Causes Of Snoring That You Know Nothing About

Causes Of Snoring That You Know Nothing About

The most famous culprits for causing snoring that are known to everyone age, alcohol, muscle tone and weight. These may be popular due to their prevalence. However, there are causes of snoring that are not very prevalent and most people therefore ignore them. However, just like the usual causes, not everyone is bound to suffer from these ones as people are physically unique.

  1. Prescriptions

Medication is important when our body’s immune system is facing attack from foreign beings. However, since components of medications are not naturally produced by our bodies, they are also looked at as foreign.  People react to drugs differently and that’s why it’s important to analyze the components of the prescription drugs written for you.


Snoring can be a side effect of drugs that you take. Some of these include some pain killers, anxiety drugs and even anti-depressants. These have a relaxing effect on the body and will easily make your body muscles to collapse and consequently you to become susceptible to snoring. When you realize that a prescription drug is the cause of your snoring, you should alert your doctor. There are normally two things that can happen; the medication can be switched, and if that’s not possible then you’ll be advised to use an anti-snoring gadget.

  1. Allergies

An allergy is a broad term and might be somewhat vague. To narrow it down, let’s talk about seasonal allergies and their connection to snoring. The most notorious allergy in this regard is the hay fever that people succumb to during spring and summer (symptoms reduce in winter).

People with hay fever produce a lot of mucus and generally feel congested which can cause them to snore in the night. Antihistamines are encouraged for people with this plight in addition to drinking a lot of water which can help with the mucus thinning.

  1. Body Structure Differences

This lesser known cause of snoring is hard to determine without the help of a doctor. A larger than normal structure in the throat or mouth can be an obstruction to the airway and cause snoring. If this is identified as the major cause of snoring, a patient is either prescribed for an oral device or they go through surgery to correct the ‘abnormality.’

  1. Dairy

Most people that are told that dairy is what is causing their snoring become indifferent to this idea. The truth is that consuming dairy and milk products increases the production of mucus in your body. When you are unconsciously resting, the extra amount of mucus freely flows and may temporarily block your airways.

Another effect of dairy products is that it thickens the mucus. When you have more mucus or when the mucus your body produces has an abnormally thick consistency then you are prone to snoring.

To contain this problem you should drink more water to help thin the extra thick mucus or reduce your consumption of dairy products.

  1. Pregnancy

About 25-50% of pregnant women have reported an increased amount of snoring in their 3rd trimester. The cause of this snoring is likely the general congestion that these women confess or the extra weight added.

Luckily snoring that is caused by pregnancy resolves itself after delivery. But since snoring can impact the health of your unborn child negatively (maybe even cause low birth weights or premature births) pregnant women who chronically snore are advised to invest in quality anti-snoring gadgets. A good suggestion of an anti-snoring gadget that you can use even after your delivery is the anti-snoring pillow.



Finding information about the above known causes of snoring is challenging, but thankfully they also have an easy solution. Since they are not as prevalent as the more notorious causes like body weight and age, they affect less people. However, once you identify these as the cause of your snoring you should endeavor to find a solution to them as they could lead to a bigger problem.

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