InstaBed EZ Bed Air Mattress Review

InstaBed EZ Bed Air Mattress Review

The Insta Bed EZ Bed air mattress is one of the best air mattress for everyday use. Read our review to find out what you should expect of the air mattress

Insta Bed EZ Bed Air Mattress Review

InstaBed EZ Bed Air Mattress Review 1


When we ordered this bed for a review test, we expected to receive a similar bed to all the others we had tested before. That’s why the features we found in this bed pleasantly surprised us.

After my experience with this bed, I have raised the bar for what I look for in a stellar air mattress.

In my excitement to document my personal experience with this self-inflating and deflating bed that can comfortably fold to a size that fits perfectly in a duffel bag, I may have written too much.

Read on to find out why this is my new favorite bedding.

InstaBed Specs

Measurements 79.25″x61″x19″
Pump Internal Pump with a
Secondary NeverFLAT
Shipping Weight 60lbs
Capacity 500lbs
Warranty 1 year warranty

Why InstaBed

The InstaBed by EZ Bed is like no other inflatable bed you have come across. No, seriously. The speed at which you can put up or take down this bed is just incredible. Moreover, you will do almost nothing to quicken the process.

A few seconds after turning on the mattress from the electric switch, it becomes a complete stand-alone bed you can hop on. The manufacturer’s promise is that by sleeping on this bed, you will wake up feeling fully rested and in great moods. This is possible since the bed is comfortable and has reduced motion transfer from your bedmate when sleeping. The latter feature is something most blow-up beds are not capable of.


The InstaBed EZ Bed also features a Never Flat pump that stabilizes the air pressure the entire night.

The Best of EZ Bed by InstaBed

This InstaBed model is specifically designed for home use. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly mattress for your college kid or an extra guest bed, this would be a perfect choice. As an extra guest bed, this InstaBed will offer an elevated, sturdy and sound sleeping experience for your guest.

Insta Bed EZ Bed Features


The PVC material used to manufacture this inflatable bed makes it easy to clean and long-lasting. If you are particular about colors, the bed has a tan color that’s calm and matches any decor in the room.

The bed weighs 500lbs, meaning it can hold the weight of two adults comfortably. Most reviewers on Amazon recommended this bed for its easy setup and comfort.


The bed, when completely deflated and folded, can comfortably fit in a duffel bag. This makes it convenient to travel with or to store for future use. The bed comes with a roller system bed that does not have to be lifted.

To set up, unpack the bed, unzip the end and unfold the top. Next, stretch the frame out slightly and then plug in the cord. The next step is to set the dial to your preference and wait for the bed to be fully standing. The whole process should take no more than two minutes. The bed stands at 79.5 X 61 when fully inflated. This is a perfect size for two adults.

When you are done using the bed and want to deflate it, simply turn the dial and click the button. The bed will self-deflate. You can then pack it back into its special bag, zip up and put it away. The bed’s size, when fully packed, can fit under your usual bed or in most normal sized closets.

Unlike other inflatable beds that require special bed sheets, the InstaBed accommodates the standard queen-sized bed sheets. The bed sheets won’t pull at the ends when you sleep, just like is the case with the mattresses at Homes Direct 365.

Firmness and Stability

The stability of the InstaBed makes it great for people who frequently suffer from back pain when on low or unstable beds. You can set the firmness of the bed to firm, medium or plush to accommodate your needs.

Some people worry about inflatable beds losing their firmness through the night. The InstaBed has taken care of this through the Never Flat pump that runs the whole night to stabilize the bed.

InstaBed EZ Bed Air Mattress Review 2

Then there is the edge support, which is a unique feature of this bed. I have never been so trusting of an inflatable bed like I was with this one.

Quiet Operation

In most reviews of fill-up beds, there is one main complaint: noise. Customers either complain of the noise produced when they’re sleeping on the bed or a noisy air pump for beds with internal pumps. However, the InstaBed EZ Bed is an exception. The bed does not produce squeaky sounds when you are sleeping. And although the pump will produce some sound like other air beds, you will hardly get irritated as the bed inflates and deflates surprisingly fast.

Customers are also mostly cautious about the NeverFlat pump. But this should not be a cause of worry with the InstaBed as you will most probably not even realize that its there. Neither you nor your partner will be woken up or disturbed by any noise when you are sleeping on the InstaBed air mattress.

Motion Transfer

The InstaBed air bed has been designed to mimic the traditional bed. If you have read other reviews, or have previous experience with inflatable beds being uncomfortable when sleeping, expect a totally differ and pleasant experience with the InstaBed EZ Bed.

Extra Benefits

On purchasing the InstaBed, you will get a full 1-year warranty. This warranty is the longest available for any inflatable mattress in the market

Extra Features

The bed’s adjustable firmness can set to firm, medium or plush. The bed also has an auto pump shut-off feature for inflation and deflation by the Never Flat pump.

InstaBed EZ Bed Air Mattress Review 3

To add to this, there is edge support that gives you extra confidence while lying or sitting on the bed. Lastly, the air mattress has an in-built sturdy metal frame that makes putting up the bed easy. The only thing that may be required of you is some slight straightening.

Pros of the InstaBed EZ Bed

  • Excellent motion transfer
  • Has a secondary pump to maintain firmness through the night

Cons of the InstaBed EZ Bed

  • Expensive but a wise investment option
  • Heavier than most blow-up beds (+50 lbs.)


I love this bed. I advise all inflatable bed enthusiasts go for this bed. The bed is ideal for use as an extra guest bed, for college students and for a long vacation. Click on this link to read the reviews of the bed.

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