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Are you looking for TMJ specialists in your state? You may be concerned on the specialist to go for, especially if you are looking to treat TMJ or bruxism for the first time. However, I have done all the hard work for you and listed trusted TMJ specialists in different states.

The specialists you will find on the pages in your state have been checked and proven to be certified in their profession. Therefore, you can expect the best advice from them on the course of treatment. Moreover, I have taken the trouble of listing more than one specialist so that you have choices on treatment.

Choosing a TMJ Specialist

Before you decide to get treatment from a TMJ specialist, you should probably call up a few of them to find out whether they will be a good fit for you. What I usually advise readers is to call at least three of the specialists listed to find out more about them before making an appointment.

Here are some things you should consider before choosing a TMJ specialist:

i) Cost

Get quotes from different specialists to know the approximate amount you should expect to pay for a custom mouth guard. Getting multiple quotes will give you an idea on the average that specialists in your area charge for a custom guard.

ii) Follow up treatment

Inquire from the bruxism specialist whether you will require follow up oral care after getting a custom mouth guard. Apart from this, find out what type of care would be required and the approximate cost.

iii) Insurance

Find out from the specialist whether he or she is in the list of recommended specialists covered by your insurance program. You should also contact your health cover provider to find out whether the cost of a custom mouth guard can be offset from your contribution.

Click on your state in the map above to be taken to the best TMJ specialists in your area.

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Find a TMJ Specialist in Your State

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