Marpac Marsona 1288A Review


The concept behind the Marsona programmable sound conditioner was to create a machine that has a bit more diversity than just a regular model, and can be applied in more than one environment. The device, of course, can be used to help relax and get to sleep, but it is more than that; it can be used in any situation where you would like to mask conversations, it also has a use to block out noise during the day, and it can be set up in a study area to help create a relaxed place where one is not easily distracted. The unit has eight programmable base sounds, with another eight sounds such as rain and birds (seagulls, owls) which you can combine to create any combination of the sounds.

Does The Marsona Programmable Sound Conditioner Do Its Job?

While it looks like a nice piece of kit, and there is a certain amount of pleasure from listening to and creating your own tracks of white noise, the real test is in the function it has been designed for. You will find that this machine will fill the room with the white noise of your choice, be it surf, waterfall or wind, and it has three inch speaker to make sure it isolates the room from exterior noise. However, if you try to increase the volume, you can perceive a radio-like crackling in the background, when it should be a crisp and clear sound if you put it up high enough. For people living next to rail-tracks and airports, they may need a higher level of volume, and would then pick up on this crackling. For use during the day, and for study, though, it does an excellent job.


  • Choice of eight base and eight overlay sounds
  • Has multi-uses
  • Easy to operate to select combinations, tones and sound levels
  • Enhances and promotes a good nights sleep


  • The speaker quality is not the greatest at higher levels
  • No option to include batteries to operate
  • Runs only for 60 minutes maximum before turning off
  • Some of the bird noises can be distracting

This unit is a great idea, and allows a good choice for the consumer to program their own noises. This means that if they use it at work, to mask office conversations, or in the house during the day to mask traffic noise, or loud neighbours and to the bedroom at night, they can program and play different sound, rather than have the same noise all the time. The operation of the device is easy and user friendly, and it has to be plugged into the wall to work, there is no battery option built in.


The Marsona 1288A has a couple of not so good point, the most important being the quality of the speakers. While the machine works great at normal volume levels, if you try to put it up too much, you begin to hear a crackling like noise. The speakers should be designed to deliver perfectly clear background noise, instead of creating new and distracting noises themselves. The 170cm cord that comes with it means you can have it far enough away and up loud enough to do its job. Overall though, the Marsona sound conditioner is recommended, and a great piece of useful kit.

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