Grind Relief Night Guard Review

Grind Relief Night Guard Review

Confused with the many Grind Relief N reviews online? In this guide, we go through everything you should know about the mouthguard to help you know how it works and what you should expect should you choose to buy it.

grind n relief night guard reviewWhat is GrindReliefN Dental Guard?

Originally known as GrindGuardN, this product was designed by Dr. Joe Pelerin to help people with bruxism minimize damage to their teeth. Bruxism is a condition where one unconsciously grinds and clenches their teeth, especially at night. The result of this can be excruciating pain in the jaw, neck and head.

Apart from this, the teeth can break or chip. There are cases where the pressure that has been exerted on the teeth over a long period of time can necessitate root canal treatment. Read more about bruxism here.

Having interacted with bruxism patients for over 30 years in his profession as a dentist, Dr. Pelerin discovered most people get overwhelming pain and symptoms associated with night teeth grinding but didn’t realize they had bruxism. Many people are aware of the teeth grinding condition but don’t believe they could be suffering from it.

Dr. Pelerin advises bruxers to use GrindReliefN dental guard when they experience any symptoms that could suggest they grind or clench their teeth at night.

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Features of GrindReliefN Dental Guard

grind n relief reviewi) Unique Design

GrindReliefN mouth guard is designed with a thermoplastic material on the inner layer and a hard outer shell. The clenching guard uses boil and bite technology to allow a personalized fit.

Grind Relief Molding Instructions

  1. Immerse the guard in a pot of boiling water to raise the temperature of the thermoplastic
  2. With a pair of tongs, carefully remove the now pliable device from the hot water and run it under a cold water tap for up to one minute
  3. Follow the instruction sheet that comes with the clenching guard to fit it on your lower teeth.

Unlike other teeth grinding mouthpieces, GrindReliefN only fits six to eight lower teeth at the front of the mouth. If the mouth guard doesn’t fit you comfortably after molding, repeat the softening and fitting process. This will not in any way depreciate the quality of the mouthpiece.

ii) The Central Power Bar
Grind Relief Night Guard Review 1This unique feature focuses the pressure resulting from your bite to your teeth’s anterior midline. The Central Power bar releases stimulus to your grind, which has been found to reduce the teeth grinding habit by up to 70%.

According to Dr.Pelerin, traditional dental guards with no Central Power Bar increase teeth grinding. These dental guards, he says, only protect your teeth from damage but do not reprogram your nerves and jaw muscles to eliminate the grinding habit like GrindReliefN does.

iii) FDA Approved

Although it may not seem like a big deal, FDA approval is very important as it assures the safety of a mouth guard. GrindReliefN is made from durable and lightweight materials that are easy to clean and maintain. The materials are also FDA-approved.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grind N Relief Guard

1. How can I know if I need Grind Relief N mouth guard?

Symptoms of bruxism can be mild or severe. Examples include waking up with jaw pain or earache, shoulder and neck pain and morning headaches. Although these are not conventional symptoms for everybody and don’t confirm that you are a night teeth grinder, they show that you don’t get quality sleep.

Further, the symptoms could hype your stress levels and make you grind the teeth more severely. It is dangerous to ignore these symptoms as they could be a pointer to bruxism. If you don’t focus on combating the problem, you could end up with irreversible damage not only to your teeth but overall health.

You need Grind Relief N mouth guard to manage the incidences of teeth grinding and help you get better sleep.

2. How easy is it to be aware of my teeth grinding habits?

Since night teeth grinding is an unconscious habit you do when asleep, it can be very difficult knowing for sure that you do it unless you also grind your teeth during the day. Most people however will notice symptoms like frequently waking up with headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain and even head pain.

Although they can’t directly equate these to bruxism, there is usually noticeable dental damage that accompanies the symptoms. Cases of bruxism have increased over the years, a factor that has been linked to modern lifestyle. It is critical that you examine yourself and your health and realize when you need help.

3. Will Grind Relief nigh guard solve my teeth clenching and grinding problem?

There are two complementary processes through which GrindReliefN works. To begin, you can follow the instructions provided to mold the gadget correctly for a personalized fit. When you follow the instructions to the latter, the guard will effectively keep your lower and upper teeth from touching.

The second process if through the use of the Central Power Bar. This patented, FDA-approved design helps concentrate the pressure exerted on your teeth to the midline of the teeth. This Central Power Bar has been proven by scientists to release stimulus that reduce muscle action by about 70%, hence reducing clenching.

Other dental guards will temporarily protect your teeth but won’t shield you from the grinding and clenching impulse. In fact, some of the devices tend to increase the severity of your teeth clenching and grinding habits. If you want a good shot at getting rid of teeth grinding and clenching completely, consider using GrindReliefN consistently. Read reviews of the Grind Relief N guard.

4. What is the difference between GrindReliefN and dental guards from the local dentist?woman fitting grind relief n guard

GrindReliefN has been proven to work just as efficiently as, and sometimes even better than, dental guards made by TMJ dentists. Dr. Joe Pelerin, the creator of this dental mouth guard, is a qualified registered dentist with more than 30 years’ experience in dentistry. Dr. Pelerin designed the nigh guard with bruxism patients in mind.

When you purchase GrindReliefN bruxism guard, you will save money than you would by getting a custom mouthguard made by your dentist. This is because most dentists don’t have the equipment for making mouth guards. As such, they usually send your teeth mold to a dental lab, which increases your costs.

GrindReliefN is available on Amazon and comes with a 3 years’ guaranteed.

5. Are there people that have successfully managed their night teeth grinding habits with GrindReliefN?

If you are wondering whether GrindReliefN works, we can confidently assure you that this product has helped thousands of people and has even been featured on TV. Verified users have confessed how using GrindReliefN has helped them manage many symptoms associated with bruxism like neck and shoulder pain and morning headaches.

In addition, many patients have stopped having dental problems after using GrindReliefN dental guard.

Advantages of GrindReliefN

  • There is no limit on the number of times you can heat it and remold the grind guard.
  • The dental guard is packaged with an instruction manual with easy-to-follow steps on how to successfully mold the guard at home. You therefore won’t need to visit the dentist for Grind Relief instructions on molding.
  • It has a unique patented feature; the Central Power Bar. The bar re-programs the muscles and nerves and in the process eliminates grind and clenching impulse.
  • This product has a 3-year wear guarantee
  • The customer service team is very efficient in answering question, addressing concerns and providing general support.
  • This product is affordable

Disadvantages of Grind Relief Night Guard

  • GrindReliefN is not recommended for everyone. You should watch the instructional videos on the website for more information on this.
  • The dental guard is not recommended for people with crooked lower front teeth, those with braces and children below 12 years.

International Shipping (Outside Canada or US)

The shipping fee for GrindReliefN is $7.95 and does not depend on your location. The orders are sent through US mail a day after they are received. There are tracking numbers that are sent to customers from and the time of delivery is not universal.

Although they ship internationally, currently the GrindReliefN website only has Canada and US on their checkout form.If you are ordering from outside Canada and US, use the PayPal button to check out rather than the regular checkout button.Pressing the PayPal button will re-direct you to the PayPal site to complete the order. You will need an active PayPal account to do pay for the order. Setting up a PayPal account is easy and free.

Where to Buy GrindReliefN Guard

grind n relief reviewsThe best price for GrindReliefN dental guard is at



Business Location:GrindReliefN Technologies, LLC, P.O. Box 309, Lake Orion, MI 48361

Official GrindReliefN Shop at Amazon: GrindReliefN Shop at

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