Can a Night Guard Shift Your Teeth?

Can a Night Guard Shift Your Teeth?

Question: Can a night guard shift your teeth? Read on to find out.

Night guards are thin dental appliances worn to prevent bruxism also known as teeth clenching and grinding. Patient’s usually wear it nightly as it typically stops the teeth from any biting forces. Generally, teeth grinding will negatively affect your oral health as it causes jaw pain, sensitivity, enamel deterioration and damages the teeth altogether.

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However, some of these issues like jaw muscle pain, toothaches and gum inflammation are easily manageable but teeth grinding can affect your eating abilities, chewing and speaking. Those dealing with bruxism can wear a night guard to solve this problem and prevent further damage to the facial structure.

But this begs the question, can a night guard shift your teeth?

Can a Night Guard Shift Your Teeth?

The night guard tends to slightly shift the teeth because of the pressure usually exerted on them causing minor movement. The most common night guards that cause teeth shifting are over the counter ones but are relatively cheap. However, you can prevent your teeth from any kind of alteration by visiting a dentist for a custom-made night guard. They are a bit costly but guarantees your money’s worth.

Types of Mouth Guards

Over the counter mouth guards

This type of mouth guard is usually found in pharmacies and you can buy it without a prescription. They are affordable but have several disadvantages including discomfort and altering your dental formula.

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Custom night guards

They are uniquely designed for an individual to help prevent jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Custom night guards are usually made in the laboratory after a dentist takes measurements of your mouth.

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How to Sleep When Wearing a Mouth Guard

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When you first start wearing the night guard, the teeth will feel a bit weird. Some users complain of the teeth hurting. However, it’s quite normal and gets better with time.

Use the following tip to comfortably adjust to wearing a mouthpiece:

Always go for a custom-made night guard

A custom-made night guard fits perfectly on the teeth making it more effective when it comes to treating bruxism. Besides, it prevents you from feeling any irritation while you sleep.

Wear the night guard regularly

Besides wearing it throughout the night, you can also use the mouth guard during the day for a few hours as it helps the mouth adjust to having something foreign in it.

Wearing the night guard regularly also allows you get used to a new breathing technique with it in place.

Always keep the night guard clean

Ensure your night guard is always clean as it tends to give you some positive vibes when wearing it. Plus, it makes you feel comfortable. Brush the mouth guard softly using a liquid soap and dry it thoroughly.

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Moisture build-up can cause the mouth guard to start smelling.

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