Insta Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pump Review


Insta Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pump ReviewThe Insta Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pumpis one of our favorite pump-up matrasses for home use, camping and as a temporary mattress solution. As the name suggests, this bed uses an advanced pump technology that makes it comfortable and ideal for people of all age groups. The bed has an internal primary pump for easy inflating and deflating.

About the Never Flat Pump

A major complaint from most inflatable mattress users is that keeping the bed inflated enough the whole night without it sagging is difficult. The design of the Insta Raised Air Bed mattress has addressed this problem and found a solution: the never flat pump.

Once you have set up the Insta Raised Air Bed, you can connect it to the Never Flat Pump to have a constant air flow into the mattress throughout the night. The main function of the secondary pump is to monitor air pressure and keep up with the air requirements for a firm, medium or plush level. The pump works silently and wont wake you up, which is an added advantage.

Comfort and Convenience

I know one or two things about going to sleep on a comfortable inflatable bed but finding yourself on the ground with a sore back in the morning. Thank goodness! You can trust the Insta Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pump technology to keep you from this tragedy.

When fully inflated, this bed stands to a comfortable height that people of all age groups can easily climb into and out of. The bed features maximum coil technology that creates a perfect flat surface for sleeping on. You can choose various comfort options, ranging from plush, to medium to firm. The primary air pump is easy to use. You can put up the bed in less than 3 minutes.

The Insta Air bed is ideal for use as an extra bed on long vacation, taking along on campsite weekend getaways and also for surprise guests. The primary air pump features an automatic shut-off. This means you can go about other duties as the bed is setting up. The secondary pump makes the bed usable in any place with constant power supply.

This inflatable mattress also features a flocked top that prevent the beddings from pulling off or slipping as you toss and turn in your sleep. All these features make the Insta Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pump the best air bed for sleeping in a tent or cabin during camping trips or for setting up in the guest room when relatives or friends are visiting.

The best part about the Insta Raised Bed is that it comes in two sizes; twin or queen mattress size. So, you can be sure the bed you choose will offer the most comfort for you or your loved ones.

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While You Are Sleeping

The Never Flat Pump technology is my favorite feature in this bed. This internal pump uses sensors to pump up air throughout the night. Since it is located internally, you will not have to wake you up during the night to initiate pumping. The mattress also wont sag and you can be sure that you will wake up on a bed and not on the floor.

The internal pump has been placed furthest from the pillows but closest to the power source. All you have to do is to relax and savor the coziness of your bed.

What Makes The Insta Raised Bed the Ideal Fill-Up Bed?

  • Reinforcements for maintaining shape
  • The bed is lightweight, with the queen-size weighing 25 pounds. This makes packing and moving with it easy.
  • Has a large surface area, with the queen size measuring 80 x 60 x 19.
  • The flocked top is supported with coils for enhanced comfort.
  • A powerful primary pump that can inflate the bed within 3 minutes.
  • An automatic shut-off feature for the primary bag. This means you dont have to monitor the bed as it pumps up.
  • The secondary never flat pump works automatically and quietly.
  • The automatic never flat pump maintains the firmness of the bed throughout the night.
  • The variety of options; plush, medium and firm give everyone an opportunity to find their comfort zone and to maximize comfort.
  • The bed stands on a comfortable height when inflated and people of all age groups can easily climb up or get off it.
  • A convenient storage bag, which you can use for traveling with the mattress.
  • Excellent customer service and full replacement warranty available


  • Firmness is highly dependent on weather factors such as temperature, ad on altitude.
  • Some customers find it difficult to repair the mattress when it gets small punctures or tears.
  • Requires constant power supply to stay inflated through the night.


The Insta Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pump is durable and comfortable. These features are hard to match by most air mattress in the market. The mattress is ideal for setting up for your guests at home, during camping trips and even for carrying as an extra mattress on long family vacations. Sleeping on a deluxe twin or queen sized Insta Raised air mattress is a total luxury and will make you have unforgettable nights full of beautiful dreams.


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