Best Air Mattress

Best Air Mattress

This buyer’s guide will help you when shopping for the best air mattress in the market. There are several things you need to consider when looking for an air mattress whether you need one for camping or an emergency temporary bed for visitors. The reviews in this article will help you make an informed choice when purchasing an inflatable mattress.

Best Air Mattress (Complete Guide)

#1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Mattress

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Key Features

  • Comfort coil technology
  • The mattress comes in four different sizes
  • It features an integrated cord storage area for ease of storage and hassle-free transportation
  • The mattress comes with a high-powered in-built pump

SoundAsleep Dream Mattress will ensure your guests are comfortable enough when sleeping over at your place. This air mattress is solid and efficient with no bells and whistles which makes it ideal for visitors. It also features 40 different in-built air coils for durability and additional support for better sleep at night. Besides, you can easily inflate this mattress thanks to the push button on the side.

The mattress also comes with an in-built pump that works efficiently as it ensures the air bed comes to size in a few minutes. It’s queen size and considered to be double height. SoundAsleep Dream Mattress has positive reviews from users praising its attractive looks and comfortability. It’s one of the best air mattress in the market especially if you need temporary bedding for your guests.

#2. Fox Air Beds Plush High-Rise Mattress

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Key Features

  • The mattress comes with an integrated pump
  • It has memory foam at the top
  • The mattress comes in four different sizes
  • I-beam coils

The memory foam over the air chamber makes the mattress super comfortable and supportive. The mattress comes with two pillows and an in-built two-way pump for inflating. Besides, you can also use a manual pump to inflate the mattress. If you buy this air mattress, you will have five different alternatives to choose from starting with California king to twin XL.

Fox Air Bed Mattress takes pride in comfortability, durability, and is also quite easy to inflate. Plus, you won’t bounce around especially when someone else moves. However, it the mattress does not stay firm all through the night. Also, inflating the top part is a bit challenging especially when you overinflate.

#3. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

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Key Features

  • The mattress has two in-built pump systems
  • Never Flat pump technology
  • It automatically shuts off when you are done
  • It comes in three different color options

If you are planning on using this air mattress for longer, ensure it offers the most in terms of comfort. The mattress comes with some excellent features although it doesn’t have the same characteristics as most traditional mattresses. It’s about 18 inches tall which typically means that you will hop in and out of it quite easily.

Insta-bed Raised Air Mattress also comes with a never flat pump that usually re-inflates the air bed silently as you sleep to maintain its firmness. Besides, the main pump works efficiently as it inflates the bed in a few minutes setting it up quick and fast. You will love how the backup never flat pump works at night to keep the bed afloat.

The mattress is also easy to use and set-up. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress is the best air mattress in the market for those long-term accommodations and can also work as a temporary air bed for guests.

#4. Coleman Camping Cot Air Mattress

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Key Features

  • The mattress comes with a manual battery-operated pump
  • It features an in-built frame
  • The mattress cover is sewn-in
  • It comes in two different size options

The set-up of this air mattress for home use is usually different than when you want it for camping or traveling purposes. This is because priorities are always different when you are out in the woods. For instance, you will want something convenient, compact, lightweight, easy to use, store and set-up.

However, with all these features, you may have to compromise on comfort as you will spend very little time sleeping on it especially if you intend to go long-distance treks and hikes. Coleman Camping Air Mattress additionally comes with a cot that keeps you warm when the temperatures are low. The frame supports up to about 600 pounds and features two tables on the sides.

Coleman Air Mattress is the most comfortable option for campers. The internal pump works efficiently in the woods as opposed to a manual one. However, some people find the frame’s weight a bit heavy especially when you are on the move. But, if you have no issue with the heaviness of the frame, then this is the best air mattress for you.

#5. FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

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Key Features

  • The mattress comes with an external pump
  • It comes with two inflatable pillows
  • Universal fit

If your plan is to spend the night in your car, the FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress will be your best bet especially if you are looking for comfort even in the cramped quarters. This air mattress is uniquely designed with a perfect fit for different car models including SUV’s and sedans. Besides, this air mattress is modestly priced.

The unique feature in this bed is the air chamber that’s typically designed to fill the gaps between the car’s floor and the bottom part of the mattress. This will create a bigger and uniform sleeping surface compared to sleeping right across the car seats. FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress will save you the hassle that usually comes with sleeping in the car since you will sleep efficiently.

However, some users argue that FBSport is not the best air mattress as it’s of low quality. For those times when you don’t have anywhere else to sleep, this inflatable air mattress will be your best bet for if you are looking for short-term options. But it’s not ideal for an extended period.

#6. Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Air Bed

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Key Features

  • Soft-Flocked Top for comfort
  • Comes with an in-built pillow and electric pump
  • Easily adjustable firmness
  • Fiber- Tech technology

Intex is a popular brand with different entities out there. The Intex Deluxe Raised Air Bed is queen-sized and is about 16 inches tall. It comes with an internal pump which makes it easy to inflate and deflate the mattress in a few seconds. The soft-flocked top part of this air mattress is waterproof and also feels super comfortable. It additionally helps keep the sheets securely in place all through the night.

Intex Deluxe Air Bed comes with a carry bag for easy storage. The air bed can comfortably accommodate up to about 600 pounds which means it’s capable of carrying two adults with ease. Compared to its counterparts, it’s typically the most inexpensive queen-sized air mattress in the market. You will love it especially if you use it for its intended purpose.

The mattress is quick and easy to inflate and deflate, is super comfortable and will work perfectly for your guests. However, this mattress is not as durable as it tends to break down after several uses. But this will not be the case if you use it occasionally as a temporary bed.

#7. Insta-Bed EZ Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

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Key Features

  • The mattress comes with an in-built frame
  • It has a wheeled storage space
  • Integrated pump system

Insta-bed EZ Bed is slightly elevated off the ground since it sits on a frame. This queen-sized mattress is 11.5 inches thick and can be easily inflated using the built-in two system pump. Just like other Insta-Bed models, this product also includes never flat pump that keeps re-inflating all through the night to maintain firmness.

However, this bed only works well as a temporary option and not ideal for long-term use. The air mattress is super comfortable and also comes with a convenient carry bag for easy storage. Some people find the backup pump a bit noisy which can be a drawback. But if you can look beyond the noise, this model’s overall performance is great. It’s uniquely designed and can be quite efficient in a home set up.

#8. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Air Bed

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Key Features

  • The mattress is 22” tall
  • It comes with an electric pump
  • Adjustable fill
  • Fiber-tech construction

Intex Comfort Plush Air Bed is an ideal option for those who find trouble getting down to the level of the floor. The mattress is fairly priced, is easy to set up and stands at 22 inches thick which makes it the tallest in the market. The top part of this air mattress is waterproof and comes with a convenient duffle bag for ease of storage and transportation. The mattress holds up to 600 pounds and saves for a little air leakage, this model offers the best in terms of performance.

The in-built high-powered electric pump works efficiently inflating and deflating the air mattress in a few seconds to your desired firmness. Intex Comfort Dura-Beam Air Bed guarantees your money’s worth especially when it comes to performance and durability.  For efficiency, ensure you turn the inflation dial fully to the deflate or inflate position. What’s more, the sides are indented to keep the sheets in place and prevent them from slipping while you sleep.

#9. Intex Raised Downy Queen-Sized Air Bed

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Key Features

  • The mattress comes with an integrated electric pump
  • It’s 22” tall
  • The air bed features dual chamber construction
  • Vinyl beams and sturdy construction

Intex Raised Downy Air Bed is another tall option for those who find getting down to floor level hard. The mattress is about 22 inches thick with a soft flocked waterproof top and vinyl beams. It comes with an in-built high powered electric pump to easily inflate and deflate the mattress. What’s more, the sides of this air bed are indented to keep the sheets in place and prevent them from slipping while you sleep. Besides, it’s one of the cheapest air mattress in the market.

The mattress additionally comes with a carry bag for hassle-free transportation and easy storage. Ensure you fill the air mattress with cold air only, don’t over inflate and only use a low-pressure inflator. It feels super comfortable when working correctly and properly filled.

You should also put the quality of the mattress into consideration since air leakage is reported to be the most common issue with this product. However, it’s still a great option for those working on a budget.

What to Look for When Buying an Air Mattress

Type of Mattress

You should know the type of air mattress you want to buy. No long ago, these types of mattresses were known to be thin layers of air that could barely keep your body off the ground. Currently, there are several types and designs in the market with each one of them coming with its own disadvantages and advantages. Your budget and intended purpose will help you decide which type of air mattress suits your needs.

Most people usually prefer raised air mattresses since they make getting in and out of it easier compared to those that sit closer to the floor. Once raised mattresses are inflated, they feel super comfortable and almost looks like a traditional mattress. A convertible air mattress is also ideal as it can double up as a piece of furniture too. This would be great especially if you want something comfortable to sit on when you are awake.

Self-inflatable air mattress comes with a high-powered in-built pump which is a unique feature in terms of convenience. Lastly, there’s also an air bed with rails and frame that is quite efficient making it the best bet for those looking for permanent sleeping solutions.

Thickness and Comfort Level

Generally, the thickness of the air mattress determines its comfort level. Thicker air beds are usually more comfortable compared to thinner ones since the latter has little air underneath to sustain your weight all through the night. Besides, a thick air mattress comfortably maintains firmness and holds up more weight effortlessly.

When the temperatures are low, its quite normal for the air mattress to lose inflation – therefore, starting out with some thick air pad under the body would be best. A thin air mattress will get you feeling comfortable as the night begins but as it deflates, you will wake up with your body on the ground.

For increased comfort levels, you can also go for an air mattress with a soft memory foam at the top. In such instances, you are bound to get additional comfort from the fabric while getting enough body support from the air mattress. However, these types of air mattresses are usually more expensive but, in most cases, provide ultimate comfort for a great night’s sleep.


Generally, inflatable beds also come in different sizes just like the regular ones ranging from king to twin. Finding the perfect size depending on the intended purpose and need is equally important. Full and twin-sized air beds are usually ideal solutions for outdoor use. You don’t need a big bed to use under a tent unless you have a large family.

Most people always use the queen size bed. It can comfortably accommodate two adults, doesn’t take up a lot of space in a room but is a bit smaller than the king size. Queen-sized is also a top priority for manufactures since it’s the most commonly used air mattress. However, there are several other alternatives to choose from in the market.

Finally, we have the King size air mattress. If you are not working on a budget and have enough space, the king size will be a better option. Your guests will thank you for the extra sleeping space!

Pet Considerations

To get through the night, no one has to sacrifice their pets or themselves for that comfortable sleep. If you are shopping for an air mattress, there are several factors to consider to ensure it stays firm throughout the night without deflating it. For instance, air beds that are not prone to puncture will help protect the sleep place especially from playful nips and sharp curious claws.

Reinforcement and heavy-duty materials also help prevent any damages while enhancing durability as well. Products that come with warranties will also come in handy in case of damages Besides, some of these air mattresses usually come with a life-long warranty. Go for an air mattress made of non-toxic materials for the health of both the pet and sleeper.

Most air mattresses have in-built pumps for deflating and inflating which makes them convenient whether you are going camping or merely setting up temporary sleeping space in your house. Ensure when choosing the right air mattress for your pets, it equally provides comfort and support for you.

The Pump and Ease of Use

Inflating an air mattress can be quite difficult but can also be a fast and easy task. A pump comes in handy in such scenarios as it’s incredibly convenient. However, for some air bed models, you’ll still need to use your hands and foot when engaging the pump. This typically means that inflating the air mattress with these types of pumps requires some effort and sweat before retiring to bed.

However, other air mattresses usually come with electrically powered pumps for inflation. Some use batteries while others you just plug in on the outlet which makes inflating the bed quite effortless. The most important advantage of a high-powered automatic pump is their ability to re-inflate the mattress as you sleep. You can effortlessly maintain the firmness of the mattress with a click. The convenience of this mattress in terms of performance makes it a worthwhile investment. People don’t like the hassle that comes with re-inflating the mattress manually in the middle of the night.

Ability to Hold Air

This is the most significant part when it comes to air mattress. You won’t have to worry about the performance of your spring mattress, but how well the air bed holds air throughout the night. You’ll probably find yourself on the floor if your mattress tends to leak and you are also using it in a cold place.

Your bed needs to hold as much air as it possibly can when sleeping outside in a tent because temperatures tend to drop significantly at night. Cold temperatures usually cause condensation of air meaning the mattress will be deflated by dawn. Go for an air mattress that can hold up enough air since there’s nothing you can do about cold temperatures. Go for quality products that are uniquely designed and built to prevent any potential leaks.

Warranty and Customer Service

Getting an air mattress that comes with a warranty helps a great deal. Or you can buy your mattress from popular brands with a good reputation when it comes to customer service. This way, the company can help you with repairs in case of any damages. Warranties is especially important for self-inflating mattresses with high-powered electric pumps.

The coverage of different features in an air mattress that comes with a warranty usually relates directly to the cost. Expensive air mattresses usually have warranties compared to the less costly models.

In the long run, you need to put all factors into consideration including the products durability. An air mattress with a great warranty will give you mental clarity as you are guaranteed your money’s worth.


It’s always important to check the prices of the product since they are directly related to the features. This therefore means that air mattresses with more features are usually quite expensive and vice versa. Besides, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets for the high-quality ones. However, if you are working on a budget you can always go for the inexpensive air mattresses with limited features and comfort. Ultimately, it’s about what you need the bed for and what it offers to suit your needs.

This is to say, if you are looking for the best air mattress for camping, you can choose an affordable one from a popular brand. If you want a temporary bed for your guests, go for a better model that is super comfortable and supportive for a great sleep at night. Consider your needs then come up with an ideal budget to match up the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make the air mattress feel softer?

You can use a topper to change the feel of the mattress without having to buy a new one. These products usually add several inches of comfort at the top that tends to relieve pressure. However, sinking in softness can also reduce the exposure of your body to circulating air thereby retaining heat.

Fortunately, some air mattresses come with toppers that typically consider the extra heat they deliver and have added features such as gel and breathable fabric to help with the issue.

How do you know the air in the mattress is too much?

Avoid over-filling your air mattress for it to last longer. Adding extra air to compensate for the condensing one when the temperatures are low will only make the bed more prone to leaks.

Since these products are not similar, you need to check some manually because others have pressure gauges. Most brands usually recommend inflating the air mattress to at least 90% capacity when using it for the first time to ensure the ultimate pressure recommendation and that of your weight don’t cause any leaks. Therefore, you need to go for less air the first time of use to minimize the chances of leaking especially for those who prefer ultra-firm air beds.


You want to get everything right when purchasing an air mattress even if it’s not going to be one of the biggest purchases of your life. There are greater things in life but a better sleep at night is equally important. Choosing the right air mattress is key to be at your best during the day after a restful night.

Do the necessary research before shopping for an air mattress whether it’s for your personal use or for the guests. It would be best if you pick the right product to suit your needs. Settling on the best air mattress can be quite hard since there are several options in the market to choose from. I hope the information above helps in such instances.

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