Armor Guard ProForm Mouthguard Review

Armor Guard ProForm Mouthguard Review

armor proform mouth guard reviewArmor Guard Night Guard Review: About the Manufacturer

The Armor Guard ProForm mouthguard is designed and manufactured by Keystone Industries, which is located in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. This company also produces a host of other products that are distributed to dental professionals all over the country.

Some of the companys oral products include: mouth guards, day/night guards, teeth whitening kits, braces guards, sports guards, and others.

Keystone Industries is well-known for its next-generation mouth guards and excellent customer service.

About Pro-Form Nite Guards

armor proform mouthguard moldingWith lifestyle changes in over the years, the number of people suffering from conditions that can destroy their teeth, trigger headaches and chronic jaw pains, and cause other symptoms is increasing. These abnormalities can eventually lead to the deterioration of a persons quality of life and also cause sleepless nights.

Luckily, the latest development in dental technology has led to the innovation of night guards that can help minimize the effects of conditions like teeth grinding (bruxism), and TMJ/TMD. Armor Pro Form Custom NiteGuards are among the various teeth grinding and clenching treatment options that provide relief.

Armor Proform mouth guards are custom-made based on a patients requirements. Keystone Industries is famous for fulfilling customers needs and expectations.

Armor Guard Features

The Proform night guard is custom-made for individual bruxism patients. The guards therefore require a patient to make a teeth impression, which is then used to customize the final product.

armor proform night guard

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There are 2 custom Armor night guards available:

Hard Over Soft (Option 1)

This Pro Form NiteGuardis soft on the inside but hard on the outside. The mouth guard firmly but comfortably secures the teeth. The model is available in 3 thickness options: 0.080 (2mm), 120 (3mm) and 200 (5mm).

Soft On Soft (Option 2)

This night guard model is made of a soft finish in layers that embrace the teeth and measures 120 (3mm) thickness.

Hard-on-Soft Pro Form NiteGuards

Armor Guard ProForm Mouthguard Review 1This hard model Pro Form NiteGuard is also sold with a dental impression kit. The Armor mouthguard is made of a soft material on the inside, to gently care for your teeth, and an outer hard material that effectively prevents severe cases of teeth grinding and clenching.

The hard-on-soft night guards come in three thickness options; .080 (2mm), .120 (3 mm), and .200 (5 mm.)The best custom mouth guard for you will depend on your particular needs and preferences.

Soft On Soft Pro Form Night Guard

Armor Guard ProForm Mouthguard Review 2This Pro Form NiteGuard is a custom night guard that is available from various vendors (who also sell it with dental impression kits), and dentists. For the vendor or dentist to make you a custom mouth guard, they need an impression of your teeth.

This night guard is designed with a soft material both on the inside and the outside. It is therefore perfect for people with mild to moderate teeth grinding habits and jaw clenching. The thickness of this soft model is .120 thickness.

armor proform mouthguard review

Pros & Cons of the Armor Proform Mouth Guard


  • Comfortable to the teeth and jaw
  • A perfect night guard for people with small mouths
  • Effective in preventing bruxism
  • Offers the best value for money.
  • Great customer service


  • May not fit you if you choose the wrong model
  • Making the dental impression and mold might be challenging. You may need multiple tries to get the right impression.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How easy will it be for the NiteGuard to fall out of my mouth?

The Armor ProForm NiteGuards are customized to fit your teeth perfectly. The nightguards therefore cling tightly to your teeth and jaw and are highly unlikely to fall out as you sleep. Thats why these night guards are effective in preventing TMJ, jaw clenching, and bruxism.

  1. Do I need a prescription to purchase a Pro Form NiteGuard?

No, you do not need a prescription to buy the Armor night guard. You can purchase the kits from a dentist or a vendor at Amazon, who will also make the guard for you. The quality of the guards from Amazon are also ascertained to reach the require standards.

  1. Are the night guards safe for use by someone with permanent dentures or crowns?

Yes. It is safe to use Pro Form NiteGuards even if you wear dentures or crowns. However, you should consult the professional performing your mold or your dentist to ensure that youre making the best decision.

  1. Is the Pro Form NiteGuard completely effective stop teeth grinding?

Yes. According to most reviews by customers who bought it on Amazon, these night guards have a high success rate in helping to stop teeth grinding and clenching habits.

  1. After how long will I need to replace my mouth guard?

The Pro Form Night guards are made of high quality materials that would withstanding your teeth grinding and clenching habits for many years. However, you should take good care of them if they are to last long.

  1. Are the materials used in making Pro Form NiteGuard BPA-free?

Yes. The materials used in making Pro Form NiteGuard are BPA-free and safe for use.

  1. Can I take my own dental impression or should I go to the dentist?

When you purchase your Pro Form NiteGuard from Amazon, it will also come with detailed instructions on how to make your teeth impressions. If you are having any challenges, contact the Pro Form customer service reps, who will take you through the step-by-step process of making a perfect dental impression.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Pro Form NiteGuards have undisputable quality and are the best custom night guards in the market. They are also affordable and might seem too cheap for the quality they provide.

From the feedback left by customers, the night guards provide 100% satisfaction. We are therefore more than pleased to recommend this night guard brand as worthy of being in your list of consideration for highly effective yet affordable night guards.


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