I cant sleep! Yeah, you have just reminded my situation few months ago. I used to lie on my bed, staring at the ceiling after trying a lot of method to fall asleep but failing. I want to scream out loud like you right now: I cant sleep! How can I improve my sleep quality? Lucky for you, Im here to answer your question. After reading this post, you will know not only how to fall asleep but also how to sleep better.

Natural Ways to Sleep Better

I always prefer natural methods in solving any kind of problem. This is because the methods are safe and in most cases, free. However, dont think natural solutions are not good. They may take time to bring the results you want, but when they do, the results are always good and long lasting.

Here are some natural ways you can try to fall asleep fast.

i) Forget all issues when you go to bed

How To Sleep Better: Tips to Fall Asleep Fast 2I know you have a lot of think or worry about. Even when you go to bed, you may still be thinking about the unsolved matters in your life. However, thinking about problems will surely cause stress and depression. As you may know, stress is one of the main causes of insomnia.

Nevertheless, getting rid of the unsolved questions in your mind is not an easy task. We cant just say: I want to forget this thing and then forget it. Most people cant control their thoughts.

If you find it hard to get rid of negative thinking, I have one nice tip for you. What you need to do is turn the music player on, choose a few songs you like and are familiar with (avoid rock and rap but go for those songs with a soft rhythm). As you listen to the songs, mumble in your head the lyric or the rhythm. You will soon find yourself waking up in the morning without knowing when you fell asleep.

ii) Create a sleep-friendly environment

Your bedroom can determine how well you sleep. Isnt it obvious that you cant sleep well when there is a lot of noise and light around? With that said, creating a good environment is vital to sleep better. If you cant eliminate the noise, try to use ears plug. If there are road lights pour into your room, use a thick curtains to prevent it. Also pay attention to your mattress and pillow. Finally, sleeping in the right shape will help you sleep much easier. For example, always keep your spine on one straight line.

iii) Keep a regular sleep schedule

Our bodies love habits. Do you notice how hard for us to change a habit? Keeping a regular sleep-awake schedule can be vital to have a better sleep. This means you should go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. For example, if you go to bed at 10pm today, do so tomorrow and over the weekend. Dont think you can go to bed and wake up late at the weekend. Creating a sleeping habit will increase help you fall asleep fast.

iii) Sleep less during the day

I think its not necessary to say much about this. If you sleep a lot during the day, you will find it hard to sleep at night. However, if you cant stay awake during the day, be sure to check with your doctor soon. You may suffer from another type of sleep disorder called narcolepsy.

Use Sleep Aids to Fall Asleep Fast

When natural methods cant help, its time to get the best sleep aids for you. Some people dont like sleep aids and hence choose not to use them. My sleeplessness problem was solved through the natural method. However, in case you suffer from chronic insomnia, taking medications can be a must. Below are some over the counter medications that can aid your sleep:

Melatonin. Melatonin is a chemical that is secreted by pineal gland. The mechanism of producing melatonin is simple. When it gets dark, the human brain notices the change and secret melatonin to signal the body that its time to sleep. However, for some reasons or due to the aging process, the amount of melatonin drops over time. The amount is not enough to send that message to the body. Melatonin medication will provide the insufficient amount so you can get into sleep easier.
Valerian.Valerian is the herbal treatment for sleeplessness. Its used widely in the US to help people sleep better.

When using sleep aid medications, its wise to consult your doctor before taking any pills. Some drugs can bring side effects you may not anticipate. Try the natural remedies first and when you cant sleep better, met your doctor for further treatment.

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