tongue retaining devices

Tongue Restraining Devices

During unconscious sleep, the tongue and other muscles relax. In this state, the tongue tends to draw back and may block the air passage way. This in turn causes snoring.

Tongue Restraining Devices work by gently pulling your tongue forward and keeping it in the right position. This prevents the tongue from falling into your throat. As a result, the airway will remain open and snoring will be minimized.

Tongue Restraining Devices are sometimes referred to as Tongue Retaining Devices.

Below are the best tongue restraining devices (TRDs) in the market.


Nose Breath Tongue Positioner

This is a high performing anti snore device that holding the tongue at the roof of the mouth. This tongue position keeps it from falling back into the throat and consequently keeping one from snoring.

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Good Morning Snore Solution

The GMSS is clinically tested and works in the same way as most TSDs. The device pulls the tongue forward to ensure a free open air way. Dr. Leslie Dort, a Calgary dental researcher, tested it and proved that indeed it is effective in stopping snore sounds.

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