GhostBed Mattress Review

GhostBed Mattress Review

Everyone hates having to go mattress shopping. It still has to be done. The mattress specialists behind the GhostBed at Nature’s Sleep want to make buying a mattress like a sweet dream, not a nightmare. In this GhostBed review, we’ll take a long at what you need to know to decide if its the perfect mattress for you to rest on.

Nature’s Sleep is the proud manufacturer of one of the best mattresses available. Their premier product mattress—the GhostBed—is not available in stores. It can be purchased through the GhostBed website and other third-party vendors.

This luxurious mattress is the result of some of the top minds of mattress professionals coming together to provide a solution to the otherwise limited mattress industry. These individuals have had more than 35 years of experience engineering comfort down to the fibers. Few other online mattress manufacturers bring such a team of specialists together to ensure that you receive the best bed possible.

Keep reading this GhostBed review for some insider info about what it can do to improve your sleep cycle.

About GhostBed

Out of all the newly emerging online mattress manufacturers that have been changing the industry, the one with the deepest roots is the GhostBed.

Over 100 years ago, GhostBed started out as the idea of one man and has grown ever since. The Werner family was one of the first to begin manufacturing mattresses in America on a large scale and continues to a century later.

Five generations of the Werner family have spent their entire lives to innovating and improving the quality of life of Americans. The initial company that came into existence before it ventured off into mattress making was the Werner Ladder Company.

The Werner Ladder Company still exists to this day. It remains the number one ladder company in the world.

Now you might be thinking, what do ladders have to do with mattresses. The answer is quite simple. If you’re dominating one market, the only next possible solution is to try and go ahead to dominate another. This is what GhostBed is attempting to achieve today.

GhostBed Creation

Marc Werner, the CEO of GhostBed, went through three neck surgeries before he came up with the idea of becoming a mattress manufacturer giant.

After enduring a severe injury and having to live and sleep in consistent pain, Marc Werner realized how lacking the mattress industry was when it came to providing high-quality products.

In fact, it became nearly impossible for him to locate a mattress and pillow that could provide the comfort his body needed. This was when Marc Werner decided to take matters into his own hands and came up with the idea to design and manufacture his own mattress.

In the year 2001, Marc Werner founded Nature’s Sleep, which was his answer to a market that failed to provide the comfort his body so desperately needed.

A Decade Later…

Ten years later, Marc Werner wanted to revamp his entire company since it simply wasn’t producing the results he expected. It was around this time that other online mattress manufacturers started to advertise a new way of mattress shopping, which was a bed in a box.

Werner decided that mattress shopping no longer needed to be a nightmare. You no longer have to go through showroom after showroom only to find out that you have a ten second time limit to lay down on a mattress that you could potentially be paying thousands of dollars for.

You can now skip going to the showroom and go straight to a website tailored to selling you one single mattress at one low price. Instead of having to go to a showroom physically, you can easily purchase a mattress at home.

The name Marc Werner gave this mattress in a box was GhostBed, and it’s been a bestseller since its creation.

The GhostBed mattress can conform to your body while ensuring you receive the best back support possible. It took Nature’s Sleep over 35 years of mattress manufacturing experience, but it succeeded in creating a mattress that overshadows most of its competition.

GhostBed Review

Product Features

  • Made from Latex & Gel Memory Foam
  • Comes with a 20-year Warranty
  • 101 Night Sleep Trial
  • 6-7 Firmness Rating
  • 3-Layer Design


Here are the most common benefits sleepers experience once they rest on a GhostBed:


Although it’s a foam mattress, the GhostBed has a latex top layer that allows it to bounce back quickly. Since it has a firmness level of 6.5 (out of 10), it provides universal comfort for sleepers of all types.

It doesn’t matter what position you sleep in, as the GhostBed will fit your body naturally. But, we suggest that back sleepers look into this bed because of its firmer density. You’ll be able to sleep without experiencing pain in your lower back.


GhostBed uses top of the line technology to help sleepers get an adequate level of sleep. What matters is not the technology, but the overall sleeping experience that the mattress provides. That being said there are two notable features we’d like to discuss about this mattress.

Latex Foam

Sleeping hot is a major issue that has plagued sleepers for years. The GhostBed solves this problem with its aerated latex foam. If you read the typical GhostBed review, one of the first things that people mention is how cool and comfortable it is.

It’s a specialty foam that lets air enter in and out of it. This removes excess heat from the mattress which helps you sleep comfortably. If you sweat during the night, the foam and the latex will help your body moisture disperse and evaporate quickly.

Besides temperature control, GhostBed’s latex foam helps your mattress keep a fresh and clean smell. Since no odors are stuck inside the mattress, it might leave off a stale smell. While this can be viewed as insignificant, a bed having a neutral smell helps you to enjoy a better and deeper sleep.

Gel Memory Foam

The second most important feature is the GhostBed’s gel-infused memory foam. It has a mixture of foam mixed with gel beads. This allows for the mattress to stay cool and increases its temperature dissipation.

Plus, it also features an open cell structure. Users like this addition because it improves moisture wicking and improves airflow. You should get this mattress if you want something that’s comfortable and won’t retain your body heat when you sleep.


The GhostBed is built with a hybrid of memory foam layers and latex foam. It has over 11 inches of thickness. This is larger than its competitors who have an average of 10-11 inches of thickness.

Its combination of memory foam and latex foam gives the mattress a perfect balance of plush comfort and firm support. And it adds extra bounce which is good because it helps users enter and exit the bed easily.


The GhostBed has many benefits and advantages, but some customers have reported a few minor issues that are worth reviewing.


The GhostBed comes in a vacuum-sealed package. Companies that ship memory foam mattresses do this because transporting a full-blown mattress from place to place is difficult.

When a king sized mattress is being hauled up four flights of stairs of an apartment building, it can be quite challenging to get it where it needs to be.

Vacuum-sealed packaging allows the mattress to be packaged in a reasonably sized box so it will be much easier to send to customers.

You place the mattress where you want it to be, take it out of the plastic, and watch it expand. The mattress is also lightweight, so it is easy to change the location if needed without having to strain your back.

The GhostBed is meant to take a few hours to a day to fully expand and get accustomed to the room’s temperature. However, some customers say that it takes a long time for the bed to fully expand to the 11 inches that it is meant to be.

With this issue, the mattress may appear to be a bit lumpy and uneven in certain areas and may take a few days to expand to its full size.

Limited Versatility

Another problem customers may run into is the firmness/softness of the mattress. Some foam mattresses can change the firmness to fit the sleepers specific needs, but the GhostBed doesn’t have this ability.

As previously stated, the GhostBed is set to a firmness level of 6.5 out of 10 which is preferred by over 80% of customers. However, the other 20% may be looking for something a little firmer or plusher.

Wear and Tear

As with anything in life, your mattress will degrade over time. While it may be the perfect mattress in the beginning, it can become mildly uncomfortable if you find yourself using it past the recommended time.

If you are a customer that suffers from neck and back pain before the purchase of this mattress, you may be more affected by this change than other customers.

This usually happens over the course of a few years. Since there isn’t an option to adjust the firmness, a person with back pain may find themselves having to replace their GhostBed a few years earlier than they would expect.

Motion Transfer

When it comes to partner motion isolation and motion transfer, the GhostBed doesn’t perform as well as expected. Its latex top layer doesn’t fully help at separating partner’s sleeping motions during the night. If you’re looking for a bed with less motion transfer, then you should take a look at the Saatva Mattress.

While it can reduce some disturbance when your partner moves, you shouldn’t expect any mattress to eliminate this issue completely. If you have a partner that constantly moves in their sleep, then you may feel a slight disturbance.

How Can I Buy It?

Has our GhostBed review convinced you? The table below details it’s current pricing and size information.

Size Weight Dimensions Price
Twin 58 lbs 38” x 75” x 11” $495
Twin XL 62 lbs 38” x 80” x 11” $650
Full 74 lbs 54” x 75” x 11” $775
Queen 80 lbs 60” x 80” x 11” $795
King 112 lbs 76” x 80” x 11” $975
California King 112 lbs 72” x 84” x 11” $995

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Great comfort and support Off-Gassing Smell
Stays fresh and cool Not good at separating partner’s motions
Affordable Too firm for side sleepers
Increased bounce No special delivery or shipping options
Great customer service

If you want a mattress that remains cool during the night has a medium-firm feel and delivers great support, then the GhostBed is exactly what you need.

Buying Advice

Buying a mattress online has many benefits. The GhostBed company puts a lot of thought and time into the quality and production of their mattresses and cares a lot about their customers.

They combine top of the line materials and manufacturing to produce the best bed for its customers for a very affordable price and provide a direct dialogue with their customers.

This is possible because their products aren’t sold in retail stores. They are the final end for their customers, meaning that they have people all around the clock communicating with their customers to help improve their product and increase overall satisfaction.

They work to make their mattresses with such great quality to make it last for its customers, backing it up with their 20-year warranty.

Within the first ten years, a mattress can be replaced or fixed for free, with the inclusion of shipping and handling costs. Up to year 20, if they experience any indentations or physical flaw, they will only have to pay 55% of the repair or replacement costs.

This is perfect for those that become unsatisfied with the mattress. Customers won’t feel as if they wasted their money or are stuck with a product they don’t enjoy.

The only downside to online mattress shopping is that you can’t preview the product in stores. However, they make up for this with their free trial period.

The company makes up for that by having plenty of videos and information about everything you need to know about their products which can give you a very good idea of what you’re buying without the need to test it out in stores.


When you order a new bed, you’ll want to try it out as soon as possible. Your GhostBed will only take 24 hours to reach your doorstep. Other companies can take up to 2 weeks to deliver their products.

What to Look For in Your New Mattress

So what are the features that you should focus on when searching for a new mattress, and how many of them are featured in the GhostBed? In this section, we will be taking a look at the most important aspects to look for when shopping for a new mattress.


When purchasing a mattress that can cost around $1,000 dollars, you expect a lot in terms of durability. You don’t want to have to purchase another one anytime soon. Being forced to invest in a new mattress because your previous model degraded within a year is something that most people would prefer to avoid.

Since you use your mattress every day, it will inevitably start to wear down. However, longevity and durability are what separate a decent mattress from an excellent mattress. If you are going to be spending this kind of money on a quality bed, you should expect a increased longevity and durability.


This is a characteristic that is often overlooked when shopping for mattresses. A lighter mattress will often be cheaper to deliver thanks to lower shipping weight, and it will simply be more convenient when it arrives.

You may need the help of a friend or family member when bringing a heavier mattress into your home, and that can be a bit of an inconvenience. If you live alone, you may wish to find a mattress that you can comfortably carry on your own.

When the GhostBed arrives at your home, you’ll easily be able to transport it with the help of a friend. It’s not excessively heavy, but looking at the average GhostBed review, most customers say that having a friend or neighbor around to lift it up the stairs was necessary.

Is It Easy To Clean?

When purchasing a mattress, we are all aware that it will need to be cleaned. Even if you don’t directly soil it, a mattress will accumulate a lot of dirt over time. You’ll want to minimize the dirt built up, so you can sleep healthily every night.

The GhostBed has a fabric top to it. If you want to keep it completely clean, then you should invest in a liquid-resistant mattress cover.


When deciding on the ideal size of your new mattress, you will have to consider how many people will be sleeping in the bed, their sleeping habits, and much more.

Before purchasing your bed, we would recommend measuring out the area where you intend to place it. Just because your mattress will fit somewhere, it doesn’t mean that it will be a good spot. If you are getting a larger mattress, consider just how much space it will take up.

Suffering buyer’s remorse because you purchased a mattress that makes your room feel cramped is unfortunate. It could make a dent in your wallet once you combine shipping fees and more. Keep in mind that larger mattresses will also be more expensive. This means that you will also have to balance your budget.

Sizes for most mattresses will range all the way from double to California king, but the range of sizes that are available depends on the particular model. Some manufacturers only specialize in smaller mattresses, while others have entire product ranges that are separated by size.

Other Factors

There are some other factors you need to consider before buying your new mattress.

  • Separation and Motion: If you’re sharing beds, then you’ll want to minimize the amount of motion transfer. If you or your partner enters or leaves the bed or switches positions, chances are you’ll wake up if the mattress directs that motion over to your side.
  • Temperature: Another thing you must consider is the mattress heat retention. Usually, most mattresses have some temperature regulation (ventilation, foams, phase change materials, etc.). Memory foam retains the most body heat when you rest.
  • Edge Support: If you sleep near the edge you’ll want a mattress with strong edge support. Most of the mid to high-end mattresses use foam encasements to keep the edge standing upright. Cheaper mattresses just use a steel rod to support the edge. Since memory foam features a design that conforms to your body’s shape, it doesn’t provide a reliable amount of edge support.

How to Choose the Right Mattress

Follow these six steps to gauge the quality of your mattress and buy one that suits you and your partner’s sleeping preferences:

Do you have to replace your mattress?

How long have you’ve been sleeping on your current mattress? As a rule of thumb, you should replace your mattress after eight years of usage. If you feel uncomfortable when sleeping, then you should replace the mattress immediately. Your sleeping habits should be the main factor in deciding what mattress you’ll buy. Feeling pain when waking up? Time to change your mattress!

What type is best for you?

When choosing a mattress, you’ll have to decide if you want it to have coils or foam. Foam provides a unique feel and contours to your body’s natural shape. A coil is great if you need a bed with bounce and a traditional feel. We recommend foam for most sleepers. But if you are larger (250 lbs+), have cooling needs, or need a traditional feel, then coils are the better option.

Determine your budget

Get a budget that fits within your income and works best for you. We recommend that you spend at least $800-$1000 on your mattress. This will give you a wide range of options and allow you to buy luxury end models. Do not buy a mattress that’s under $500 as its more likely to break down and have a more toxic smell behind it as well.

Find out your preferred firmness setting

On average, sleepers like mattresses that are in a 5-7 range (out of 10).This works for almost everybody types and sleeping styles. Test out each firmness setting to see which one you prefer the most.

What is your preferred sleeping position?

Side sleepers tend to sleep in beds that are 4 or lower. Back sleepers sleep within a 4-10 range. Front side sleepers should choose between a 5-10. These ranges serve as a guideline to aid you in your mattress choosing process.

What is your body type and how much do you weigh?

Your body weight directly correlates with mattress support. This means that you’ll need more support foams the heavier you are. Your weight measures how much the mattress will support you based on its pressure points and total sinkage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so special about the GhostBed?

Different from its competition, GhostBed’s design comes from the minds of experienced mattress professionals who have spent decades in the art of crafting mattresses. No other mattress manufacturer has such a reliable team that includes both scientists and mattress professionals.

Countless tests prove that the GhostBed provides proper spinal alignment. For those who have severe spinal conditions and require a high-quality bed, then this is the mattress for you.

If you prefer a rare type of sleeping position such as laying on your back or chest, you have found the bed to cater to your needs. Regardless of the sleeping position you prefer, we can guarantee that the GhostBed will satisfy.

GhostBed is one of the few mattress manufacturers to offer an all wood foundation that functions specifically for this mattress. While you can use another foundation, you run the risk of damaging your GhostBed.

Will the synthetic latex present cause any allergies?

You won’t experience any allergy problems when you sleep on a latex foam mattress. The latex foam that GhostBed is made from is hypoallergenic and won’t affect even those with  sensitive latex allergies.

The special washing process GhostBed uses to manufacture their synthetic latex erases any trace of an allergic reaction. This means that all of the proteins responsible for causing an allergic reaction lose their shape in the washing process.

What’s the weight limit?

As long as you use a strong foundation for the GhostBed, it can support up to 750 pounds of weight.

If you weigh over 300 pounds, the specialists over at Nature’s Sleep recommend ordering the King GhostBed along with its foundation.

Should You Flip Your GhostBed Mattress?

Contrary to popular belief, you should never flip your GhostBed. This is because the GhostBed contains a specific design that forces the memory foam and latex layers to always remain on the top side of the foundation.

If you wish to lengthen the lifespan of your GhostBed, we do advise you rotate the bed 180 degrees once every six months.


That concludes our GhostBed review! As you can see, it truly is one of the best mattresses on the market. Not only is it affordable, but it comes highly recommended by both doctors and sleepers alike.

The GhostBed will provide the support and comfort that you need to wake up feeling well-rested and rejuvenated. We guarantee that it will give you a far better night of sleep than traditional innerspring mattresses can provide.

If you still have further questions or comments about the GhostBed Mattress, you should feel free to leave them below. We will make it our priority to answer any questions you may have. Once you receive your answers, you can order your GhostBed Mattress today.

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