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custom night guardsCustom mouth guards are night guards that have been personalized for your teeth. The guards are normally designed in a special lab and their form depends on your mold.

Customized mouth guards provide comfort and don’t have a tendency of falling out in the middle of the night or causing irritation. There are various types of custom mouth guards you can choose depending on your preferences.

Customized mouth guards will cost you between 400$ to 500$. The price can go up to $1,000 depending on your dentist’s recommendations. However, if you want to save several hundred dollars, you can directly contact the mouth guard labs and avoid paying dental fees.

You can make the mold of your teeth at home and then send it to the lab for an affordable yet perfect custom mouth guard. Here’s a review of the best custom mouth guard labs:

1. J&S Custom Night Guards/Dental Lab

Price Range: 109.99 to 159.99$
With over 20 years of experience, J$S Dental Lab delivers what they promise. Their promise is a perfect fit custom made mouth guard that will protect your teeth both at night and during the day. J&S not only manufactures the 5 different types of mouth guards for night use, but they also design mouth guards for day use.

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2. ProTeethGuard.com – Custom Mouth Guards | Dental Lab

pro teeth guardPrice Range: 139.99 to 189.99$
This professional high end dental lab is located in San Diego, California. ProTeeth is a dependable manufacturer of night guards and other dental equipment. The type of night guards that the lab will produce depends on how intense your teeth grinding is. Customers are required to mold their teeth impression at home. The impression then has to be shipped to Pro Teeth Guard, who will customize it individual night guards.

The dental technicians that manufacture the custom mouth guards are highly experienced. The dentists produce mouth guards of excellent quality and perfect fit. Even better, Pro Teeth Guard offers 110% money back guarantee. This shows the confidence the company has in  satisfying customers and the quality of its teeth guard products.

The process of molding a mouth guard at home is simple. Simply follow  the easy guidelines that come with illustrated photos.

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Armor Guard Pro-Form NiteGuard – Custom Guards | Dental Lab

Price Range: 79.00 to 120$
Armor Guard produces unique mouth night guard designs for customers to choose from. There are two models of the Pro Form Night Guards series available for purchase. All the lab requires to provide you with custom made comfortable night guards are a dental impression and a mold. The night guards are effective for people suffering from Bruxism (teeth grinding) and TMJ or TMD.

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Sentinel Custom Night Guards | Dental Lab

Price Range: 99.50 to 144.50$
Based out of St. Petersburg, Florida, the Sentinel Company offers three types of night guards; Sentinel Hard Night Guard, Sentinel Dual and Sentinel Soft Clear Dental.

The night mouth guards feature high end designs made to perfect fit based on the contours of your teeth, gum and mouth. To get a custom dental mouth guard from the company,  you will have to send dental impressions to the lab. You can make the impressions at  home.

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TeethNightGuard.com – Custom Mouth Guards | Dental Lab

teeth night guardPrice Range: 99.99 –129.99$
This famous dental lab, which is a division of Sparkling White Smiles LLC Dental Lab, has been in operation for over 10 years. The lab delivers affordable custom made mouth guards which make customers keep coming back and even recommending them.

TeethNightGuard mouth guards come in 3 type. The mouth guards are designed based on how severe a teeth grinder may be. Teeth grinding patients are given a 4-step process that enables the custom fit mouth guards they get to fit perfectly. The night guards are also of  excellent quality.
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Sporting Smiles – Custom Mouth Guards | Dental Lab

Price Range: 70 to 100$
Unlike other mouth guard labs, Sporting Smiles manufactures their mouth guards under the direct supervision of an experienced dentist in the company labs. The guards made are BPS, BPA, DEHP and latex free. There are six different types of night guards that the company produces. These night guards are ideal for different teeth grinding intensities and also for bruxism.

Customers are required to make teeth impression at home by following simple guidelines. The company offers free shipping for its custom mouth guards. If you require a new guard within the same year, the lab will design it using the original impressions you sent.

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