StressGard II Night Guard

StressGard II Night Guard

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StressGard is a night guard that is used to treat teeth grinding and clenching as well as TMJ. The mouth guard was developed by an orthodontist known as Dr James Bancroft and is one of the cheapest yet effective guards in the market.

StressGard has a cushion that prevents contact between the lower and upper teeth and a flexible groove that acts a s a shock absorber. The product can be cut when needed and does not require boiling and molding.

StressGard has a smooth surface that makes the teeth slide on it. The device can be fitted on the upper or lower teeth. Wearing StressGard reduces pain and discomfort since the jaw and facial muscles will not contract.

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StressGard Night Guard Features

  • A one-size-fits-all product
  • Used to relieve both bruxism and TMJ symptoms
  • The device is worn on the upper or lower teeth while you sleep

Pros of StressGard II:

  • The device is a remedy for both bruxism and TMJ
  • The product relieves facial pain and headaches
  • StreesGard comes with a 30-day money back guarantee

Cons of StressGard II:

  • Stress Guard Night may result in discomfort in some customers because it is loosely fitting and has a hard texture

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