Purple Mattress Review

Purple Mattress Review

Living in an apartment or a house without air conditioning is difficult during the summer or in hotter regions. This is one of the major issue sleepers tend to face. It’s impossible to rest if your body is sweating profusely. You can say goodbye to this problem when you sleep on a Purple Mattress.

The right mattress can help you feel better rested over the course of the night so that you will not wake up cranky and devoid of energy.

The Purple Mattress will also ensure you receive a consistent sleep schedule, which is critical for improved cardiac and mental health. Since a mattress can have so many positive long-term effects, it makes sense to want to invest in one of the more capable models.

The best mattress on the market will have to come from an online retailer since they tend to have the best selection. If you want the broadest set of choices for your future mattress, nothing can beat an online retailer.

Today, we are going to give you our in-depth Purple Mattress review. As you may have guessed from the name, this mattress comes in a lilac color. Made of a combination of materials, the Purple mattress is one of the mattresses that has been heavily requested by our readers.

Whether it is the colorful design or the promise of superior heat dissipation and comfort, you will find that the Purple mattress is one of the more popular varieties on the market.

After spending a few nights resting on the Purple Mattress, most consumers wish that they had bought it earlier. It delivers a cool temperature and comfort that’s unmatched by its competitors.

Take a look at our Purple Mattress review to help you decide if it’s the right one for you.

About Purple

The brilliant company Purple was created when two brothers named Tony and Terry Pearce came up with the idea of making comfy wheelchair cushions. Inspired by its success they combined their skills to improve the cushioning of many different materials. The brothers ended up creating Floam.

Floam is a cushioning fluid that the brothers created that consists of a high-elastic polymer. This material became the ideal substance used to make comfortable mattresses because the polymer made it possible for the mattress to mold to a person’s body.

Using this new material, the brothers went on to create critical care beds for hospitals, and consumer mattresses for various countries. They also manufactured small things like backpack straps, shoe insoles, and other products that this form of cushioning could be applied to.

After this success, the partners wanted to create something big that could benefit millions of people around the world. They wanted to make a full-size mattress using the material they invented. Converting the Floam into a large product proved to be too expensive. So, they came up with an alternative to achieve their goal.

They developed the Mattress Max. The machine enabled them to produce the mattresses at affordable production costs to sell it to their customers online at an affordable price.

The Purple company accomplished their goal by creating an affordable and high-quality mattress. To learn more about how their mattresses’ success could benefit you, keep reading this article.

Purple Mattress Review

Product Features

  • Available in a range of sizes from twin XL all the way up to California king
  • Ensures that your spine is aligned by providing equal pressure throughout your back
  • The design of this mattress helps isolate movement to a single side
  • Air channels help keep this mattress cooler than competing models
  • Features an antimicrobial design to make it a healthier option
  • Versatile design offers a mix of support and sinking for optimal comfort


The Purple mattress has many benefits when compared to other options. In the following section, we are going to go over the aspects that we consider integral to this mattress.

When searching for the best mattress, the benefits must outweigh its disadvantages. Here are some of Purple Mattress’ benefits that have been discussed by casual sleepers and industry professionals alike.

Build Construction

When buying your mattress, you always want to focus on a product that can offer superior build quality.We found that the Purple Mattress is an excellent option for those who would expect longevity out of their mattress.

In addition to the quality of the construction, we also believe that the design of this mattress helps make it one of the best choices. Let’s take a look at the parts that make up this mattress and what exactly they do.

As we’ve stated earlier, the Purple Mattress has an innovative comfort layer that’s made of a hyper-elastic polymer that creates a grid structure. We’re interested in seeing how the design and material affect the mattress, and what pressure relief and support it provides.


Purple Mattress’ cover is made of a mixture of Lycra, Polyester, and Viscose. It has a breathable and soft material that’s thin enough to let air go through the mattress. The lycra is stretchable and helps the bed regulate the temperature when users sleep in it.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layer is 2-inches tall and is responsive to pressure. This increases the bounce of the mattress. As a result, users can switch positions while sleeping without receiving too much interference.

Since this layer has a grid structure design, it provides good pressure relief and weight distribution. It creates polymer columns that supports your body until a certain level of pressure is reached.

The weight is equally distributed across the grid and is still supportive enough to prevent pressure point formation. This design includes air pockets, which work to prevent overheating while you sleep.


It has a 2 lb density and a poly-foam covering that’s 4 inches long. This acts as the main support and gives the mattress its shape. A proper base is integral for some of the best mattresses on the market since it will be the foundation.


When you rest your body on the Purple Mattress, you’ll feel its polymer material instantly. It’s responsive to pressure and is bouncy.

When you add more pressure and weight to the mattress, you’ll feel the foam transition layer. This layer contains the smart grid feature that helps with weight distribution.

Remember, most people will have a different feel of the mattress because of the different body types and sleeping styles. To provide more accurate reasoning for its support, Purple has created an egg test to measure its firmness.

This means that when you rest on the mattress, it creates a contoured feel. You’ll be able to sleep on the bed easily without your hips sinking into its material. The Purple mattress is a great mattress because it can support all regions of the body without hindering your sleeping efforts.

Temperature Control

Temperature directly affects how you sleep. This goes beyond comfort as cool temperatures help you sleep, slows down the heart rate, and relaxes your body. Keep in mind that different users will have varying preferences when it comes to the ideal temperature to sleep in.

This mattress comes equipped with heat channels that give the top of it a characteristic look. These channels have a dual effect. First, they cool you down by improving air circulation between the Purple Mattress and your body. There is also a benefit in regards to comfort thanks to the design of these channels.

Unlike memory foam mattresses, which are known for storing heat, the Purple Mattress grid design prevents moisture from getting stuck in the mattress. In fact, about 5% of the customers reported that they felt hot when sleeping.

Edge Support

If you share a bed with a partner, edge support is one of the most important factors to consider. Due to the unique material, we were surprised to see how the Purple Mattress would perform during this test.

When sleeping on your back, the Purple Mattress supports your body even if it’s on the edge. Users noticed an even distribution on the side and the center of the bed. You don’t have to worry about falling out the bed when you change positions at night.

Some compression does exist when you sleep on the side of the bed. It allows the user’s hips and shoulders to lay on the bed and receive ample pressure relief. When turning around, they reported that they felt slightly off, but the bed’s compression would keep them secure.

The most important aspect of edge support is how easy it is for you to sit down on the edge of your bed. Whether it is in the morning to get ready for work, or in the evening to get ready for bed, you will want to be able to sit down on the side of your bed.

Of course, some beds are low enough to the ground that edge support does not matter all that much. Keep in mind that the Purple Mattress is still relatively tall so that it can use edge support. While there may be a bit of give around the edges, you will find that there is still enough support to sit.

Antimicrobial and Hypoallergenic Design

This mattress is an excellent option for customers who want to ensure that they aren’t exposed to germs and microbes while they sleep. Since this mattress is made with antimicrobial fabrics and materials, it is much safer than many other options that can sometimes be home to colonies of germs.

If you don’t want your mattress to be the reason that you get sick, so an antimicrobial design will keep you healthy. While it may slightly increase the cost of production, you will likely save that money in medicine and cough syrup.

In addition to resistance to germs and other microbes, you will find that Purple mattresses make use of hypoallergenic materials. These are fabrics that will not cause an allergic reaction to those who are susceptible to them. If your allergies are sensitive, this is an excellent mattress.


While the Purple mattress is a great entry level mattress, there are some issues associated with it. Fortunately, most of them are minor and can be adjusted if they start to become a huge problem. Weigh in these disadvantages so you can get most out of this mattress.


When you are looking for your ideal mattress, you will want a model that doesn’t weigh too much. The larger weight will make it significantly more challenging to install. Some mattresses are meant to be easier to carry for a single individual, though it often depends on the size.

Of course, larger mattresses will be heavier. If you are looking to install it alone, you may want to purchase a smaller option such as the Leea Mattress. The weight of your mattress is not the only aspect that has a bearing on how easy it is to carry around. The bulkiness will also affect its portability.

In comparison to other mattresses, the Purple Mattress weighs within a range of 75-140 lbs. This is about 15% heavier than competing models. And, it doesn’t have any handles, which makes it harder to carry unless there are extra people supporting you in unboxing the mattress.

Size Problems for Taller Sleepers

This mattress is not recommended for users that are 6’3″ or taller. Users at that height stated that the mattress felt an inch smaller than regular beds. In fact, their feet would hang off the bed. It’s 10″ thickness makes it harder for some users to hop on and off the bed easily.

The low number of sizes available for this bed has something to do with the reduced versatility for users with either small or large stature. If you are of average height, this is an excellent mattress.

Limited Sizes

If you have children or toddlers, they might be out of luck. The Purple Mattress is only available in Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King size. We suggest that you give your child a Twin XL mattress so they can enjoy Purple’s luxury bedding.

Many other memory foam mattresses offer a size selection with at least two more sizes, but the Purple Mattress only comes in the four sizes we just mentioned.

While this may make it harder to find the perfect size for your needs, it also simplifies the production process.

How Much Does it Cost?

Do you like the Purple Mattress and its innovative features? Here are the sizing and price information. Remember, Purple offers a 100 day trial period. For those not pleased with their mattress, you can receive a free refund.

Size Weight Dimensions Price
Twin XL 75 lbs 37” x 80” x 10” $700
Queen 110 lbs 60” x 80” x 10” $1,000
King 145 lbs 76” x 80” x 10” $1,300
California King 145 lbs 72” x 84” x 10” $1,300

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Minimal Motion transfer which is great for couples Low Edge support
Budget-Friendly mattress options Heavy mattress due to its weight, dimensions, and size
Polymer technology Limited sizes – No Full or Twin sized beds
100 Night Trial

When looking at its pros and cons, it’s obvious that the Purple Mattress is a great mattress to have in your room. Not only is it easily adjustable, but its polymer technology helps hot sleepers get an adequate amount of rest without any interference.

But it’s low edge support can be a problem for some. And, it doesn’t have Twin or Full-size mattresses for children who want a luxury mattress. Keep both the pros in cons before you buy so you can have a realistic expectation of how the Purple Mattress works.

Buying Advice

Need advice on what specs are important? Don’t stop reading. We’ll help you find the most appealing attributes of a mattress so that you can thoroughly research and find the best one. Make sure that the mattress that you buy suits you and your partner’s personal sleeping preferences.

Sleeping Position

The way you sleep will factor in what mattress you can buy. Stomach, side, back, or a mixture of each, everyone sleeps in a unique way. Each sleeping position requires a different firmness level and specific needs to ensure a good night’s rest.


Support and firmness are crucial for back sleepers. Mattresses that are too soft will create unnecessary pressure points. As a result, you won’t get the sufficient amount of pushback to aid you in your sleep.

Besides, if the bed is unable to support your body, then the spine will be unaligned and will cause potential back problems. The best mattress firmness is one that gives you good back support while removing pressure points from the body.

Get a mattress that has a firmness rating in between 4-7 (10 being the most firm). Purple mattress falls under this firmness rating category.

Purple Mattress will prevent you from sinking into the bed. This healthy habit for your body ensures you receive eight hours of sleep each night.


Support is the main priority if you prefer to sleep on your stomach. This is because your torso endures a lot of pressure when you sleep on it. Because of this, you need a mattress that provides support for your entire body.

If your mid section sinks in the mattress, your spine will begin to curve, and you’ll experience back problems. You need to keep your body flat in relation to the surface of the mattress if you wish to sleep well.

Typically, you’ll want a mattress has a firmness that’s within the 5-7 range. For those who need an extra layer of support, you should get a softer 4 or a harder 8 to help you sleep better.


People who sleep on their side don’t usually sleep in the same spot. Most of the time, they’ll rotate their legs in different positions (one that’s bent and one straight, straight legs, or both legs bent).

Due to this constant change, you’ll need a soft-medium firm mattress. Get a mattress with a 3-6 firmness range. Having a soft mattress will relieve your back’s and neck’s pressure points and provide a lot of support.

Feel and firmness is important if you’re a side sleeper. You’ll need a mattress that has enough softness to fit the curves of your body. If it’s too firm, it won’t be able to contour to your shape and leads to shoulder pain, lower back pain, and neck pain.

What Level of Firmness Do I need?

The firmness measures how soft or hard a mattress feels. Most of the time, consumers will mistake mattress support with firmness. The best mattress is the one that fully supports your body without creating unnecessary pressure points.

If your mattress doesn’t have good support, you will wake up feeling pain or soreness in your body. Firmness shows how comfortable the mattress initially feels. Depending on your sleeping preference (hard or soft), the firmness is closely related to comfort.

There are few mattresses online that have universal comfort. While these mattresses have only one firmness level, the layered foam and the foam structure works to create comfort for all types of sleepers (small, tall, side, back, stomach, heavy).

Your weight, sleeping type, and sleeping position plays a major part on which firmness level works best for you.

How to Check for Comfort

Also, you need to check the comfort of the mattress before you buy it. If the mattress is too firm, your body will begin to experience built up pressure. This pinches the nerves and removes blood circulation, and you’ll switch sleeping positions often. This also ends up causing stress throughout your body, which ruins any sleep you’re trying to achieve.

If you are frequently switching sleep positions, your body is unable to reach the REM/REI stages. Receiving deep sleep becomes impossible and you will wake up feeling more tired than usual.

When testing out the mattress, you should be able to rest in one position without shifting for a few minutes. If you’re able to do that, then you have a great mattress. If you can find a mattress that doesn’t apply pressure to your body and is comfortable to rest in, then you should buy it immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would get the most use out of this mattress?

If you value comfort above all else, there are few options that can match the Purple Mattress. Everything from the heat channels to the upper layer of extra-soft material helps you enjoy your rest much more than you would otherwise.

Are you sick of having to deal with discomfort as you sleep? Perhaps you just don’t want to overheat and wake up in a cold sweat every night. We can guarantee that the Purple Mattress will keep you comfortable.

Of course, the larger variations of this bed are ideal for couples, but we’ll be going into sizing in further detail in the next question.

What is the best size to buy this mattress in?

We believe that the vast majority of customers would prefer to opt for the queen size model. If you are looking for the most luxurious sleeping experience, there are few beds that can match a California king Purple mattress.

For those who have the funds, you will not regret purchasing a California king. However, we don’t believe that it offers the same value for money that you would get out of a queen size model. If you and your partner are large in stature, you may wish to opt for a king size mattress that will keep you both comfortable.

The Twin XL size maintains the same quality as the rest of the product line. However, we found that it had some issues with firmness due to its smaller size. This mattress is still an excellent option in its smallest size. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t expect the same sleeping surface that you’ll find present on the larger ones.

How is the Purple Company’s customer service?

When it comes to mattress makers, one of the most important parts of their image is their customer service department. Since many mattresses will give you the chance to try them out and send them back if you are unsatisfied, timely customer service is integral.

So what do we think of the customer service related to the Purple Mattress? We found that the representatives of the Purple Company are polite and concise. Everything else that you would want out of customer service, Purple Mattress can guarantee. You should expect zero condescension when trying to return a mattress, either.

This efficiency translates in how long you will be waiting to speak with a customer service rep. Where other mattress companies have customer hotlines that have hour-long wait times, the Purple Company understands that their customers should be able to get in touch with them.

We are not surprised with the high-quality service we experienced. A family-run company such as the Purple Company are the nicest people we’ve dealt with. It is rare to see a mattress company that cares so much about their customers having a positive experience, and we found it exceptional.


If you are in the market for a mattress that offers an excellent combination of heat dissipation, comfort, and build quality, you will come across few products like the Purple Mattress. In addition to being an excellent mattress in its own right, it is also made by a company with a worthy mission.

Instead of opting for a brick-and-mortar business, the Pearce brothers decided to base their business model around the internet, and you reap all the benefits. You can spend a quarter of the price on one of these mattresses and still enjoy all of the quality.

We hope that this review has helped you decide if this is a decent mattress for your needs. Feel free to leave a comment down below so that you can let us know what you think of the product, our review, or both! We hope that you have good luck with your new mattress!

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