Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress Review

Layla is a flappable memory foam mattress that works for every sleeping position, including the side. This review is going to cover an updated summary of the best and worst features of the Layla mattress. The Layla mattress comprises of an exceptional bed in a box which is mostly made of memory foam and has double sides. Who is this mattress perfect for? This answer to this question is covered in the review below.

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Table of Contents

  • Layla Company Policies: Warranty, Shipping etc.
  • What Does Layla Cost?
  • A Look Inside This Double-Sided Mattress
  • Firmness Ratings For The Soft And Firm Side
  • Can Layla Handle Side, Stomach And Back Sleepers?
  • Is This A Good Mattress For Couples?


Layla Mattress Reviews: Updated YouTube Video

Before we discuss in detail about the mattress, below is a video explaining the basics of all you need to know when it comes to the updated Layla mattress.


However, the video doesn’t cover all the details about the mattress. If you’d like to learn more concerning the Layla bed-in-a-box mattress, keep reading.

Layla Company Policies – Warranty, Shipping etc.

Layla being a bed-in-a-box mattress, it goes by (and to some extent exceeds) the standards put across by the online mattress industry. The first standard being complete free shipping.

After purchasing your mattress, you’re rest assured that it will be delivered to your doorstep as a perfectly rolled up and compressed package which is of a similar size as a mini fridge. Once you’ve received your package make sure to unpack it as soon as you can because it normally takes 24-48 hours for it to decompress and air out completely. If you’d like the process to be a lot easier, unpack the bed where you’re planning to use it.

Note that 80-90% of beds reviewed contain this “waiting period” that you have to follow after unpacking them. This is mainly because they are being compressed for a couple of days and the mattress will need to get to its intended form. You can decide to sleep on the bed immediately, but it should feel softer if you wait for a couple of more days.

The bed has a 120-night in-home testing period, which allow you to really try out the new mattress and decide whether it’s the perfect bed for you. If you find that you don’t like it, no worries. Layla will refund you fully and the best part is that they will send somebody to come retrieve the bed at no additional cost.

Layla offers its customers 100% free returns alongside the trial duration similar to the other online mattress shopping market. Although this is quite a standard expectation in the online market, it is still viewed to be a very friendly approach to customers. Take a second and think about it, which other goods would you use for free for 99 nights (that are similarly intimate as a mattress) and still get to take them back? Actually, not many. When you think about it, the bed-in-a-box company are just like Costco furniture when it come to their return policies which are very favorable to the customer.

The only drawback Layla has is that the customer is required to tryout the mattress for not more than two weeks before they can initiate a return. This policy is becoming more popular as it lets you to make your decision within a few weeks which is precisely the right amount of time your body needs to adjust to a new bed (plus companies are clearly trying to reduce the number of returns).

If you choose to retain the Layla mattress, it has a lifetime warranty which covers manufacturing defects among other things. You can look at the full warranty on

What Does Layla Cost?

Layla is an affordably priced mattress, but it’s not considered to be a cheap, budget mattress. Although it doesn’t look like it belongs in a luxurious hotel, there are good umber of people who would really like to own this mattress. A queen size bed MSRP is priced under $1,000, placing it in the same tier as Nectar, Casper and several other brands. To ne precise, the product is priced competitively as a foam mattress.

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Not that since the entire bed-in-a-box market is very competitive, majority of the companies offer their customers mattress deals, mostly during the holidays. Layla often offers discounts ranging from $100, which don’t change from time to time. You can look at for current promotions. They sometimes offer accessories such as sheets or pillows so as to entice customers. When you see them doing these kinds of promotions, then it’s a sign that they are going beyond what is usually offered.

A Look Inside This Double-Sided Mattress

Layla is an all-foam 10” mattress, but the most enticing thing about it is the fact that it’s double-sided and flappable. This feature can only be found in a number of mattresses that allow the possibility of trying out two different firmness levels. Its flappable feature is quite advantageous making the Layla mattress more likeable to the customer.

The Layla mattress support structure is a 4.5” slab made of dense poly foam. The layer includes 1” of memory foam that is copper infused. This happens to be the mattress’ firmer side since there is a little memory foam between the support core and yourself.

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The support layer on the other side is 2” of convoluted poly foam (which is similar to an egg crate foam). This layer acts like a transitional layer which softens up the mattress. Next to it (at the top) is a 3” layer of memory that is copper-infused. This is actually the softer part of the bed.

The Layla bed-in-a-box had a major refurbishment in early 2019. In the preceding models, you’d be required to remove the cover before you could flip the bed, you would then have to place it back so that you can try out both the firm and soft sides. This isn’t the case anymore because all you’re required to do now is flip the mattress and try it out.

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The copper-infused memory foam the copper used in the bed alongside its cooling benefits is due to an old folklore. According to the Ancient Egyptians, copper releases positive ions and as a result, they would wear it as a measure of promoting their wellness and health. Though this isn’t an actual scientific analogy, it’s a fun fact for someone that believe in positive ions.

The foams used in the Layla mattress are certified by CertiPUR-US and safe, meaning that the bed of material which are PBDEs, ozone depleters, TCEP(“Tris”) or TDCPP, flame retardants, lead, mercury, various heavy metals, phthalates or formaldehyde. All the mattresses of this brand have this certification.

Caring For The Layla Mattress

The Layla mattress is made of polyester, poly/lycra, viscose, cover that is soft and thick which is similar to that of the Leesa mattress. The bed has also got a thermoGEL agent sawn in it that aids at reducing heat buildup. The outer cover of the Layla mattress is really likable as it has a geometric grey pattern. This may make you want to do away with the sheets but you’d rather not if you’re planning to sleep on the bed every night.

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Although the mattress’ cover is removable, it can only be dry cleaned. However, instead of removing the cover when there’s a spill, you can simply mix some mild soap in warm water and spot clean the affected area.

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However, if you’d like to have complete certainty that your bed won’t get stained, you might need to purchase a mattress protector from Amazon because Layla don’t provide their own mattress protectors. The good thing about them is that they are normally washable and breathable and also waterproof.

The only drawback when it comes to mattress covers is, they tend to change how the bed feels since there is additional material. There are various cleaning options for the Layla bed but if you’re concerned about it, opt for a mattress protector.

Firmness Ratings For The Soft And Firm Side

Previously, both sides of the Layla mattress designed were soft. However, this changed with the current models which has one firmer side. On the firmness scale it can be viewed as a medium to medium-firm, while the softer side is almost medium-soft. You basically have to choices two pick from, a slightly firm side and a soft side.

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Although Layla mattress is made of a little memory foam, it naturally feels like complete memory foam, on all sides but a lot more on the softer side. You’ll find that the bed has a great balance between the memory foam feel, while at the same time it’s appealing to people who don’t care much about the material. Based on an independent research conducted, around 90% of customers liked the memory foam.

Laying down on the mattress will have you feel like you’re receiving an airy and soft hug as you would be sinking into the material while it cuddles you. Compared to a latex mattress, you’ll notice that there is a slower response time due to its soft memory foam. Despite being able to tell that the mattress is made of memory foam, it doesn’t have a deep, quicksand feel and is actually comfortable similar to an older Puffy mattress (before it was improved).

The Layla mattress has perfect pressure relief, and at the same time respond relatively quickly. It isn’t the typical memory foam mattress and there are people who may view that as a really good or bad thing.

Can Layla Handle Side, Stomach And Back Sleepers?

Since the Layla bed underwent an update in January 2019, you’ll change your stance regarding stomach sleepers and back sleepers. You’ll find that the mattress is perfect for both stomach and back sleepers, as long as they don’t weigh more than 230 lb and they aren’t partial to a completely firm mattress. Note that the firm side is between medium-firm and medium when put on a soft/firm scale.

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However, if you’re very petite (that is you weigh below 150 lb), the mattress will feel a lot firmer to you since the softness/firmness percentage is relatively measured depending on your body’s height-to-weight ratio.

Both sides of the mattress are suitable for side sleepers, however, if you’re looking for maximum pressure relief you’d rather used the soft side. Side sleepers require a soft bed that will provide them with the right amount pf pressure relief on their shoulders and hips.

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When it comes to combo sleepers, this is the perfect bed for you, especially if you’re petite or medium. The more one weighs, the more they’ll sink into the mattress and also the softer it will feel, and vice versa. This mattress is mostly suited for very petite combo sleepers compared to heavier combo sleepers since they won’t keep sticking to the bed making it easy for them to switch positions.

Is Layla Good For Heavier People?

Since the mattress is an all-foam soft 10” bed that contains a layer of convoluted foam, it is not suitable for heavier people. When it comes to heavier people, the bed isn’t going to be durable and supportive enough. Heavier people are more suited for mattresses containing coils, or those that are a lot thicker and/or firmer. So if you weigh over 250 lb, be sure to look at our list that contains the best mattresses for heavy individuals.

Although the Layla mattress may work well for heavier individuals, it’s technically not a heavy person’s bed. The mattress is best suited for people who weigh between 230-250 lb. This happens to be the same stance for almost each all-foam 10” mattresses. It’s just how these kinds of mattresses are constructed.

What About Other Body Types?

You’ll find that this mattress is a good pick for teens and children, especially if they don’t mind how soft memory foam feels. If they’re very petite, they even be able to enjoy sleeping on their stomach or back. Just be sure to check that they are using the mattress’ firmer side and that their shoulders and hips are not dipping so much into the bed causing their backs to arch.

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This mattress is also a good choice for pregnant women, since they are required to sleep on their sides for most part of their journey. They’ll be able to do some combo sleeping or even sleep on their back while on the bed’s firmer side, then they can then flip the mattress and use the softer side as the pregnancy progresses.

Temperature Discussion: It Uses Copper-Infused Foams

This isn’t really the case. However, the bed performs fairly well at regulating heat, especially since it’s constructed using soft memory foam. This is possible since it has copper-infused memory foam which is great for pulling heat from the body. On the other hand, this isn’t the best cooling mattress for hot sleepers, and it’s also not the hottest mattress in the market.

Don’t forget that a lot goes into how a bed is perceived in terms of hotness and coolness. For instance, the sheets you spread on the bed play a major role in terms of temperature, although most people blame the mattress instead. That is fairly intuitive. The temperature in the room is also a major factor. Although a mattress plays its role in regulating temperature, there are also other factors to be considered.

Is This A Good Mattress For Couples?

This depends on how you and your partner’s sleeping habit. The edge support on the Layla mattress is decent on the firm side and reasonable on the soft side. This is the case since softer beds are not known to provide the best edge support. Normally, it’s the coil beds and firmer beds that contain above average support throughout the perimeter.

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You’ll find that in most of the mattress reviews, specifically those on foam beds, there are complaints regarding edge support. Edge support happens to be just average on most all-foam mattresses, with an exception of Nest Alexander Signature Series amongst a few others.

If you are a sensitive sleeper, you’ll appreciate the Layla mattress. Layla is constructed in such a way that it isolates any movement, so if you’re sleeping next to someone who tends to move around a lot during the night, there is slight chance that their movements will wake you.

When it comes to the Layla mattress, there is little to no movement transferring on the bed. This isn’t strange since the bed is constructed from soft memory foam. Although Layla is such a great motion isolation mattress, it falls on our best mattresses for light sleepers list.

Layla Mattress Reviews: Final Verdict

Layla is a perfect for all kinds of sleepers who would like a softer memory foam mattress. In addition, it has bonus benefits for being a flippable and double-sided mattress, giving you two options for getting things right with Layla. In general, Layla mattress is very likable especially since the updated 2019 version came out.



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