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best snoring aids

I know how much you would like to confine your bedroom “problems” to your bedroom. Trust me, everyone does. In particular, people who struggle with the snoring problem, either their own or that of a loved one, find it embarrassing to discuss the particulars of their problems.

I want to assure you that you are not the only one having sleepless nights due to snoring. And you don’t have to keep up with that problem either.

People who have not come across this snoring dilemma will not exactly understand how big a problem it is. But I can identify with you. The major problem that results from snoring is that your productivity cannot match those who don’t snore (or don’t sleep next to people that snore.)

The rattle-sawing-like noises make it difficult for one to have a sound sleep, or sufficient sleep for that matter.

The human body cannot work for long hours without resting. So, if you can’t get sufficient, quality sleep, the body fails. This is why you should consult your doctor or a sleep expert about your condition or that of your loved one.

Snoring is a health condition that not only affects you but also those you share a bed, a room or even a house with.

Causes of Snoring: Why do People Snore?

Most people snore because they sleep with their mouth open. These people depend on their mouth for breathing at night. Because of this, it will always unconsciously open.

When your mouth is open while you are unconscious, the soft palate in the neck region vibrates as a result of the air passage being narrow. Consequently, the air passage may be temporarily blocked. This leads to sounds being produced when you sleep.

Snoring sounds are not just unpleasant; they also keep you from getting quality sleep. Even worse, snoring noises affect those sleeping close to you.

Another risk of snoring is that it can lead to Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This is a serious, life-threatening medical condition.

The good news is that you don’t have to let your snoring problem get that far. You can find an effective anti-snoring solution to combat your problem as soon as possible.

Anti Snoring Sprays

This is one anti-snore solution that some snorers have found effective. The sprays come in different forms including oral sprays, nasal sprays or both. The anti snore sprays work by targeting the throat. Examples of effective throat sprays in the market are Rhynil, Nytol, Snore Zip and Snore Relief.

Below are some of the best anti snore sprays in the market

Stop snoring sprays that we recommend

Doctor Snore Anti Snoring Oral Spray

This snore spray works by lubricating the throat tissues. This helps reduce vibrations and in turn, eliminates snore noises.

Made using a unique amalgam of oils, the Doctor Snore anti-snore spray has been clinically tested and proven to effectively stop snoring.

Research has shown snoring sounds are substantially reduced when the throat is lubricated.

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Nytol Snoring Spray

This anti-snoring spray’s excellent ability to work on the throat has been scientifically proven.

The snore spray contains phosphatidy Icholine (did you just mumble through that word like I did?), a key active ingredient that lubricates the throat muscles and consequently prevents them from any vibration and movement. The snore spray has foam properties that ensure the spray stays in place through the night.

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Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray

This is an anti-snoring noise and throat spray that is purely made of eye bright, a natural herb that is safe for application on both the roof of the mouth and the nose.

The snoring spray is mainly effective against palatal flutter, a type of low frequency snoring that result from the soft palate vibrating due to its astringent properties.

Rhynil also works as an excellent remedy for allergic rhinitis and sinuses because of its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

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Snore Zip

This anti-snoring spray solution combats snoring in a different way. The spray works by breaking down mucus, a secondary cause of snoring by the fact that it blocks airways. This snore spray is recommended for snorers with sinus complications or cold that has increased their mucus production.

Snore Zip has minty toothpaste-like taste.

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Apart from the above, there are other anti snore sprays that some people have had success with. We encourage you to check the reviews before buying any of the anti snore sprays.

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Best Anti Snoring Pillows

Some people snore because of their sleeping position. If you are in this lot of snorers, then anti snore pillows will be an ideal solution for you. These memory foam pillows are made in such a way that they raise and align your head, therefore opening your airways. This helps to stop snoring.

Anti snoring pillows are made of hypo allergic material. The material is safe for use, even by extremely sensitive individuals. Most brands of the pillows come in standard form. So, you don’t have to worry about purchasing newer pillow cases.

Usually, the challenge is knowing which brand is authentic and will be effective and which is not. This is why we have done all the hard work for you. Read on.

Anti Snore Pillows We Highly Recommend

If you need a natural yet effective way of dealing with snoring, consider getting any of the following snore pillows.

The Nopap Positional Body Pillow

This is one of the best pillows that we stumbled upon. Not only is this pillow hypoallergenic, it is also handmade and looks beautiful.

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The Snore No More Pillow

Designed by Science of Sleep, the Snore No More Starter Pillow has been proven to stop snoring.

This pillow is designed to realign your head and keep the chin off the chest. This helps to keeping your airway open as you sleep. This pillow will therefore help you attain a good sleeping position and consequently, sufficient rest.

The first day you use the pillow, you will probably find it uncomfortable. However, once you get used to it, you might be addicted to always sleeping with it.

Like other normal pillows, you will need to replace this anti snore pillow every 4-6 months as it is prone to wear and tear.

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Viscofresh Memory Foam Snoring Pillow

Made of 100 percent polyester (non-tex), this high density hypoallergenic memory foam pillow is meant to support your side and back.

The Viscofresh Memory Foam pillow comes with neck bolster to provide support for supine sleepers and cradles side sleepers’ back. This ensures their air passage is open during unconscious sleep.

The pillow also has natural green tea and other plant-based ingredients that help fight odors. With the snoring pillow, not only will you have comfortable sleep, but will also breathe clean air. You will wake up feeling fresh and energetic.

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Celliant Sleep Anti Snore Pillow

The pillow stands out from the others by virtue of being adjustable. Adjusting the snoring pillow only requires removing any of the 3 supporting pads in the removable easy-to-wash cover.

This pillow has been scientifically proven to be effective in eliminating snoring for both people that sleep on their backs and those that sleep on their sides.

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Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs)

These are famous snoring mouthpiece gadgets that work by moving and keeping the lower jaw in a forward throughout the night. By doing this, they help keep the back of the throat open. This in turn significantly reduces or completely stops snoring.

Can you prove the effectiveness of MADs?

A scientific study that involved 20 participants, (who were heavy snorers), was carried out in 2005 to establish the efficiency of MAD snoring mouthpieces.

From the study, 65% of the participating snorers tolerated the mouthpieces. The MADs were 100% effective in preventing snoring for them. The study further concluded that the MADs were also an excellent solution to Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

The downside of MADs is that they cause fatigue and soreness of the jaws. However, these signs disappear as you get more comfortable in sleeping with the device over the nights.

What of the safety of these devices?

The US Food and Drug administration has approved most of the MADs in the market as safe for use.

However, you should check the safety of materials used to making the model you purchase (should be made of copolymer). Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to benefit to the maximum and also avoid any dangers.

What are the available sizes?

Unlike Tongue Restraining Devices that come ready to use, fitting MADs can be a little challenging. You might even have to go to the dentist to get them fitted.

However, most MADS use the boil and bite technology. Here are the instructions for fitting MADs:

  1. Dip the molding component in boiling water
  2. Remove it and run in under cold water to cool
  3. Insert it in your mouth then bite down make it form the shape of your teeth and gums

Here are the best anti snore MADs that we highly recommend:

Snorex Snoring Mouthpiece

Featuring a calibrator that allows one to evaluate their perfect fit, an adjusting mechanism for ensuring a comfortable fit and posi lock, Snorex snoring mouthpiece could easily pass as the best MAD in the market.

Unlike other devices that make determining a perfect fit complicated, Snorex makes it easy for you to fit. Moreover, it has a posi lock to keep it in place the whole night.

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Zyppah Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

The exquisite look of this sleek anti-snoring mouth piece matches its excellent performance. I personally put this device on test over a period of 3 weeks and was extremely impressed by how effectively in performed.

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SnoreMeds Anti Snoring Mouth Piece

Being among the pioneer devices in the MAD market (has been on sale for over 8 years) this anti snoring mouth piece has kept up to its reputation.

SnoreMeds is made up of FDA approved thermoplastic materials. The MAD comes in two sizes; one for women and one for men.

This snoring mouth piece is more affordable that others in its class. However, it performs just as well.

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ZQuiet Anti Snoring Mouth Piece

I first learnt of this mouth piece while we were searching for an anti-snore solution for my former college roommate. At first, we were really apprehensive about how effective it would work. After she used it for a few weeks, she confidently reported to us how impressive the device had turned out. We can now confidently say that this anti snore cure will never let you down.

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Vital Sleep Anti Snoring Mouth Piece

This popular mouth piece is made of latex-free and BPA materials. The anti snoring mouthpiece has a frame that makes it comfortable even for latex sensitive individuals.

Vital Sleep has a wide opening that enables improved airflow. This makes it possible for you to breathe normally throughout the night, hence eliminating snoring. To ensure a perfect fit, the device has a micro-adjustable mechanism that allows you to make the necessary adjustments.

The non-intrusive tongue stabilizer is an additional feature that makes this device one of the best MADS in the market.

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Pure Sleep Mouth Piece

This FDA approved, affordable Pure Sleep Snoring Device is made by two types of materials that are not only Latex free but are also 100% BPA. If you need a device you won’t be allergic to and that will get the job done, Pure Sleep is specially made for you.

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Tongue Restraining Devices

During unconscious sleep, the tongue and other muscles relax. In this state, the tongue tends to draw back and may block the air passage way. This in turn causes snoring.

Tongue Restraining Devices work by gently pulling your tongue forward and keeping it in the right position. This prevents the tongue from falling into your throat. As a result, the airway will remain open and snoring will be minimized.

Tongue Restraining Devices are sometimes referred to as Tongue Retaining Devices.

Below are the best tongue restraining devices (TRDs) in the market.


Nose Breath Tongue Positioner

This is a high performing anti snore device that holding the tongue at the roof of the mouth. This tongue position keeps it from falling back into the throat and consequently keeping one from snoring.

Read Customer Reviews at Amazon Check Price at Amazon

Good Morning Snore Solution

The GMSS is clinically tested and works in the same way as most TSDs. The device pulls the tongue forward to ensure a free open air way. Dr. Leslie Dort, a Calgary dental researcher, tested it and proved that indeed it is effective in stopping snore sounds.

Read Full Review Check Price at Official Website



  • How comfortable are these devices?
  • How do I know the right size of a TSD device for me?
  • How effective are tongue retaining devices?


Anti-Snoring Chin Straps

Using anti-snoring chin straps to combat sleeping problem is not as complicated as using other anti-snore devices. All you have to do is to fit it around your face just like a sling.

How do anti snoring chin straps work?

There are two types of snorers; nose snorers and mouth snorers. Chin straps are effective stop snore devices for mouth snorers.

The tongue, throat and jaw muscles relax when you fall asleep. This causes your chin to drop down and in turn, unconsciously, opens your mouth. As a result, you will start snoring. Also, in its relaxed state, the tongue will block your airway and therefore contribute to snoring.

A snoring chin strap will not only keep your mouth closed but will also maintain your jaw in the right position. Thus, your airway will be free from tongue blockage. This means you will have a sound sleep.

How effective are chin straps?

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine conducted a research that concluded that using a chin strap solely will not effectively stop your snoring or treat OSA.

How comfortable are chin straps?

While I have seen some users applauding chin straps for their comfort while sleeping, others find them extremely uncomfortable. However, there are brands that make adjustable chin straps. These straps can be fit according to your preferences.

Can Chin Straps be used by anyone?

Chin straps are not ideally suitable for everyone. People with blocked noses, in particular, tend to breathe through the mouth to make up for the air shortage. Such people will find chin straps limiting and uncomfortable. In addition, someone with a blocked nose will be exposed to serious risk when they wear a chin strap, seeing that the body will be having oxygen shortage.

Chin Straps and TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TJD) is a medical complication of the temporomandibular joint. The condition causes problems like headaches, clicking sounds in the jaw, dizziness, locked jaws, tinnitus and even bite problems.

Because the chins straps work by keeping the jaw in place, people suffering from TMJ should avoid them as they can make their condition worse.

Which chin straps are available in the market?

There are numerous chin strap brands in the market. Some of the best chin straps you can buy include Super Deluxe, Premium Chin Straps and Ruby produced by Avlon, Neoprene and Happy Sleep.

Nasal Dilators

Nasal snoring aids are anti snoring devices made specifically for nose snorers. These anti snore devices are relatively cheap in comparison to the other anti-snore devices. You can even get one for less than $30.

What are nasal Dilators?

These are anti-snore devices made of plastic or rubber. The devices are fit into each nostril to keep them from opening while one is sleeping.

How do nasal dilators work?

Let me use a simple illustration to explain to you how these devices work.Get in front of a mirror then use your finger to plug one of your nostrils with your mouth closed. While doing this, breathe in deeply.You will notice that as you breathe in, the open nostril will tend to close itself up.

When you sleep with both of your noses blocked, breathing becomes difficult. As a result, you will end up snoring. Nasal dilators will help keep both your nostrils open, therefore preventing snoring.

How effective are nasal dilators?

The University of Goteborg in Sweden and Sahlgrenska Hospital conducted a study to evaluate the efficacy of nasal dilators. They found out that nasal dilators led to a substantial decrease in snoring sounds.

Here is a review of some nasal dilators in the market


This nasal dilator is made up of 100% medical grade silicon, which makes it soft and comfortable. You can easily get a fitting size as the device comes in 4 different sizes.

Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator

Breathing Relief, like other nasal dilators, works by keeping the nostril open. The nasal dilator is ideal for people with deviated septum. Athletes can also use it since it is not only comfortable but also stays in place. This device has been shown to improve athletes’ performance as it keeps their nostril open for easy airflow.

Snore Pin

This device is made of latex-free material and does not also attract dust. The Snore Pin is made up of two cone-like, anti-allergic polyurethane dilators connected by a clip.

The dilators also have air filtering slits that allow nasal hair to go through them. Unlike Nasivent, the material used in making this device is hard and might be uncomfortable during the first few nights of use. However, you will get used to it with repeated usage.

Nasal Strips

What are Nasal strips?

These are small reinforced adhesive strips that fit over the nose, allowing the nostrils to remain open as you sleeps. With the nostrils open, smooth breathing is facilitated for a sound peaceful night sleep.

Nasal strips are perfect for simple mouth and nose snorers.

Do nasal strips really work?

Manufactures claim that the success rate of nasal strips is between 70 and 80 percent. However, some people that say they don’t work. Unless you try out one, you can really never tell.

Our number one recommendation, for those who want try out this device, is the Breathe Right Nasal Strips which are also the #1 Bestselling nasal strips on Amazon.


This is another anti snoring aid that we regularly recommend. Theravent is in the form of adhesive strip and uses a micro valve technology to create an expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) to combat snoring.Depending on the extent of your snoring (light, moderate or heavy), you can choose the one most applicable for your use.

Theravent improves breathing by opening the throat way. This decreases vibration of the throat which always results in snoring.

Advantages of choosing Theravent

Theravent is easy to use and works surprisingly fast. It is also soft and relatively comfortable to sleep in. Most importantly, Theravent has been tested and proven clinically to decrease or stop one from snoring.

Snoring Rings

You have probably never heard of anti-snoring rings. This is because they are not as famous as other stop snoring solutions. Snoring rings use acupressure reflexology, a principle that has been around for more than 4000 years.

Acupressure reflexology is the practice of providing relief through the feet or hands using different pressure points (meridians/acupoints). Anti-snoring rings make use of tui na, an ancient Chinese medicine, to provide relief.

How it works

All rings have the same shape and design and are normally worn on the little finger. One end of these rings is usually open, which makes them easy to wear. The rings also have a small bulging metal piece on their inside that puts pressure in the meridian point.The meridians are normally nowhere near the actual place that the problem emanates.Therefore, to use these rings effectively, you have to insert it at the very base of your little finger just one hour prior to sleeping.

It is not recommended to wear the rings for more than 12 hours.

How effective are snoring rings?

According to manufacturers, snoring rings have a success rate of 85%. In some Amazon reviews, some snorers noted changes after their first night of using the snore rings. Other people noticed changes after about 1 week. Also, for some users, the rings were completely effective in stopping snoring while for others the snoring only reduced to a particular amount.

Which snoring rings are there in the market?

There is a variety of snoring ring brands in the market. Popular ones include Silent Knight Ring, Snore Band and AntiSnor.

Anti-Snoring Machines

Unlike regular snoring, sleep apnea is a more serious snoring condition and requires effective treatment, mostly by using anti snoring machines.

Features of CPAP Machines


People who have tried all other sorts of snoring devices without much success can use CPAP machines. However, you need a doctors recommendation on the best CPAP machine for you

You can be recommended to use any of the three available snoring achiness i.e. APAP/BPAP, BiPAP or CPAP.


CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. The devices deliver air kept at a constant pressure to your throat, therefore preventing it from collapsing. This results into normal snore-free night sleep.

How do they determine the correct amount of pressure?

CPAP machines can only be acquired after a doctors recommendation. Normally, the doctor will perform a test known as titration study. This study will determine the ideal pressure for you. The machine is then set to deliver the same amount of pressure continuously.

  1. Voltage Section: This may be automatic or manual. You can use it to switch from international voltage to US voltage and vice versa.
  2. Altitude adjuster: Since pressure changes with altitude changes, the adjuster ensures that the machine continues to operate at your recommended pressure, irrespective of your geographical location.
  3. Mask: You should select a mask that will fit you perfectly and that you will be comfortable with. The mask is meant to go round your head with the breathing apparatus situated round your nose.
  4. Mask on/Off Alert: Since many people cant sleep on the exact same position throughout the night, the mask may slip off as you toss and turn. A light indicator or beep is fitted on the mask to alert you in case this happens.
  5. Leak Compensation: The mask may occasionally leak out air and thereby affecting pressure. The leak compensation feature will increase airflow to the mask when a leak is detected. This will ensure the recommended air pressure is maintained.
  6. Ramp: This feature facilitates pressure to increase to your recommended amount when you turn on the machine. The pressure is meant to increase gradually over 45 minutes.
  7. Data Recording: Data recording features like SIM cards come pre-installed in most CPAP machines. The data recorded ranges from simple ones like how long the machine has been running to more complex ones like changes in pressure, leakage rates, apnea events, hypo apnea events, and others.
  8. Humidifier: This is used to make the dry and cool air you breathe warm and moist, which is more comfortable. Depending on the mode of the machine, the humidifier can be switched off or on.
  9. Portability: CPAP machines are small, highly portable machine versions that one can even travel with.
  10. Heated Tubing: Only new versions like ResMeds have this new feature that heats the air in the tubing to keep it at a constant pressure and hence preventing condensation.

Factors to Consider when choosing a snoring Aid

There are several factors that you must put into consideration before deciding on the best snoring aid for your particular use. These include:

  1. The Doctors Advice: Although you can easily get a snoring aid without a prescription, consider discussing your condition with a doctor or some other sleep specialist to know their recommendation.
  2. The severity of your snoring: While snoring could just be a simple problem, it could also be an indication to an underlying more serious condition like Obstructive Sleep Apnea. If your snoring is just a simple problem, it would be a loss to acquire a more serious snoring machine. On the other hand, OSA needs more prompt medication.
  3. Lifespan of the snoring aid: If two snoring aids serve the same purpose, then it would be a wise decision to buy the one with a long lifespan rather than the one with a short life span. One of the features you should look out for before buying include the durability of the mouthpiece. This will determine how regularly you will need replacements.
  4. The materials used in making the snoring aid: Some people are extremely sensitive to some types of materials. For example, if you are latexsensitive, make sure that the machine you purchase will not tick off your allergies.
  5. Your medical history: If you have some other medical condition, go for a machine that will not worsen it. For example, if you have TMJ, you need to critically evaluate the snoring aid you want to buy.
  6. The effectiveness of the snoring aid. Some snoring aids have more success rate than others. Check out reviews and look out for recommendations of theses snore aids to increases your chances of stopping snoring.
  7. The cause of your snoring. People snore due to different reasons. For example, you could be snoring due to your sleeping position, your mouth being open when you are asleep, or your nose getting blocked. Different devices address snoring differently depending on its causes.
  8. Compatibility with other devices. This applies to people who are already having other dental devices, for instance dentures or retainers. Some snoring aids that are compatible with these devices and others are not. Find out the compatibility of the snoring aid so that you dont end up in worse pain.
  9. Comfort. The main reason you are going for a sleeping aid is so that you have a more restful sleep. Choose a sleeping aid that wont make you even more fatigued when you wake up in the morning.
  10. The type of snorer that you are. There are two types of snorers; nose snorers and mouth snorers. Snoring aids like nasal sprays and chin straps that are effective only for specific types of snorers
  11. Cost. Make sure that the snoring aid that you purchase doesn’t plunge you into debt.


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