Marpac Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner Review

Marpac Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner Review

More people than you may think require the soothing and steady sound of white noise as they sleep. This Marsona Travel Sound ConditMarpac Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner Review 1ioner is intended to provide just that.

If you are a light sleeper, you may be easily awoken by isolated noises out of your sleep. This may make you tired and unproductive the following day. If you usually travel a lot due to your work, you may be unable to sleep or stay asleep in unfamiliar places. To avoid these problems, you should get the Marsona TCSI 330 .

The Marpac Marsona Travel Sound Conditioner is small and portable. The sound conditioning unit masks peripheral unwanted noise and creates private acoustics for the user.


  • Promotes a comfortable night of sleep
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Provides same level of white noise as bigger units
  • Has steady sound or Ocean Waves sounds
  • Can “add” in rain noise.

The Marsona TCSI 330 unit comes with a mains adaptor. Its small size makes it easily fit into an overnight bag. Therefore, wherever you are going, you can carry along the sound conditioner to ensure you get a proper, undisturbed night rest. This product has been given many five star reviews on Amazon.

Overall, the performance, style and size of the travel white noise machine justifies the higher ratings.


  • The pitch may not be deep enough for some. This will require you to increase the gadget’s volume
  • Sound levels could have been a little being louder
  • Requires an electric power point to use. This means it’s not truly “travel” friendly.

Marsona also makes battery operated sound machines. However, the batteries are larger and are not marketed by the company as “travel” devices. If you are looking for a sound machine to travel with on holiday or as part of your work duties, then the Marpac Marsona TCSI 330 will do the job perfectly.

One thing about the white noise device is that it will keep making the noise until you turn it off. This is unlike other machines that switch off after playing their pieces.

Portability and Travel Friendliness

To be frank, the Marpac Marsona TCSI 330 is not really travel friendly. I’d prefer if we could use it without having to plug it in. To be truly portable and traveler friendly, as it claims, the device should be able to work from a portable power source, i.e. batteries.

The other issue is the low level of sound. The should have been programmed to be slightly louder. However, when you have the machine on and are trying to relax/sleep, it effectively masks out most noises from outside the room. I still feel there should have been option to increase the level of sound.

If you are traveling to places like Hong Kong and take this machine, you would want it to mask out 100% of the outside noise. The device would need a higher volume level than it has to do that.

Marpac Marsona TCSI 330 Review Conclusion

Overall, the Marpac Marsona TCSI 330 sound device is good. The steady noise and ocean wave noises it produces are great to relax and fall asleep to. The option to add in the rain on the ocean is lovely. The white noise machine also comes in a nice nylon pouch you can pack into a suitcase or overnight bag.

However, confirm that where you are staying has a power point. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the sound machine. When you have the machine one, you are sure to enjoy your sleep and will be happy. When you play the ocean waves noise, you can get even more relaxed by adding rain noise over it.

My main source of disappointment is that I felt I could have benefited more from increasing the volume as I was lying relaxing.

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