Best CPAP Masks for All Types of Sleepers

Best CPAP Masks for All Types of Sleepers

This article highlights some of the best CPAP masks for all types of sleepers, including stomach sleepers. The machines are available in different types depending on how you sleep. It’s currently one of the most common sleeping positions. Most people usually find sleeping on the stomach more comfortable. The position is quite common mostly advisable for smaller babies.

Some stomach sleepers prefer holding the pillow with both hands when sleeping. Here are some of the best CPAP mask for stomach sleepers in the market including a detailed review on each one of them.

Best CPAP Masks for Stomach Sleepers

  • Nasal Pillow Mask featuring Dream Wear Gel

Nasal Pillow Mask featuring Dream Wear Gel

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The Nasal Pillow Mask provides ultimate comfort and firm support that stomach sleepers usually need. The mask comes with a unique gel insert. The unit is responsible for providing maximum comfort for the nose and firm seal simultaneously making it the best CPAP mask for stomach sleepers.

This is the best CPAP mask for stomach sleepers and features a hollow frame. Consequently, the mask ensures there’s sufficient flow of air to the pillow. What makes this nasal pillow unique is the ability of air flowing from the frame on both sides. Besides, if one blocks, the other side will ensure proper airflow.

The nasal pillow will keep stomach sleepers super comfortable and not irritable. The mask is effective and versatile.

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  • Airfit N30i Standard System

Airfit N30i Standard System

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This CPAP mask is particularly designed for people who sleep on their stomachs. It provides maximum comfort and a firm seal during sleep perfect for sleepers in this category. This unit features a highly flexible short tube with a nasal pillow gel structure. The mask is super comfortable and stays in place throughout the night.

Owing to its design, this pillow typically seals the nasal opening thereby providing pressure to accommodate different sleeping positions. The pillow has a short tube acting as a practical buffer situated between the longer hose and the nasal gel pillow. Just like other CPAP masks for stomach sleepers, you can comfortably move around in your sleep without interfering with the seal negatively.

Best CPAP Mask for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers tend to curl up on one body side resulting in a comfortable sleeping position. The best CPAP mask for side sleepers should have a soft cloth surface and proper fit under the nasal opening. These are some of the best CPAP masks designed for people that sleep in this position.

  • ResMed Airfit P10

ResMed Airfit P10

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Technically, the ResMed Airfit P10 CPAP Mask was designed for side sleepers. The nasal pillow has flaps with dual walls for ergonomic support and comfort all through the night. The mask additionally features a flexible chamber that guarantees to keep the mask in place even when you move around as you sleep.

The CPAP mask for side sleepers comes with a headgear and different wraps that help keep it and the seal firmly in place on the face throughout. The headgear is silicone made. The structure of this mask is relatively small making it ideal for those who sleep in this position. Besides, you can sleep on your stomach as well.

  • AirTouch F10 Full Face Mask

AirTouch F10 Full Face Mask

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If you want some space for oral breathing, then this mask will be your best bet. The AirTouch F10 CPAP mask covers the mouth and nose providing a side sleeper with enough inhalation space. The mask is made of a super soft memory foam that ensures it stays in place as you sleep. It additionally cushions the face and maintains a firm grip. The AirTouch Mask is not only ideal for side sleepers but also those with sleep apnea.

  • AirFit N20 Nasal Mask

AirFit N20 Nasal Mask

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This nasal mask is perfect for side and stomach sleepers typically designed to allow convenient adjustment and maximum comfort. The mask features an infinity seal cushion with different levels of thickness. It comes with a seal for both facial and nasal features.

The frame of this nasal mask is flexible enough and comfortably adapts even when you move around in your sleep. This, therefore, means that you can move without necessarily adjusting the mask. The soft fabric helps eliminate pressure and any marks on the face.

Best CPAP Mask for Back Sleepers

Generally, sleeping on the back is not advisable for those with sleep apnea whether you have undergone pap treatment or not. The respiratory muscles usually relax when you sleep in this position causing the tongue to fall backwards which tends to worsen snoring and make apnea more frequent.

  • ResMed AirFit F30 Full Mask

ResMed AirFit F30 Full Mask

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This CPAP mask is uniquely designed to cover the face a little but sit comfortably on it leaving fewer marks on the nasal bridge. You can also wear glasses along with this mask, sleep and have clear vision. It features a magnetic clip that makes it easy to wear and remove when you wake up. The tiara offers a precise fit for all sizes.

  • Comfortgel Blue Nasal Cavity/ Full Face Mask

Comfortgel Blue CPAP Mask

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Comfortgel Blue Nasal Cavity is the best bet for sleeping soldiers. Just like the name suggests, the headdress is typically fixed at the top of your head as it helps eliminate any discomfort when you sleep on the back. The Comfortgel pad on the forehead features a stabilizer selector for easy adjustable of the mask accessories. It additionally elevates the head which is quite important for sleeping soldiers dealing with sleep apnea.

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Generally, sleep apnea is the most dangerous sleep disorder among many others. The disorder inhibits proper airflow through the nasal airways causing intermittent breathing. This will in turn lower the blood oxygen levels causing the heart to overload and other different problems. Sleep apnea is a life-threatening disorder that needs medical attention.

Fortunately, CPAP masks help solve this problem permanently. You can get different units in the market for different sleeping positions. The reviews on the CPAP models above are the best for both stomach and side sleepers. They have unique features and designs to complement every sleeping style. The above-mentioned CPAP masks guarantee safety, health and comfort as you sleep.

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