Coleman Double-High Quickbed Review [Is this the Best Air Mattress]

Coleman Double-High Quickbed Review [Is this the Best Air Mattress]

Coleman Double-High Quickbed ReviewThere are some basic facts about inflatable mattresses that everyone should understand before starting to shop for one to buy. Like other mattresses, air mattresses are not all made equal. However, one thing that’s common among them is that they are all not perfect.

Basically, all inflatable mattresses are not capable of holding air all throughout their use. The mattresses become weak after they have been used for a while. For this reason, you cannot rely on them as a permanent substitute for the traditional mattress.

Having known this, it is important to have a clear reason why you need an air mattress and what you will be using it for.

Features of the Coleman Double-High Quickbed

As its name suggests, the Coleman Double-High Quickbed is twice the height of normal mattresses. Because of this, it is more comfortable than the traditional single-height mattress. The tall size gives a better sleeping experience. To get the most out of this mattress, add a layer, say a folded blanket or a foam pad, between you and the mattress top. This extra layer will make the bed feel even more like your usual bed.

The Coleman Double-High Quickbed is an ideal mattress for most uses. When fully inflated, the mattress stands 18 inches high. One drawback though is that the mattress doesn’t have an internal pump, which should be there because of its size. It is therefore recommended that you purchase a manual mattress foot pump when you buy the Coleman Quickbed.

Storing and transporting this cool bed has been made easy by an attached fabric with strings. After deflating the mattress, you dont need to store it in a separate bag. Simply roll it up or fold it within this fabric and its ties.

On the first night of using the Coleman mattress, the vinyl will slightly stretch, making it feel somewhat deflated. This is normal for most inflatable mattresses. Moreover, since the mattress has just come from the factory, it will have some rubber odor on the first nights. This is also expected with most air mattresses. The odor should fade after some nights of use. You can also air out the mattress regularly when fully inflated to hasten the process.

You can leave the Coleman Quickbed inflated for several days or weeks continuously. However, you will have to keep refilling it to maintain the firmness.

  • Size

Bed sheets and other beddings are equally important in getting a good nights sleep. This is especially when you are sleeping on a rubber mattress. This mattress accommodates both standard and deep-pocket bed sheets. In fact, most sheets will fit perfectly on the Coleman Double-High Quickbed because of its grip velvety top layer. For enhanced warmth when sleeping, (especially on camp out nights) you should add a foam layer or sheets. The rubber material used in making the mattress easily catches cold.

The Coleman Double-High Quickbed comes in both twin and queen sizes. Although it stands higher than most air mattresses, it is still very comfortable to climb on and off. In fact, the height will give you the real feeling of sleeping on a bed rather than on a floor, especially on cold nights. If you suffer from hip or back pain and sometimes have trouble getting up and down beds of lower height, you will really appreciate this bed.

  • Usability

There is no hassle storing or moving the Coleman mattress because it is physically housed in its own storage device. Some people misplace or lose the storage bag, so this feature is very convenient for them. The flap has also been made in such a way that when you roll or fold the mattress, it fits perfectly within the flap. Some mattresses come with attached flaps or strings but manipulating them to fit is sometimes difficult. This is not the case with the Coleman Double-High Quickbed.

  • Durability

The lifespan of the Coleman Double-High Quickbed varies depending on the weight of people sleeping, their distribution, activity on the bed, how frequent the bed is used, and so on. Although the airbed features a double lock valve for preventing leaks, there is practically no inflatable bed that does not leak at some point. However, this air mattress will probably suffer leaks later than most others. The leaks may come from a valve, puncture or just usual wear and tear.

Another issue is splits that tend to develop along the mattress seams, specifically the reproduction of coil seams on the top. Sometimes, it is easy to repair these splits with superglue or just a patch kit. However, the mattress doesnt come with any repair materials so you have to buy these separately. A patch will increase the life shelf of the mattress. However, its not a permanent solution. Moreover, a patch is not ordinarily the solution to every leak.

As you have probably realized, the Coleman mattress has more benefits than disadvantages. The drawbacks like limited lifespan and eventual leaks, which are common with most air mattresses, are easily compensated by the elevated height, superior comfort and storage convenience. The Coleman Double-High Quickbed is definitely the smartest decision when it comes to a mattress for home use, temporary solution when moving houses and for camp nights.

Advantages of the Coleman Air Bed
  • Easy to climb and to get off
  • It is 18 inches (double ordinary mattress) when fully inflated
  • It accommodates standard bed sheets
  • Has a plush top layer that prevents bed from slipping
  • Has a storage unit attached to it
  • Comfortable when compared to ordinary mattresses
Disadvantages of Coleman Airbed
  • Produces a rubber odor on initial use
  • Does not come with a patch kit or any other repair materials
  • Does not come with pump
  • Seams will split after long use

Our Verdict

Although the Coleman Double High Quickbed lacks a pump and a patch kit, it compensates for these through its quality and comfort. This air bed is an economical and smart option for anyone needing an all-use inflatable mattress.

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