Here Are the Best Adjustable Beds for Seniors and Elderly

Here Are the Best Adjustable Beds for Seniors and Elderly

Adjustable beds usually make people sleep peacefully and comfortably, especially those that have trouble sleeping. In this article, we highlight some of the best adjustable beds for seniors and the elderly.

What is an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is unique in that you can raise or lower the base to different angles at the foot or head side to make your sleeping position more comfortable. Consider buying a wedge or leg rest pillow if you can’t afford the cost of an adjustable bed.

You can additionally adjust the bed at the base manually or using an electric remote. In the modern-day, adjustable beds are also known as electric beds. It has a multi-hinged surface allowing older people to set a comfortable resting position to rest their head and feet.

Adjustable beds are usually common in hospitals. In such instances, the patient is allowed to sleep and also sit without any physical exertion since they are available in different customizable alternatives.

Why Adjustable Beds are Good for Seniors and Elderly

We all know that elders often need more rest. In this case, beds are essential for a healthy lifestyle and sleeping routine. Adjustable beds for seniors and elderly allows them to have a good rest and also sit in different comfortable positions that have practical and therapeutic uses. Investing in an adjustable bed is a worthwhile investment, especially for older adults at home.

Minimizes Back Pain

Older people need adjustable beds for different medical reasons. Some of the most common reasons are joint, back, and muscle pains. Changing sleeping position allows proper blood and air circulation, which helps relieve the pain quickly as recommended by therapists. Also, it prevents arthritis and sciatica as it will enable older adults to rest in zero gravity position.

Adjustable beds are ideal pain relievers for seniors and elderly from problems such as fibromyalgia, neck pain, osteoarthritis and other degenerative bone-related diseases. Some of these beds feature a customizable massage setting to relieve pressure from the body.

Helps Prevent Sleep Apnea And Snoring

Older adults who keep snoring in their sleep can benefit from adjustable beds since they can elevate their heads to different positions clearing any windpipe obstruction. It offers quality sleep with minimum snoring sounds.

The head position alternative is adjustable and helps prevent sleep apnea helping with any breathing problems during rest. Besides, most mattresses usually come with the anti-snore choice that typically changes the head position at different angles.


Adjustable beds are often comfort zones for the elderly as they allow them to sit in different positions while eating, watching TV, writing, reading, or using laptops and other electronic gadgets. They also need an excellent alarm clock to help them keep time.

Helps With Digestion Problems

Lying around in bed all day long can lead to digestion problems. However, adjustable beds take care of this issue. To enhance the digestion process, incline the adjustable bed upwards slightly. If you find it hard to get off the bed, a sit to stand patient lift will come in handy. You can consider a free medical alert system or bed alarm to make your life easier.

Helps Reduce Swelling

An adjustable bed will help you elevate any body part post-surgery to avoid swelling, discomfort, and pain. Tip: Go for Velcro shoes or get a comfortable pair if you have swollen feet.

Factors to Consider When Buying Adjustable Beds for Seniors and Elderly

Here are a few tips on what to look for when buying adjustable beds for older adults:


The type of mattress at the base of the bed is the first thing you need to consider. Go for a mattress that folds and bends easily with little or no resistance yet retains its properties and quality. Generally, there are three types of mattresses for adjustable beds – spring latex, memory foam, and air mattress.

The memory foam mattress is the most expensive and is exceptionally comfortable. Spring mattress provides stability and support but isn’t quite as comfortable compared to the memory foam one. However, it’s always a matter of preference when it comes to adjustable beds mattresses.


The size of the bed is equally important. Adjustable beds come in five different sizes, as highlighted below:

  • Split King – Made of two double-sized beds but can be easily separated when the need arises.

King – Ideal for families and measures 76 × 80 inches.

  • Queen – Ideal for a couple. It measures 80 × 60 inches.
  • Full – Works well for two people or those who want more sleeping space. The bed measures 75 × 54 inches.
  • Twin – This adjustable bed fits one person only and measures 75 × 39 inches.


Type of Motor

An adjustable bed is usually operated by two electric motors: DC and AC. The AC motor is connected to the switch or electric outlet while the DC is to a battery. However, adjustable beds operating on AC motors are more reliable and durable. On the other hand, DC motors are quieter and more affordable.

Lifting Capacity

You should also pay attention to the lifting capacity of an adjustable bed since it has a limited load it can comfortably handle together with the mattress. You wouldn’t want to get non-functional bed due to weight issues. The best adjustable bed should have a 600lbs lifting capacity or more.

Bed Controls

When buying an adjustable bed, ensure it has easy to operate bed controls to change sleeping angles and positions. It comes with a wireless, wired, or already fixed on the bedside remote control. The wireless remote control will allow you to change the position of the bed from your smartphone too.

Best Adjustable Beds for Seniors & Elderly

Here are some of the best adjustable beds for seniors and the elderly with both their advantages and disadvantages to making it easy for you to choose:

#1.  Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Massage Bed Base

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Massage Bed Base


Classic Brands Adjustable Bed for seniors and elderly features programmable settings with three leg heights – 10.5, 6.5, and 4 inches offering ultimate comfort. It’s an extra-large twin-sized bed operation on a DC motor and allows a lifting capacity up to 650lbs. The bed also comes with an intuitive wireless remote control that shows its position on the display screen.

The adjustable bed also comes with different comfort features and four-position alternatives to choose from the lounge, zero gravity, TV, and flat. The dual three-speed foot and head massage mode helps relieve any pressure from the body.

What’s more, the bed also has a USB device charging port. If you are looking for an economical adjustable bed for older adults that is super comfortable, this would be your best choice.


  • The bed has a steel frame which makes it durable
  • It’s easy to assemble the bed
  • It comes with a wireless remote which makes the bed easy to operate
  • Great customer service
  • You can charge your electronic devices on the bed as it features two USB ports
  • The bed has three leg heights
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty


  • The bed doesn’t come with a mattress; you will need to buy it separately
  • The bed is not available in split king size
  • The bed doesn’t have any programmable memory feature

#2.  Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base

Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base


Lucid L300 is one of the best adjustable beds for seniors and elderly offering maximum comfort and relaxation. It’s well-made with durable construction and has an upholstered attractive black frame making it super stylish for the bedroom.

Also, this twin size adjustable XL bed has foot and head flexibility 0-45â—¦ and 0-60â—¦ , respectively. You can comfortably adjust the bed in different angles with the wireless remote control that features a flashlight as well. The bed is made of steel and top-quality polyester.

You can easily assemble this adjustable bed quite fast compared to the others. Lucid L300 additionally comes with a programmable memory option to remember the most used bed position saving you the trouble of setting your favourite positions every time. Furthermore, the bed offers a higher lifting capacity of up to 750lbs.


  • Lucid L300 adjustable bed comes with a 10-year warranty
  • The motor is quiet
  • The bed has two USB charging ports
  • It has a folding hinge
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Offers zero gravity position
  • The bed’s lifting capacity is relatively high
  • The bed comes with a wireless remote control
  • It comes with a programmable memory option to save you favourite sleeping positions


  • The USB charging ports are properly positioned rendering them useless


#3.  Bliss Nights Queen Adjustable Bed Base

Bliss Nights Queen Adjustable Bed Base


Bliss Nights Queen size adjustable bed helps you adjust how you sleep and can also be set at rest or lounge positions. It has some unique features including independent foot and head incliners at 0-35â—¦ and 0-60â—¦, respectively.

The bed additionally has three different adjustable leg heights ranging from 9, 6, to 3 inches. Plus, the adjustable bed is long-lasting as it’s made of a steel frame.

What’s more, the German motor is super quiet and won’t get in the way when you are watching some great tv shows. It also comes with a wireless remote control meaning you can adjust your foot and head positions with the controls comfortably.

The bed has foot retainers to keep the mattress in place. Finally, the zero-gravity position helps relieve any pain and pressure from the body, letting you have a peaceful rest.


  • You don’t require any tools to fix the bed which makes assembling quite easy
  • The bed comes with a wireless remote
  • It has 750lbs lifting capacity
  • It comes with a foot retainer bar
  • The bed has a sturdy construction which makes it durable
  • It’s super comfortable


  • The bed doesn’t feature any USB charging port

#4.  Reverie 9t Adjustable Bed Base

Reverie 9t Adjustable Bed Base


Reverie 9t is a premium split king adjustable bed for seniors and the elderly with sturdy construction. It’s stylish and offers customizable settings using modern technology. Plus, the bed is super comfortable and convenient to use with only a touch using the wireless remote control typically loaded with some excellent features.

The robust and powerful DC motor offers an 850lbs lifting capacity. The bed additionally features three different pre-set options: zero-gravity, flat, and anti-snore. The two programmable memory options on the remote help save some of your favourite positions.

Enjoy the foot, head, and body massage with the four-wave models and ten intensity options. Plus, the adjustable bed offers head, lumbar, and foot articulation buttons separately that tends to align with the spine as you sleep perfectly. The wireless remote control’s new technology comes with a wireless charging Qi pad and a higher resolution OLED.


  • The bed comes with massage features
  • It’s ergonomically designed
  • It features removable side rails with zero clearance
  • Sturdy, robust steel construction
  • The bed has a powerful DC motor with 850lbs lifting capacity
  • It comes with a wireless remote control with Bluetooth connectivity
  • It features a micro USB port


  • The bed is quite expensive
  • The bed is not available in the full-sized version


#5.  iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base

iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base


iDealBed 4i is an exquisite and stylish split king adjustable bed for the elderly and seniors. It’s ideal for older adult couples as it’s super comfortable and enhances sleep. The bed is high-quality and comes with several relaxing features like zero-gravity, anti-snore, and massage pre-sets.

The adjustable bed also helps relieve pressure and pain from the body for a peaceful sleep. It offers full articulation with foot and head inclination at 42 and 70 degrees respectively.

Additionally, the bed comes with a wireless remote control with 18 different buttons to control the flexible options and bed angles for better sleep. Plus, the Leggett and Platt motor is pretty quiet supporting up to 850lbs weight capacity, which means that heavy individuals are well taken care of.

What’s more, the adjustable bed features 3-in-1 leg height positions – 11, 7, and 4 inches, making it compatible with all types of mattresses. The full body massage will relax your body as it features for wave models and three different intensities. The bed also comes with a 10 to 30 minutes timer operation that shows blood circulation improvement.


  • The bed comes with a full body massage feature
  • It has zero clearance
  • The bed is durable since it’s made of steel
  • It comes with the programmable memory option to save you favourite positions
  • Only requires two steps to set it up which makes assembling quite easy
  • Offers full head and foot articulation
  • It features a 3-in-1 leg height adjustable
  • 850lbs lifting capacity
  • The bed is compatible with all types of mattresses


  • The bed doesn’t come with a mattress


#6.  Elevation Glide Away Adjustable Bed

Elevation Glide Away Adjustable Bed


Elevation Glide Away Adjustable Bed for seniors and elderly offers ultimate comfort and convenience with the customizable sleep settings. Enjoy daily activities in your life like watching tv, reading and eating with the foot or head elevation pillow tilt feature. It also comes with an overbed table where you can put your books and food.

The bed additionally comes with different pre-set features such as anti-snore and zero-gravity that aid in proper blood circulation preventing back pain. It features a wall-hugging design which is unique, especially for adjustable beds.

Consequently, you can glide back up to 11 inches. It’s a queen-sized adjustable bed with a quiet German motor and 800lbs lifting capacity. The bed is convenient to use since it comes with a wireless remote control with three different pre-set buttons and two memory control options. The pulse vibe motor has four intensity and wave modes for full body massage.


  • The bed comes with a 20-year warranty
  • It has features for a full body massage
  • It comes with a Bluetooth stereo speaker
  • The bed has a LED flash right under the bed light
  • It has two pre-set programmable options
  • Wall-hugging design
  • It has retainer bars to keep the mattress in place
  • It has safety features like power surge protection and emergency shut down


  • The bed doesn’t come with a mattress


Adjustable beds are essential for older adults since they have several health benefits and allows them to sleep better. The bed offers maximum comfort, convenience, and support for a peaceful rest. No more muscle, joint, and back pain with adjustable beds as they make life for the elderly and seniors a lot easier!

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