Best Air Mattress for Camping

Best Air Mattress for Camping

Going camping soon and want a mattress that is perfect for the outdoors? We've got you covered. Here are the best air mattresses for camping that can withstand the hard outdoor environment while ensuring you get a good night sleep.

Camping in the woods requires a certain level of determination and hardiness but doesn’t need to be uncomfortable and difficult. Air mattresses for camping have different features providing maximum comfort comparable to sleeping in an actual bed. Choose the best camping air mattress that suits your needs from the above recommendations.

Tips for Buying the Best Air Mattress for Camping

You need to consider some of these factors when shopping for the best air mattress for camping:

  • Lighter or Heavier

Heavy – Air mattresses for camping are usually light or heavy depending on the materials used for construction. A heavier bed is highly recommended for maximum comfort as they are typically made with more comfortable, thicker and durable materials. These types of mattresses are ideal for campers with kids and those prefer camping near their homes.

Lighter – If your main goal is rock climbing, hiking, or trekking as opposed to sleeping in tents, consider going for lightweight air mattresses. Lighter mattresses are usually convenient and portable ideal for campers on the move.

  • Electric Pump or Foot/Hand Pump

Electric Vs Hand – Air mattresses with electric pumps are only convenient if you have a car close by. Bulky electric pumps will even make things harder for you. In such cases, a manual hand pump will come in handy.

Portable Pump – Electric pumps can be bought later and usually feature AC and DC plugins. An electric pump with DC plugin can draw power right from the car’s outlet while its counterpart requires a wall outlet or generator.

Battery- Powered – Some air mattresses usually come with in-built pumps run by 4D batteries ideal when you don’t have a car or access to a power outlet. Ideal for campers who want to feel the luxury that comes with inflatable mattresses.

Self-Inflating – Handling these types of air mattresses is quite easy. Self-inflating mattresses are lightweight, ideal for hikes and treks.

Size – Consider the size of your tent when choosing an air mattress for camping.

  • Reviews

Check out other users reviews on the air mattress before buying. Going for brand names alone can lead to a poor choice as experts suggest.  Reviews usually paint a true picture of the product especially when it comes to durability and performance. Look through the advantages and disadvantages as they will help you make an informed decision.


There are different air mattresses for camping to accommodate any budget whether high, moderate or low. However, you need to understand that sometimes low budget air mattresses can mean less durability and few convenient features.

Best Air Mattress for Camping

Here are some of the best air mattresses for camping:

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Best Air Mattress for Camping 1


There aren’t any long-term solutions when it comes to sleep. Whether you are going for camping or expecting company, there are different ways a high-quality air mattress can typically work as a temporary bed. The SoundAsleep Dream Air Mattress is super comfortable but not ideal for everyday use. They are uniquely designed to serve as comfortable sleep solutions for a short period.

The mattress is super comfortable but you can use a sheet to protect it and for additional comfort. It comes with an in-built air pump and only takes a few minutes to set it up. Insert the cord to the volt outlet then turn on the dial to inflate the air mattress. However, you will need to buy a converter if you need to increase the voltage. The pump can be a drawback if you want to use the mattress outdoors since you’ll need a power outlet close by.

If you want to use the mattress for camping, go for battery-powered or manual pumps. You can also control the firmness of the mattress by simply removing or adding air. It’s quite easy to climb to since it’s only 19 inches thick and holds up to about 800 pounds. The mattress is made of a PVC material that naturally stretches after several uses.

SoundAsleep Air Mattress is portable and can be carried around easily as you only need to deflate it after use. Plus, it’s highly supportive and will not take up a lot of your storage space. It measures 78” × 58” × 19” and comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • The mattress is easy to deflate and inflate
  • The top part is waterproof and usually maintains shape
  • The sure grip at the bottom keeps the mattress securely in place throughout the night
  • It features a flocked design that keeps the sheets in place
  • You can comfortably adjust the firmness of the mattress
  • Air leakage is minimal
  • It comes with a convenient bag for storage
  • It’s made with a puncture-resistant material
  • The mattress comes with a cord storage space at the front


  • You can use a manual pump to inflate the mattress
  • It’s not ideal for camping

2. Coleman Support Rest Elite Airbed

Best Air Mattress for Camping 2


Coleman Support Airbed is made of plastic and measures 75” × 40” × 20” with a 300 pounds weight limit ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The bed fits regular twin size sheets while its height accommodates those with different health problems. The double high design offers some extra cushioning and makes getting in and out of bed easy. The support lock construction and the super soft plush at the top increases stability. This inflatable mattress is an ideal bet for camping trips or visiting houseguests.

The mattress additionally features a convenient in-built Swift rise 120 volts pump that inflates the bed in minutes. The double lock valve and air tight system helps maintain the firmness level of the mattress and holds air quite well. The pump can also deflate this airbed for compact storage and packing. Plus, it comes with a carry bag for a hassle-free transportation. What’s more, it has an antimicrobial treated surface that resists odor, mildew, mold, and fungus.

3. Lightspeed Outdoors PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress

Best Air Mattress for Camping 3


Rest easy as you will enjoy a good night’s sleep on the Lightspeed Outdoors PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress that comes with a stabilizing system. The mattress distributes weight evenly using the connectors at the top and bottom to reduce movement disturbances and bouncing. You can comfortably adjust the firmness of this air bed from firm to soft depending on what you prefer using the battery-powered pump and in-built Boston valve.

The superior material used on this air bed mattress is durable, light, and is not prone to ballooning and stretching typical of PVC air mattresses. It’s portable and convenient for storage and transport. The mattress can comfortably fit queen-sized sheets and two adults. It additionally features built-in handles that help with positioning and comes with a big storage bag for hassle-free packing making it the best air mattress for camping.

Lightspeed air bed mattress has a single cap valve that makes deflation and inflation quite easy and fast. You don’t need any attachment save for the air pump that comes with the mattress on purchase. The tab design inside usually helps prevent air leakage even when it’s not closed. When you want to deflate the mattress, pull out the inner tab for quick results. However, you should always close the valve tightly to prevent air from flowing out through the single valve part.


  • The mattress is compact and highly portable ideal for camping
  • It features a single seam that helps minimize air leakages
  • It’s made of an eco-friendly TPU fabric


  • The mattress is not properly elevated from the ground

4. Coleman Camping Queencot Air Bed

Best Air Mattress for Camping 4


Coleman Air Bed Mattress measures 59” × 22” × 78” with a weight limit of about 600 pounds. The three-piece combination includes a battery-operated pump, cot with side tables, and air mattress. The sewn-in cover keeps the mattress securely in place on the cot and offers superior support. The pull-out design and cup holders help with easy storage as it comes with a convenient carry bag making it the best air mattress for camping.

The versatile design allows you to use it outdoors and outdoors while the airtight system guarantees to keep the mattress firm. The mattress is closed on both sides and comes with a 4D battery pump to easily inflate and deflate it. The detachable cot is elevated for security convenience and longevity. The Queencot can serve as a camping bed or a makeshift bed indoors. Besides, it’s unique structure makes it perfect for different types of campers and can also work as an emergency bed for house guests.


  • The elevated and detachable cot air bed provides enough security, convenience, and longevity
  • You can use it as a regular indoor bed or outdoor mattress


  • The mattress requires occasional re-inflation especially for any extended use

5. Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress

Best Air Mattress for Camping 5


Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress is the best bet for those working on a budget since it’s affordable and highly durable. It’s also compact, lightweight and self-inflating just like the name suggests making it one of the best air mattresses for camping. The mattress is made of polyutherane and weighs about 300 pounds. You can use the mattress for sleeping on its own or as an additional insulation layer for the tent’s floor.

Stansport Air Mattress features a mummy bag shape and die-cut reducing the volume and weight especially for the traveling enthusiasts. The bag comes in three different sizes. The durable nylon shell typically holds the bag to the pad securely in place. The air mattress is made from a bonded material that ensures effective outdoor performance and can be easily folded for hassle-free transportation. It’s ideal for campers who move constantly and powerless long trekkers.


  • Stansport air mattress is relatively cheap
  • The mattress is compact and lightweight
  • It’s self-inflating
  • The air mattress is highly durable


  • Wrapping the mattress can be quite difficult in some cases

6. Intex Classic Downy Air Bed Set with Two Pillows

Best Air Mattress for Camping 6


Intex Classic Air Bed is super comfortable thanks to the soft flocked surface that also keeps the sheets in place. The vinyl construction is waterproofed for camping use and is also easy to clean while the wave beam makes the sleeping surface uniform. The bed can hold up to about 600 pounds and compactly folds for easy storage. However, since vinyl usually relaxes over time, you’ll need to occasionally re-inflate the mattress to maintain firmness to your preference.

The package comes with a lightweight high output hand pump and two pillows. Besides, double action typically inflates on up and down strokes.


  • It’s super comfortable since it’s flocked at the top
  • The mattress is durable as it features a rugged vinyl construction
  • The mattress comes with a lightweight and efficient hand pump that makes inflating and deflating quite easy
  • The wave beam construction ensures the sleeping surface is uniform
  • The queen-sized measurements ensure bedding fits snugly on the mattress


  • It might take you a while to get used to the hand pump
  • The pillows are small for home use
  • The air intake valve doesn’t coms with a stopper for preventing air leakage

7. Insta-Bed Full Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

Best Air Mattress for Camping 7


The convenience of the never flat pump and raised height of this mattress guarantees you ultimate night comfort. The never flat system usually monitors air pressure as you sleep and engages the secondary pump to maintain the comfort settings whether firm, medium, or plush. The mattress features a sueded top that helps keep bedding securely in place while the welded construction offers an airtight seal.

The mattress comes with a carry bag for convenient storage and hassle-free transportation. The primary pump inflates and deflates the mattress quite fast and automatically shuts off when done. Check the guide before inflating the air mattress since the material tends to stretch on the first few uses and you may also require extra air to attain full firmness.

Camping is gaining popularity as urbanization grows but our bodies still require concessions to fully enjoy the air mattresses. Most people find trouble sleeping on the ground, the caveman style most especially those struggling with different health issues including joint and back pain.

The best air mattresses for camping will ensure that you get enough rest and also keep you comfortable throughout the journey. This will allow you to do a lot of exploring and trekking since you won’t have to deal with sore back. What’s more, you can find comfortable air mattresses in the market for everyday use.

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