TeethNightGuard Reviews (Sparkling White Smiles Night Guard)

TeethNightGuard Reviews (Sparkling White Smiles Night Guard)

sparking white smiles teeth night guard review

Sparkling White Smiles LLC Dental Lab

teeth night guard sparkling smilesSparkling White Smiles LLC Dental Lab produces the Teeth Night Guard. The Lab’s focusses on manufacturing simple, customized and affordable dental guards that provide relief to people who grind and clench their teeth.

There are 3 main types of custom mouthguards made by Sparkling White Smiles Dental Lab. Patients can decide to wear the guards either on the lower or upper teeth.

The quality of materials and the techniques used to make the TeethNightGuard are superior. The materials used are approved by the FDA and the resulting dental teeth guards are a true reflection of the quality.

The Sparkling White Smiles LLC dental technicians that design these well-fitting and comfortable guards are highly qualified.

Apart from manufacturing clenching mouth guards, Sparkling White Dental Lab produces custom dental guards for neurologists, oral surgeons, physical therapists, ENT physicians, chiropractors, pain management medical doctors, and dentists.

Local dental clinics usually don’t have the resources to make the guards. Generally, when you order a custom mouthguard from a dentist, he/she will request it to be made by Sparkling White Dental Lab or another dental lab. The dentist will, however, charge you extra money for the teeth guards.

If you deal directly with a lab, you will get the same quality of night guard but at a cheaper price. You’ll also save time and avoid the frustration of waiting in line.

Sparkling White Smiles Instructions: Wearing the Custom Clench Guard

The company will mail you a teeth impression kit with the tools and instruction guide for making your teeth impression. You will also get a pre-paid envelope that you will use to send back your teeth impression.

When you get your Sparkling White Smiles night guard, follow the fitting instructions below:

TeethNightGuard Reviews (Sparkling White Smiles Night Guard) 1
How to Make a Teeth Impression
  1. Open the kit and follow the instructions to take your teeth impression. The process is simple and should take you less than 5 minutes.
  2. Pack the teeth impression in the provided pre-paid and pre-addressed envelope and mail it back to the Lab.
  3. The lab technicians will use the teeth impression you provide to make custom mouth guards for your teeth. The grind guard will then be shipped to you in a carrying case in about 7-10 days.

TeethNightGuard Reviews: Types of Sparkling Smiles White Teeth Night Guards

How do I know which teeth guard to order?

Generally, the severity of your teeth grinding and clenching habits will determine the type of guard that’s ideal for you. Below are the three types of TMJ guards you can buy from Dental Lab:

Hard Acrylic .080 Night Guard

TeethNightGuard Reviews (Sparkling White Smiles Night Guard) 2This is an extremely thin (2mm/.80), crystal-clear night guard. The clench guard is made of hard, durable acrylic plastic that resembles Invisalign.

This guard can be used as a retainer or a day guard and is made with your safety in mind. For example, it does not contain latex.

Depending on the severity of your teeth grinding habits, this teeth guard should last you between two to five years.

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Extra Durable Dual Laminate with Flex .120? Night Guard

TeethNightGuard Reviews (Sparkling White Smiles Night Guard) 3This 3mm thick night guard is designed with a soft inner layer and a hard acrylic material on the outside. The materials are both comfortable and durable.

The dual laminate night guard is recommended for people with moderate to severe teeth grinding. The soft inside material cushions and absorbs the pressure from clenching teeth.

Depending on how severe your teeth grinding and clenching habits are, this custom guard will last you between 2-5 years.

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Soft .120 Night Guard

TeethNightGuard Reviews (Sparkling White Smiles Night Guard) 4This mouth guard is made of FDA-approved EVA material. The TeethNightGuard is only 3mm thick and has not been manufactured using any plasticized or BPA material.

The soft night guard material (rubbery plastic) used makes the grind guard ideal for moderate teeth grinding patients. The rubbery plastic might wear off easily when used by heavy grinders.

Depending on how heavy your teeth grinding habits are, this night guard will last from six months and 3 years.

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TeethNightGuard Coupon (Sparkling White Smiles Coupon Code)

Sparkling White Smiles LLC offers coupons from time to time. To see the current active TeethNightGuard coupon code, please check here.

Sparkling White Smiles Reviews: Features of the Night Guard

1. The Teeth Night Guard from Sparkling White Dental Lab is manufactured in the USA by highly trained dental technicians with many years of experience. The materials used to manufacture the guards are FDA-approved.

2. These TMJ mouth guards are customized for patients. They are comfortable and usually prescribed for people suffering from teeth grinding (bruxism) and clenching.

3. The guards are light, affordable, strong and durable. The night clench guards offer the best value for money.

4. The night guards for TMJ are not unstable or as bulky as over the counter mouth guards.

5. 30-day money-back and 100% satisfaction guarantee

6. Easy ordering process and a short waiting time

Sparkling White Smiles Complaints

There are no major complaints about TeethNightGuard. However, some customers have had issues with the mouthguards coming off while they are asleep.

The custom night guard may come off if it’s not made to fit your gums properly. Therefore, make sure you follow the instructions on making your teeth impression to end up with a fitting kit.

Sparkling White TeethNightGuard FAQs

Should I order an upper or a lower mouthguard? How do I decide?

Consult your dentist to know the night guard that will be ideal for you. The clenching guard you choose should not be for the damaged teeth. However, it’s up to you to decide whether to go for an upper or lower teeth guard.

Most patients prefer the upper night guard since it does not restrict tongue movement.

What should I expect after ordering?

After the Lab receives your order, it will ship you a teeth impression kit with:

  • One set of white and a set of blue putty
  • Two plastic trays (large and small) for placing your putty
  • One pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope (U.S only. Those outside US cater for their postage to the Lab)
  • Comprehensive instructions on how to use the kit to make your teeth impression

After making your teeth impression, you have to send it back to the Lab.

7-10 days after the Lab receives your order, it will send you customized dental night guards packed in a case.

Can TeethNightGuard also make stone mold impressions of my teeth?

Yes, if you request stone teeth impressions, TeethNightGuard.com will send it to you.

What if I’m not satisfied with my new dental night mouthguard?

Teeth Night Guard will adjustment your dental guard where necessary or make a new guard together. The company gives a 100%, 30-day guarantee. Your money will be refunded if you’re not comfortable with your guard.

99% of customers are satisfied with the product the first time as they find it perfectly fitting and comfortable.

Why are custom guards from Teeth Night Guard so cheap?

The dental guards from TeethNightGuard.com are cheaper than those from local dentists since TNG has its own specialized dental lab for manufacturing the guards. Customers have to send their teeth impression to get custom mouth guards.

While these products TMJ guards are affordable, each is made under the supervision of a highly trained dental professional to ensure it is of high quality.

Pros and Cons of Sparkling White Teeth Custom Night Guards


  • The mouthguards are made of hypoallergenic material
  • Cheaper than mouth guards ordered from dentists
  • Are more comfortable and durable than commercial clench guards
  • Customized for individual customers
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for each purchased gadget

Check Teethnightguard reviews for more advantages of the night clench guards.


  • The mold sent for your teeth impression may be too big if you have a small mouth.
  • If you do not make your teeth impression correctly, the guard may not cover the entire jaw.

sparkling white custom night guard

Here is more information about the company behind Teeth Night Guard.

Business Location

Division of Sparkling White Smiles LLC Dental Lab PO BOX 241422, Milwaukee, WI 53224 USA

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