Sleep Better Using a Sound Machine


According to an article recently published by the American Journal of Science, there are quite literally hundreds of millions of people in the United States whose quality of life is greatly impacted because of lack of sleep or quality of sleep isnt there and they wake up feeling exhausted and unable to cope.

How to guarantee you never suffer another sleepless night with a sound machine

And unfortunately, with the busyness of life, things are only getting worse.

We are all working harder and harder during the day, the boss puts more pressure on and we are arriving home more stressed out than ever. Your family may be demanding and there is all the household work to do.. No wonder we fall into bed wrung out and exhausted. And then spending hours hoping, waiting and praying for sleep as we toss and turn restlessly. Checj thebest sound machines here

When we do sleep, it is low quality and fitful sleep, leaving us feeling even worse the next morning as we drag ourselves out of bed to cope with the coming day.

What if you could eliminate poor quality sleep from your life permanently? What if you could fall asleep almost instantly, virtually on demand whenever and wherever you want to?

It is actually a lot easier to achieve than you may think. Curious to know how.

First, You Need the Right Temperature

Actually, one of the reasons people are unable to fall asleep consistently and why they may find the quality of sleep is lacking, is because often we sleep in rooms where the room temperature is far too hot. According to numerous independent studies, the perfect room temperature for us to get a good nights sleep is around 68F. When we live in colder climates a lot of us like to crank the temperature right up, thinking it will help us sleep more deeply. The opposite is actually true.

So, if you want to fall asleep earlier into a deep restful sleep, then you need to adjust room temperature to 68F or as close as possible.

Combat the Impact of Technology with Sound Machine Technology

The disastrous impact of modern day technology is well documented everywhere you look. The impact of our tablet screens, iPads, TV screens and computer screens all impact our bodys ability to easily fall asleep.

Blue light, which is a very particular light spectrum thrown off by modern screen technology has the ability to impact our bodies biochemistry quite radically. Our hormones are triggered, especially if we are using technology later in the evening, when we should be relaxing and winding down. They end up keeping us awake far into the night.

The best solution is to limit the impact of technology which interrupts the sleep cycle about an hour or two before going to bed and at the same time listening to the peaceful, sleep inducing sounds of a sound machine.

A sound machine produces a very specific pattern of sound, triggering brainwaves and calming activity in your body to begin the sleep cycle almost immediately. This is an effective way to use sound machine technology to defeat technology to give you the best nights sleep possible.

Remember To Keep Hydrated!

Because of our busyness we are nowhere near as well hydrated as we should be, and its affecting our ability to sleep well and deeply.

Studies have found people in the United States drink 2 or 3 cups of water a day which is far less than the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. Yes, you do drink other liquid such as soda, coffee and tea, but these work as diuretics, making us go to the toilet more than we need to.

Try keeping a couple of jugs of water or water bottles on hand to make sure you are keeping well hydrated and you will find that along with a sound machine, you will fall asleep much faster than you were previously able to.

Our Closing Thoughts on the Benefits of a Sound Machine

Sleep is vital. Sleep is a critical bodily function that helps us think clearly, work effectively during the day, helps us recover from illness and injury and rejuvenates us for the next day ahead. Ideally as adults we should be spending approximately 8 hours a night, or 1/3 of our day in deep refreshing sleep. Fortunately with a good sound machine, you will be able to achieve the right amount of quality sleep.


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