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dental hygiene preferred night guard

Last Updated, November 2017

DHP Day/Night Mouth Guard Kit is a dental product created by a registered dental hygienist that is used in the treatment of bruxism and TMJ. This product is self-fitted, cheap and available in packs of two.

The two mouth guards in a DHP Mouth Guard Kit are of different sizes, allowing you to choose the dental guard that perfectly fits your mouth. The mouth guard reduces contact between the upper and lower molars hence preventing bruxism especially at night.

DHP Complete Day/Night Complete Mouth Guard Kit

The mouth guard is made of soft ethylene vinyl acetate, an FDA approved material which allows easy creation of bite impressions and a good fit. The product can be worn on either the upper or lower teeth. DHP mouth guardsare known for increasing the lifespan of dental implants as well as reducing the discomfort and pain caused by bruxism.

DHP Night Guard Features

  • The product has a storage case
  • Can address signs and symptoms of both bruxism and TMJ
  • The device is worn on lower or upper teeth
  • Available in packs of two guards in a kit

Pros of Dental Hygiene Preferred Night Guard

dental hygiene preferred night guard review

  • The DHP night guard has a storage case to keep the mouth guard safe and clean
  • The product can be used as a sports mouth guard
  • clear and precise instructions for molding the night guard are provided
  • the mouth guard has no adverse effects like allergies
  • the device protects teeth from wearing out, chipping or cracking
  • money back guarantee available in case you find the product unsatisfactory
  • Dental Hygiene Preferred complete night mouth guard is developed by a registered dental hygienist

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Cons of Dental Hygiene Preferred Night Guard

  • Dental Hygiene Preferred Night Grind brux mouthguard kit is not suitable for use if you have braces or other orthodontist appliance
  • it is a wide and bulky mouth guard causing discomfort

Dental Hygiene Preferred Night Guard Reviews

There are more than 100 positive reviews of DHP mouth guards onAmazon.

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