Best Earplugs for Sleeping With a Snorer

Best Earplugs for Sleeping With a Snorer

"Help! I can't stand sleeping next to my husband anymore. The snoring is just too loud and unnerving. I need the best earplugs for sleeping with a snorer to get through the night!"

This is the dilemma of many people living with a roommate that has a snoring problem.

In this article, we'll look at the best noise cancelling earplugs for sleeping that you can buy to ensure you always have a good night's sleep, regardless of the extent of snoring of your partner.

Which are the Best Noise Cancelling Earplugs for Sleeping?

After hundreds of hours of research, we've come up with a list of earplugs that help to block out snoring sounds completely. This is the list of the best snoring earplugs on the market.

  1. Hearos Ultimate Softness
  2. Mouldex 6800 Pura Fit
  3. Howard Leight Max 1
  4. Flents Super Sleep Comfort Foam Earplugs
  5. Ohropax Wax Earplugs
  6. 3M EAR Classic earplug

Best Earplugs for Sleeping With a Snorer 

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Earplugs Features NRR Rating Editor's Rating
Hearos Ultimate Softness
  • Soft and comfortable in the ear canal
  • Cylindrical shape for a perfect fit
  • Protects inside ear from too much pressure or humidity
  • Slow recovery allows you sufficient time to fit the earplugs
33 4/5
Mouldex 6800 Pura Fit
  • Longer size for easier insertion and removal
  • Affordable, durable and easy to clean
  • High rating of 33NRR
  • Smooth texture that makes them comfortable to sleep in
33 4/5
Howard Leight Max 1
  • Smooth finish that prevents dirt build-up
  • Contour shaped for easier insertion or removal
  • Don't go too deep into the ear canal
  • High 33NRR rating thus blocking out snoring noises
33 3.5/5
Flent Super Sleep Comfort
  • Effectively block out most noises
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Can be used several times
  • They are comfortable for sleeping in all positions
33 4/5
Ohropax Wax Earplugs
  • Reduces pressure and sweating inside the ears
  • Perfect for sensitive people
  • No waiting for them to expand
  • Maximum comfort
  • Ideal for meditating, relaxing or sleeping soundly
27 5/5
3M EAR Classic earplug
  • Soft and comfortable in the ear canal
  • Cylindrical shape for a perfect fit
  • Protects inside ear from too much pressure or humidity
  • Slow recovery allows you sufficient time to fit the earplugs
33 3.5/5

Guide for Buying Sleeping Ear Plugs

There are various things you should consider to find the best earplugs for snoring. These include:


You definitely want to block snoring sounds without your partner feeling disrespected. However, nothing could be worse than sleeping with uncomfortable earplugs.

Poor quality earplugs are not good for the health of your ears. They put pressure on the eardrums and may cause ear barotraumas, a condition where the Eustachian tubes block due to pressure changes.

Therefore, purchase good quality earplugs. The earplugs should fit your ear canal perfectly; not bulge out too much and not go too deep inside. They should also leave space between them and your ear, even if their seal is airtight.

Avoid buying earplugs that are either too small or too big for the ears. Ear canals vary in shape and size. So, there is no universal fit-for-all size of earplugs. The earplugs you buy should not only be effective in blocking out snoring sounds but also comfortable to wear, no matter your sleeping style.

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

The best earplugs for snoring block out 99, if not 100 percent, of the noises.

Earplugs are rated in Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), the highest being 34NRR. Good quality earplugs should be rated over 30NRR.

Foam and wax earplugs are popular for their efficiency. Irrespective of the size of the ear, when worn properly, they block most noises. For example, when foam sleeping earplugs are inserted in small ears, an airtight seal is formed due to the expansion of the foam. This results in maximum noise blockage.

On the other hand, wax sleeping earplugs are soft and don't make the ears oily or warm.


You don't want to always be shopping for sleeping earplugs on  Amazon every other day. Therefore, buy quality earplugs. Quality snoring earplugs are not so expensive.

Purchase snoring earplugs that are easy to clean, can be reused, and their shape and size will not be distorted after short use.

Best Anti Snoring Earplugs

Ohropax Wax Earplugs

ohropax earplugsReleased in 1907, the OHROPAX Classic is one of the top-rated noise reduction earplugs. The earplugs have a unique design that incorporates cotton wool, petroleum jelly and a mixture of other paraffin waxes.

Pros of Ohropax Earplugs

  • The design limits pressure and sweating inside the ears
  • The sleeping plugs are perfect for most sensitive people as the ingredients used in making them are fairly tolerable
  • Unlike foam sleeping earplugs, you do not have to wait for these earplugs to expand. Once you put them on correctly in the ears, they are ready for use
  • They are particularly useful in DIY occupations or jobs where one is exposed to extremely loud music. Ohropax earplugs are also useful in tasks that require maximum concentration.
  • The sleeping earplugs offer maximum comfort when worn
  • The earplugs are ideal for people who want to meditate, relax or sleep soundly
  • People in non-classic environments with noise levels <75dB(A), for example in computer centers, can also use them

Cons of Ohropax Earplugs

  • Have to be carefully removed to prevent them from damaging the eardrum
  • Some chemical substances can affect the earplugs
  • Should not be used in extremely dusty or dirty environments, or warm places. This is because the materials used to make them are sensitive to these environments.
  • Are not reuseable. A pair of earplugs can only be used once.

OHROPAX Classic gives noise protection levels from 22.3db to 37.7db, which are the most common noise frequencies. The insulation that this product offers for the entire range of frequency is considered excellent.

ohropax earplugs noise reduction chart

Ohropax Wax Earplugs Review

Material Used

This product is packaged in a box containing small soft pink balls of cotton wool. The cotton contains the earplugs and keeps the plugs from sticking onto one another.

Removing the cotton is quite easy. After removing the cotton, you will get a hard cylinder that is sticky and pink in color. The stickiness is as a result of the paraffin and petroleum jelly used to make the snoring earplugs.

Do not panic if you are unable to completely get rid of the pink cotton wool. It will melt away when you start using it.

Shape of the Earplugs

Ohropax earplugs are cylindrical in shape. Before kneading, they have a hard feel.

Ease of Use

Ohropax wax earplugs are packed in metal containers or small cardboard boxes, based on the amount that you buy. The package is portable.

Cotton wool is used to protect the earplugs from getting damaged. You can put the earplugs back in the cotton after use.

According to the manufacturer, Ohropax wax earplugs should only be used once. However, many people use them several times before disposing them off. As long as the earplugs are not dirty or sticky, you can continue using them.

Kneading the wax cylinder is pretty easy as a little heat from the finger makes them very soft. The kneading process takes only a minute. You can then shape the earplugs into a ball shape to perfectly fit your ears.

It can be challenging to get the earplugs to stay intact in the ears as they may keep sticking to your fingers when you try to push them in. The kneading makes the earplugs soft. Therefore, you should wait for a while for the earplugs to harden before putting them in your ears.

After kneading the earplugs, you will have to wash the fingers with water and soap to completely get rid of the wax.

Advantages of Ohropax Earplugs

  • Kneading them is easy and so is putting or removing them
  • As long as the earplugs are still clean, you can re-use them (although this is not recommended)
  • They don't put any pressure on the ears
  • You can get them in your skin color so that they camouflage and will not be easily noticeable
  • They are comfortable when worn
  • They can be used for blocking both noise and water


  • After kneading, the earplugs become soft. This makes them hard to keep sealed on the ear canal. You have to wait for the plugs to cool and get a proper seal.
  • They have a tendency of staining the pillow with grease or falling off when one is sleeping
  • The wax in the material keeps sticking to fingers when wearing them, which makes aligning them to the ear canal a challenge


Ohropax earplugs are made from non-allergic materials. Therefore, people who are sensitive to non-natural materials will definitely love the wax earplugs.

Since the earplugs are made from natural materials, they are biodegradable. Therefore, disposing them off is not an environmental hazard.  Also, if you always complain of pain from earplugs made of foam, try the Ohropax wax earplugs.

The earplugs are quite easy to wear and maintain. There is no hassle of waiting for them to expand, like is the case with foam earplugs. Moreover, when worn, they adapt to the shape of the ears. Therefore, inserting them in the ears painless and they won't fall off at night.

Although their rating of 27NRR is a bit low compared to other models, their efficiency in reducing snoring noise is proven. Moreover, they are super comfortable.

Check further reviews of Ohropax earplugs left by buyers from Amazon.

Features that we loved:

  • Easy to use and comfortable
  • Their ability to seal ear canals is better than that of foam earplugs
  • They are perfect for all ear shapes, sizes, and sleeping positions
  • They do an excellent job in blocking out noises

What we didn't like!

  • The ingredients used in making them is a bit greasy, which make them messy and sticky
  • Their rating of 27NRR is a bit low compared to other plugs.

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3M EAR Classic Earplugs

The 3M EAR Classic earplug has been in the market for over 3 years and is one of the best noise cancelling earplugs brand. The sleeping earplugs have a sleek texture surface, are cylindrical in shape, and yellowish in color.

3m classic earplugs

Features of the noise cancelling earplugs include:

  • Non-allergenic
  • Yellow color for high visibility
  • Non-flammable
  • NRR 29db protection
  • Easy to wear cylindrical shape
  • Soft, low-pressure foam for all-day comfort
  • Moisture resistant

The cylindrical shape makes these earplugs the best option for ear protection.

Other features of the 3M Ear Classic plug include:

Foam: The PVC foam made by Aeros has put the 3M earplug on a class of its own. The foam has been tested for consistency in performance.

Size: The earplugs are the right size for a wide range of ear canals (Mil P3747)

Shape: Their cylindrical shape has been tested and proven to give better noise protection than tapered plugs

3M EAR Classic Earplug Review

There are several features that make the 3M foam earplug one of the best noise canceling earplugs. These include:


The cylindrical shape of the 3M foam earplug has been tested and proven the best shape for noise barring. Moreover, the plugs fit properly when worn.

However, the cylindrical earplugs can be more challenging to insert compared to the tapered ones. When you rolled an earplug, the flat-end side may be deformed and turn into a ball. This will make it difficult to get the earplug into the ear canal. On the other hand, tapered earplugs do not change the shape of their tips.

The cylindrical earplugs fit in the ear canal perfectly and their noise block is excellent.


The 3M EAR Classic earplugs are made from unique foam. The main body of the plug has a rough feeling whereas the end faces feel very soft. The softness of the end faces makes a perfect seal.

The earplugs are a bit rigid. Moreover, unlike other foam earplugs, the recovery time to snap back to the original size is slower. This makes inserting the earplugs in the ear easier and quicker.

Since the plug takes longer to snap back to its original form, you have to keep holding it tightly while waiting for it to gain its shape and size. Otherwise, the earplug will keep falling off and its noise reduction capability will be reduced.

The PVC used in making the earplugs helps to maintain a low pressure inside the ears when the plugs are worn.

You can also easily remove the earplugs with a simple pull.


When you insert the cylindrical earplugs properly, they will fit perfectly in your ears.

However, inserting the cylinder-shaped earplugs can be challenging because when you roll them, the flat end surface may deform and turn into a ball. This may make it difficult for the earplugs to stay fit in the ear canal. Tapered-shaped earplugs are easier to wear as the shape stays put, even when compressed.

The 3M Ear Classic earplugs provide an excellent noise seal when fitted perfectly. You can buy the Classic Superfit model if you will have a problem confirming if the plug is properly placed in the ear canal. The Superfit model has a visual indicator on the plug that confirms if it has been worn properly.


When worn, the 3M foam earplugs block annoying sounds, from high volume music to snores. They are also comfortable to wear since they don't create moisture in the ear, like normal tapered plugs.

If you are not using the 3M earplugs for high noise protection, you can wear them several times. This is unless they get dirty on your first use.

However, after using the 3M foam earplugs for 2 days, their slow fall-back-to-shape ability will be lost. Therefore, inserting the earplugs in the ear canal will be harder as they will recover way too fast.

Advantages of the 3M Classic Earplugs

  • Their cell textured surface makes them soft and comfortable in the ear canal
  • Their cylindrical shape provides a perfect fit after proper insertion
  • The cell surface protects the inside ear from getting too much pressure or humidity
  • Their slow recovery allows you sufficient time to get the earplugs fit perfectly in the ear


Disadvantages of the 3M Classic Earplug

  • If you don't insert them well when going to sleep, they will fall off easily because of their cell textured surface
  • When compressed, the end face takes the shape of a ball and becomes more difficult to insert
  • While they recover their shape in the ear canal, you will be compelled to hold them for some time lest they fall off


The 3M Classic earplugs are comfortable and effective in sealing out noise than most disposable plugs.

The 3M ear Classic earplugs fit well, have soft texture and are comfortable even when worn for a long time.

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Hearos Ultimate Softness

Hearos Ultimate Softness earplugs are soft and comfortable when worn. These signature earplugs, made purely of polyurethane foam, are among best earplugs for side sleepers with a snoring partner.

heroes ultimate softness earplugs

Their 32NRR rating is good, considering the best earplugs for sleeping are mostly rated at 33NRR. The earplugs seal out most of the noises, allowing you to sleep peacefully no matter how loudly your partner snores.

These earplugs are quite easy to use. A simple roll of the plug between the thumb and index finger will form a thin cylinder that is easy to insert inside the ear canal. You can then hold it for a short time with the index finger to gain back its original shape.

When fully expanded, the sleeping earplugs form a perfect airtight seal.

What we loved about these plugs

  • They fit perfectly in the ear and won't fall off when you are sleeping.
  • High noise reduction rating of 32NRR i
  • They don't stick out from the ears
  • Although they block out snoring and most other annoying noises, you will still be able to hear your alarm ringing in the morning
  • Are ideal for use by people with small ear canals
  • Easy to use and clean

What we didn't like

  • Don't fit well on people with longer ear canals

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Howard Leight Max1

With a rating of 33NRR, the Howard Leight Max 1 is also an impressive set of earplugs. These plugs seal out annoying noises so perfectly that they become almost inaudible.

howard leight earplugs

The Howard Leight Max is made from soft polyurethane foam, which gives it a sleek smooth finish. The earplugs are bell-shaped and, therefore, won't go deeper than you intend them to in the ear canal.

The contour shape of the Howard Leight Max 1 earplugs makes them easier to insert in the ear canal and prevents them from falling off.

What we loved about these plugs

  • They have a smooth finish, which makes it harder for them to build up dirt
  • They have a contour shape and hence can be easily inserted or removed
  • Their bell shape keeps them from going too deep into the ear canal
  • Their 33NRR rating makes them effective in blocking out snoring noises


What we didn't like

  • They block out noises so thoroughly that you can sleep through your morning alarm clock

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Moldex 6800 Pura Fit

These classic earplugs are made of soft foam and have a perfectly soft finishing that will make even a heavy sleeper sleep through their morning alarm. With a rating of 33NRR, the Moldex 6800 Pura Fit earplugs are comfortable to sleep in and perfectly seal out snoring noises. The plugs are longer, which this makes putting and removing them relatively easy.

moldex 6800 pura fit earplugs

Irrespective of your sleeping position, these masterpiece earplugs will give you a sound night sleep.

Inserting the Moldex 6800 Pura Fit earplugs is easy. The earplugs conform perfectly to the ears. Just a few seconds after inserting them, they will snap back to their shape, preventing them from falling off. The plugs also have a corded mode feature that keeps them from going too deep.

What we loved

  • Their longer size makes them easy to insert and remove
  • Durable, easy to clean, and affordable
  • Their high rating of 33NRR makes them perfect for sealing out most noises
  • They have a smooth, soft texture that makes them comfortable to sleep in

What we didn't like

  • Because they are long, people with shorter earlobes can find them uncomfortable to wear

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Flent Super Sleep Comfort Foam Earplugs

The  Flent Super Sleep Comfort earplugs are short and, therefore, ideal for side sleepers. You will not have to worry about extra pressure on your ears when sleeping on your side with these plugs.

The Super Sleep Comfort earplugs are easy to wear and remove. The earplugs are made from soft foam that makes them comfortable to sleep on. Like all other disposable foam earplugs, these plugs expand when inserted in the ears. They also conform perfectly to the ear and don't fall off when you are asleep.

What we loved

  • They effectively block out most noises
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • You can use them several times
  • They are affordable
  • They come in special carrying cases
  • They are comfortable for sleeping in all positions

What we didn't like

  • People with longer ear canals might find them uncomfortable and ineffective

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