About Us 1Teeth gritting, grinding or clenching, is rated the third most common sleep disorder both in children and adults. Also known as bruxism, the condition is highly related to a person's mental and emotional state. In most cases, teeth grinding can cause stress because of the side effects that come along with it. There is no definite treatment or cure for teeth clenching and grinding.

This website is developed to provide a forum where users can give advice on teeth grinding and share their stories and experiences.

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SleepDeeper.net has a database of advice articles on bruxism and TMJ products. These articles cover such topics as bruxism in children, techniques of relieving stress, bruxism symptoms and causes, treatment of bruxism and many more. The articles are well-researched and meant to help users deal bruxism and TMJ disorders.

In our endeavor to provide quality and trusted product recommendations, we carry out in-depth research on various teeth grinding products in the market and give our take on them.

Occasionally, our reviews are based on the information that users give us after they have purchased and used the products. Users can also post their comments and rate the articles herein as well as participate in online forums.

All content on our website was written by health experts and is offered for free in order to benefit people who suffer from bruxism and TMJ. Additional expert information may be available at a small fee.

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