Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews (GMSS)

Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews (GMSS)

Popularly known as GMSS, Good Morning Snore Solution is a tongue stabilizing device (TSDS) that works differently from mandibular advancement devices (MAD), which are also stop-snore devices.

Although it looks somewhat childish when worn, GMSS has been proven to deliver quality results in controlling snoring, just the same way other MADs do. In fact, loyal users of TSDs swear the device works better.

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I have had my own experience with GMSS, the same way with MADs. In my opinion, this product is a safe, comfortable, easy-to-use, one-size-fits-all solution that can help control snoring, even for people who wear dentures.

Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews

Difference between GMSS and MADs

good morning snore solution reviewMADs work by forcing the lower jaw forward. This results in tightening of loose throat and face muscles (whose vibration when you are sleeping is associated with noises) and consequently controlling snore. On the other hand, GMSS use a tongue displacement technology. The device is clipped to the tip of your tongue to hold it still and bring your jaw forward.

This technology that GMSS uses involves holding the tongue. In the process, this also reduces the possibility of your tongue falling back into your throat. A falling back tongue can result in airway blockage or restriction, which is another cause of snoring.

Here s the theory behind how this device works: If you can hold your tongue in place, air will be better capable of moving freely back and forth quietly and naturally without being forced. This will ensure you get most of the oxygen you inhale and at the same time prevent snoring.gmss review

How to Fit Your GMSS Mouthpiece

The GMSS resembles a pacifier. The device is malleable and soft (definitely also feels like a pacifier). GMSS is also easy to fit and is comfortable on your lips, gums, mouth, and teeth. Here are instructions on how to effectively use GMSS to get quality sleep.

  1. Check that the protruding bulb is resting outside your mouth. After this, place the device between your lips and your front teeth.
  2. Squeeze the bulb to force out any air that was trapped in
  3. Put the tip of your tongue in the end f the device and release the bulb. This will result in suction being created between your tongue and the mouthpiece.
  4. Relax your tongue slowly so that the tip remains inside the bulb.

It is really as simple as that. If you follow these four steps, the GMSS will hold your tongue in a forward posture and keep it from falling back. In turn, your airway will be kept open and you will breathe without snoring.

How to Use Good Morning Snore Solution

Here are the steps to use the GMSS device.

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One-Size Fits All

Compared to many mouthpieces that require the boil-and-bite technology (mainly MADs) to custom fit, GMSS is a universally sized anti-snoring device. The struggle associated with trimming and molding or with jaw adjustments is totally eliminated in this device.

Many people don t see how a product that can t be custom fitted can control snoring. Like them, I didn’t believe it until I tried it.

The best thing about GMSS is that even denture wearers and those irritated by the jaw positioning of MADs or the intrusive feeling can safely use it. The device does not apply any pressure to your jaw, teeth or gums. It is truly the best snore guard on the market.

However, using GMSS will require you to breathe through your nose. If this becomes a challenge, maybe due to some issues with your sinuses or allergies or a cold, try putting the device on one side until it is possible to breathe through your nose.

Clinical Testing

The Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece has been clinically tested and proven to work. This cannot be said of all anti-snoring mouthpieces. A dental researcher, Dr. Leslie Dort, performed a controlled study on the gadget and released her findings in May 2008 edition of Journal of Sleep and Breathing.

In her study, 32 subjects were required to wear a product that didn’t contain a suction bulb for one week. After this, the subjects wore GMSS for another week. After the trial period, 3 measurements were used to evaluate each device.

  • Epworth Sleeping Scale(ESS) This measures the properties of daytime sleepiness.
  • Snoring Index (SI) This measures the average number of snores an individual will experience per hour.
  • Respiratory Disturbance Index (RDI) This divides the number of sleep hours by the number of sleep disturbances.

The study revealed at least 50% reduction in RDI was experienced by an average of 34% of patients who wore GMSS. The hourly number of disturbance was fewer than 10. Overall, there was 40% reduction in the snoring index. Moreover, more than 70% of the patients were willing to continue using the device as they related it to decrease in daytime sleepiness.

Pros and Cons of Good Morning Snore Solution

It is necessary to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of any product before deciding on which one to buy. Here is a look at both sides of the coin for GMSS.


  • Its efficiency has been clinically tested and proven
  • It is made of a soft BAP-free material that is not irritating to the gums
  • It has A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau
  • It can be worn by snorers with bridgework, crowns, caps and dentures. This is an advantage over other stop-snoring devices that cannot be used by people with dental complications
  • Unlike most anti snore mouth guard products, it has been approved to sell internationally
  • Its design keeps the airway free of obstruction
  • It is very comfortable to wear
  • It is a universal fit device. Therefore, it eliminates the need for a custom fit
  • It has FDA, Health Canada Therapeutic Directorate (HCTD) and Australian Department of Health and Aging (ADHA) approval


  • It tends to cause some sort of sore feeling on the tip of the tongue. However, the feeling improves with continued use
  • There is a possibility of drooling when you start using the snore relief mouthpiece. This is also experienced with most anti-snoring devices
  • The manufacturer recommends that you clean GMSS with a denture cleaning solution from your pharmacy. It is better to gently scrub it with a toothpaste or a mild soap
  • It is risky to use this device if your nose could get blocked at night as it requires you to breath with your mouth

gmss review

My Good Morning Snoring Solution Review

I have used GMSS for quite a long time and have been satisfied with it. I find it comfortable and have never felt pressure being applied to my gums or teeth. As I explained early, this device works by clipping to the tip of the tongue and holding it in place.

I remember the very first time I used this gadget. It looked silly and felt weird. But then again, all the other mouthpieces I’ve tried feel strange at first. GMSS has the least impact on your face, teeth, mouth or teeth. After using it for a few days, you stop noticing it exists.

GMSS comes with a Polident denture tabletThis means you won’t be running to the store the moment you start using it. All you need to do is dissolve the polident in cold water and then put your mouthpiece in it for about 10 minutes. In the instructions, the manufacturer has warned about using hot water.

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Good Morning Snoring Solution Instructions

My First Week Experience

First 3 nights

The instructions sheet the device comes with is easy to read and comprehend. As I explained, you have to squeeze the bulb to push out air and then stick out your tongue and let it be sanctioned into the snore mouth piece by the natural vacuum. To adjust the level of suction, simply regulate the squeeze pressure you are applying on the bulb.

When I woke up on the first morning, my tongue felt a little sour. But I already expected this as other devices have the very effect. I was surprised though that this did not affect my eating or speaking. Moreover, the sore feeling progressively felt better through the day.

The second night of using GMSS, the sore feeling had greatly reduced. By the third night, I had started feeling comfortable using it. My partner slept soundly from the first day I wore my Good Morning Snoring Solution device. This was proof that the snore guard mouth piece worked.

The Rest of the First Week

I had adapted to my new gadget by the fourth night. I used to clean GMSS device with a toothbrush and mild detergent After cleaning, I would keep it away in my bedside drawer until bedtime. I found it easy to get the right amount of suction to hold my tongue. Wearing the anti snoring aid got relatively easy for me.

Unlike some MADs that I have tried, the material used to make Good Morning Sleep Solution is really soft and gentle on the gums, mouth, and tongue. Moreover, it takes very little space in the mouth. Therefore, getting used to wearing the no snore mouthpiece is easy. I am confident that GMSS is very effective in controlling and eliminating snore.

Who Should Use Good Morning Snoring Solution Device?

If you are searching for an anti-snore mouthpiece that will take care of your needs, answer the following questions:

  • Do you have loose or weak teeth that make it painful for you to wear MADs?
  • Have you tried MADs but got a sore feeling that you couldn’t keep up with?
  • Do you have other dental complications, for example, caps, crowns or bridgework, which could be damaged by wearing MAD?
  • Do you wear dentures that would make it hard for you to bite down on a MAD?
  • Do MADs irritate you?
  • Did you try MAD but it didn’t help with your snoring?
  • Do you find MADs extremely uncomfortable?

If you answered yes to most of the above questions, a GMSS device is the ideal solution to your snoring problem.

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Comparing GMSS With Other Products

Like most anti-snore devices, Good Morning Snore Solution is an effective and dependable device for controlling or eliminating snore. The device has been clinically tested and proven to work. A huge plus for this device is that it was constructed by a professional dentist. Therefore, you can be sure it will cater to your needs. Even better, the device has been cleared by FDA.

The moment you get the snore mouthpiece out of the box, you will be ready to use it. Even more comforting is the fact that people who wear dentures can also comfortably use the device. These two points make GMSS a great alternative to other MADs available for sale.

gmss review

Do I Need Prescription to Purchase GMSS?

Here is the good news. If you are in the US and order this device, you do not need proof of a prescription. When you get to the Good Morning Snore Solution website, you will have to confirm that by purchasing the device you have a valid dentist prescription. However, there is nowhere in the online purchase process where you will be required to produce the prescription.

However, according to the terms and conditions of the online purchase, the company behind GMSS has a right to contact you for verification of your dentist prescription. Since you are not obliged to enter any details of your dentist, I advise you not to give any information.

How Much Does GMSS Cost?

Start your journey to peaceful nights with the Good Morning Snore Solution. Visit their official website here for comprehensive pricing details. Additional shipping charges apply for those in the U.S. and Canada, ensuring your device arrives within 1 to 3 weeks. Expedited shipping, available for an extra fee, is perfect for those seeking a quicker delivery.

Consider the options: a dual-pack or a single unit. What makes GMSS stand out is their 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Try the device worry-free for a month, knowing you can request a refund if it doesn't meet your expectations. Just remember, for a smooth return process, request a return authorization number within 30 days of your purchase, ensuring it reaches the manufacturer within 45 days.


When ordering Good Morning Sleep Solution online, do so from the official website. Here is the official website of GMSS.

Company Information

Most websites that have information about anti-snoring solution don t also give information about the specific companies or the manufactures responsible for the devices they are selling. You will definitely not get any email address, contact numbers or building address on the sites. GMSS is different in this regard.

I already talked about the creator, Dr. Leslie Dort. She worked on this together with Alberta Research Foundation for Medical Research as the main financiers. The manufacturers of the product, MPowRx Health and Wellness Products, Inc., are recognized by the Better Business Bureau. You can get all this information online.

It is not easy maintaining an A+ rating with BBB. However, the manufacture of GMSS has taken the record of doing this every other year. You can easily get all the company’s contact information, including phone, fax number, email address and physical address of MPowRx and GMSS websites.

Information about the company and its products is not hidden nor difficult to find.

Actual Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews from Users

If you haven t got the cue, I will be upfront with you: I loved Good Morning Snore Solutions. In fact, in my opinion, it is the best snoring mouthpiece for small mouths.  Mine is only one among the many positive reviews.

Just like me, many users experienced a sore feeling on the first night of using GMSS. However, this subsided with subsequent use.

Here are some of the comments from users:

I ordered this device and found it effective almost immediately. It was more comfortable than I had expected and I quickly got used to wearing it. What amazed me the most is how much more energetic and alert I am during the day since I started wearing GMSS. I hadn’t realized how much my quality of sleep had depreciated and it was really affecting my productivity. Thank you so much for posting this. Jean

My device just arrived on mail two days ago. In the beginning, I was really apprehensive about it. But seeing how my husband is happier in the mornings, this can possibly pass for the best decision I have ever made in my life. Cecil

This gadget looks really silly and the first few night of using it can be uncomfortable. But after repeated use, you get used to it. Most people don t realize how snoring can affect many facets of life. This is the most effective snore solution. I feel really lucky to have stumbled upon it. Andrew M

I have tried other anti-snore devices and this is the one I prefer the most. It only stays on the tip of the tongue but is effective in stopping mouth breathing and snore noises. You also can’t grind your teeth when wearing it. And did I mention the total dry mouth? Conrad

Sources: GMSS

Which Anti Snoring Product Should I Purchase?

As I always say, there is no one universal anti snoring solution for every person who snores. This is because of the uniqueness and variability of peoples mouths. People prefer different solutions. This being the case, a solution that is ideal for me may not be necessarily ideal for you.

With the influx of anti-snoring solutions in the market, it can be really challenging deciding on the best one. To help you, I have created a comparison chart showing different products, their features, advantages and disadvantages and best prices. You can also go through the comprehensive product reviews of the leading anti snoring products in the market.

If you prefer spending a shorter time reading the review, quickly jump to the article I have linked here about the three products that, based on my experience, I believe are the top solutions to every person with a snoring problem.


I look at GMSS as an anti-snoring solution that has created a unique niche in the market. The device is the best snore stopper for those who are need of an efficient sleep apnea mouthpiece

Although Good Morning Sleep Solution is a bit more expensive than other devices, who can refuse to pay a few extra dollars for several nights of quality sleep? Besides, the product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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