Best Baby White Noise Machines and Soothers

Best Baby White Noise Machines and Soothers

Before a baby is born, they get used to the noise in their mothers womb. At the point of birth, the world becomes a rather quiet place with bursts of sounds and noises. A baby white noise machine can help drown out the noises around the house so that they get better sleep. They offer babies several benefits, including:

  • Reduce baby’s stress
  • Help babies sleep better
  • Help babies fall asleep more easily

There are some who say the baby white noise machine is detrimental to a babys hearing and ears. Their argument is that the constant sounds can cause hearing problems. Others have stated that the white noise machine for babies is far too loud and can be damaging. This may ultimately depend on the type of device parents end up purchasing as well as how they use it.

Safety Precautions for Using a Baby White Noise Machine

Even though there have not been any definitive studies about a white noise machines, there are some precautions parents can take to ensure their babies do not suffer any damage. The first thing to do is keep the volume down to the lowest setting that is effective for helping the baby sleep well. Secondly, do not place the baby white noise machine too close to the babys ears. These two things should ensure you get the benefit form the white noise machine for babies without causing any harm.

Types of Baby White Noise Machines

The baby white noise machine is available in a variety of styles. As far as the design it may be up to the personal preferences of the parents. There are also some features that a parent deems to be important and some that are not necessary.

For instance, some parents may want a battery operated white noise machine while others prefer one that is only equipped to plug into a standard electrical outlet. You may also want to purchase a device which is portable. In this case parents might want to consider a white noise machine that has the option of running on battery power.

Because parents are purchasing a baby white noise machine, they may choose to consider one shaped like a stuffed animal. It is likely the machine will be used for at least the babys first year and aesthetics should be considered.

Best White Noise Machines for Babies

There are lots of types of white noise machines to choose from. It can be overwhelming to think about it all. Here are a few of the most popular white noise machines for babies and their most prominent features. Once you determine which features are the most important for you and your baby, it will make choosing a device much simpler to do.

1) Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine | Natural Sounds & White Noise

The Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine doesn’t have the cuteness as the other baby white noise machines offer, but loads of satisfied customers (82% were 4.1 plus) and high star ratings on Amazon make this one of the best baby white noise machines available.

You have 10 natural sound recordings of the highest quality which create the most natural and realistic sleep environment for your baby possible.

One of the best features of this Sound machine is its Adaptive Sound Technology which responds to intrusive noises by adjusting the volume and remixing the sound profiles to mask the noises and without becoming disruptive to the baby

Out of all the white noise machines we have seen, the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine is the only one that offers this brilliant feature.

Benefits of the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine:

  • 10 different sound selections to choose from
  • Latest in Adaptive Sound Technology can detect and react to the environment
  • Three richness settings to broaden the range of sounds
  • Sleep timer (optional) and lighted controls
  • Operates manually or adaptively
  • Features are customizable

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The sound profiles are scientifically engineered to create a deep sleep and a deeper sense of relaxation and renewal. The Sound and Sleep feature dynamically mixes together naturally recorded and lengthy high definition sounds to eliminate any repetition, so there is no looping of sound, you will not hear the same white noise.

There are display lights which you can turn on and off, and an auto turnoff which gradually turns off sound in increments of 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. If you choose to you can play the unit all night.

3 richness settings allow you to control the broad range of additional sounds to create the optimal sleep conditions for your baby, and you.

This particular white noise machine is somewhat larger than other units but is loaded with features. Its perfect for parents who want a little more versatility out of their baby white noise machine.

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2) myBaby SoundSpa by Homedics

This is a neat and attractive baby white noise machine, the myBaby SoundSpa by Homedics which offers six natural sounds to help settle and soothe your little one off to sleep when they are feeling unsettled.

You can set the auto timer for 15, 30 or 60 minutes to suit, or leave it on. The natural elemental sounds include: heartbeat, ocean, white noise, summers night, thunderstorm and running water. The volume is adjustable.

An added bonus of this baby sleep machine is it is portable, you can set it up wherever, and whenever you need it.

Reading through the reviews of desperate mothers with infants with sleep issues, this baby white noise machine worked absolute wonders

Benefits of the myBaby SoundSpa:

  • 6 sounds of nature: white noise, heartbeat, ocean sounds, summer night, thunderstorm and brook to gently soothe baby
  • Automatic shut-off: 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes time intervals to suit the situation
  • Portable for moving from room to room and for traveling
  • Powered by battery or electricity

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3) Nursery Projector and Sound System by Munchkin

The Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System offers Mozart lullabies which includes twinkle twinkle, rock-a-bye, hush little baby, eine kleine nachtmusik and Brahms lullaby.

Included is a soft blue nightlight which is perfect for when you go in during the night to make sure your baby is warmly covered or needing a night feed.

A fun feature is the projector which can project images via the pivoting lens onto the wall or ceiling to amuse your baby. The image cartridges include-Soothing Sea, Sleepy Sky and Calming Rainforest which produce a beautiful moving kaleidoscope of color.

The sound system as well as including Mozart lullabies, also include natural elemental sounds such as Ocean, white noise, rain and the sound of a heartbeat. You can customize the sound and images to suit your babys needs along with sleep timer to provide an ideal sleep environment

The 3 sleep timer settings provide 15, 30 and 60 minute increments and the voice activation feature helps the infant to self soothe and fall back asleep again. Which as any parent knows, is an absolute godsend!

Munchkin designed this baby white noise machine specifically for use in nurseries:

  • Plays Music (Mozart Lullaby) as well as soothing natural elemental sounds of nature
  • White Noise features
  • Blue nightlight for parents convenience
  • Projection System displays several different images for babys viewing
  • Voice activated and volume control
  • Three settings for sleep timer

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4) SoundSpa On-the-Go by HoMedics

HoMedics has designed the mybaby SoundSpa On-The-Go,a small baby white noise machine that is compact and weighs less than 5 ounces. This fun and simple brightly colored baby white noise machine by Homedics, called the SoundSpa On-The-Go comes in a pack of three and has tons of positive reviews on Amazon.

The SoundSpa plays softly soothing sounds to settle your baby. They include white noise, ocean, heartbeat and lullaby. Despite being a small unit, the adjustable volume controls allow you to adjust volume from a whisper to a roar.

The snap clip is perfect for hanging the baby white noise machine from the side of the playpen, the car seat or crib, so it is extremely portable, which is a bonus

Many young parents and grandparents commented on how effective this baby sleep sound machine is. It is designed to be carried along for on-the-go parents.

Benefits of themybaby HoMedics SoundSpa On-The-Go:

  • Battery operated
  • Auto shut off timer
  • Four sounds to select including: white noise, heartbeats, ocean sounds, or lullabys

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Our Closing Thoughts on Baby White Noise Machines

These are some of the basic feature of a baby white noise machine. Once parents are aware of the various options that are available, they can determine which device is the best to accommodate their childs needs for a peaceful nights sleep or to soothe them during the day. Always read reviews and feedback to understand other parents experiences and what they loved about that particular baby sleep machine.

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