SleepRight dental guards are sold with a replacement warranty of 3 months. If the guard you have bought does not work, you can get it replaced for a new one of the same model within 3 months from when you purchased it.

Where can I get SleepRight?

The mouth guards are available at Splinteks site as well as Amazon. If you prefer to buy them locally, check the retailer stores in your area.

I recommend getting the mouth guards on Amazon as they are cheaper there.

My Experience with SleepRight

For as long as I could remember, I have been grinding my teeth. Grinding made my molars chirp, which made me extra sensitive to hot and cold stuff.

Like most of your, I hopped online to find a solution to my grinding condition and that’s when I learnt about bruxism. I read so much information that right now, I consider myself an expert of sorts.

I read many reviews and testimonials on teeth grinding products at various forums. One solution kept popping up: SleepRight.

I thought to myself that since many people with a similar condition to mine claimed SleepRight helped them, why not try it. I ordered the Select Comfort on Amazon since it is the cheapest among the four models. I got the SleepRight pack in two days.

When I first wore SleepRight, my jaws got sore. The soreness almost made me quit using it. However, as the days went by (Ill say in a weeks time), the pain became less and less pronounced. All this was about a year ago. Today, I am happy and proud to say that my bruxism is no more.

The main challenge I had was trying to stop using the guard. It was thought at first but I finally managed. What I did is I gradually reduced usage from daily to a few days a week. Eventually, I reduced my usage until I finally stopped completely using it.

Today, I am no longer grinding my teeth. I am living proof that SleepRight is a solution to bruxism.

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