Sporting Smiles Night Guard Review


sporting smiles mouth guard reviewThe common symptoms of teeth grinding (bruxism) are pain in the jaw, severe headaches in the morning, and deteriorating of the teeth enamel. However, it is recommended that you consult a dental professional to make the diagnosis for bruxism.

Being diagnosed with bruxism is not a death sentence. Mouth guards can give you relief from your teeth grinding nightmares. Sporting Smiles is one of the best custom night guards in the market.

Sporting Smiles Dental Lab offers affordable, custom night guards that can last for years. The company offers 6 different mouth guards that you can choose from. The night guards are customized for your jaw and teeth.

How Do Sporting Smiles Night Guards Work?

When you purchase a mouth guard from Sporting Smiles online, you will be mailed a self-impression dental kit. The kit also contains:

  • Dental Impression material (Part A and B)
  • Adjustable impression tray (Fit-for-all)
  • An Instructions sheet
  • A return bag
  • Pre-paid postage return label
  • Return form

You should read and understand the instructions and follow them to make your dental impression. When you follow the instructions, you will easily make a good impression.

Sporting Smiles Night Guard Molding Instructions

Follow the instructions below to mold your night guard:

  1. Brush your teeth and wash your hands with a detergent before beginning the process
  2. Adjust the tray by pulling the lower and upper half apart until it can perfectly fit your mouth. You can also break off some pieces at the ends of the plastic tray to make it smaller. Ensure that your teeth are at the center of the impression tray
  3. Mix parts A and B of the impression material thoroughly until it is uniform in color. This should not take more than 20 seconds
  4. Mold the impression material into a 5-inch tube then place it inside the tray
  5. Gently but firmly, press the tray to your teeth ensuring that your teeth are placed evenly in the impression material.
  6. After about 4 minutes, the material will harden. It is important that you minimize any movements during this time. You can then go ahead and remove the material once you can feel its hard
  7. Using a single motion, pull the tray up or down and remove it.
  8. Pack the impression in the bag provided and then mail it in the lab.

Check the video guide below:

When Sporting Smiles Lab receives your impression, a qualified lab technician will start the process of making your customized mouth guards. The highly skilled staff will send you a custom high quality night guard

Types of Sporting Smiles Mouth Guards

Sporting Smiles has 6 different night guards on the market. All the guards are made from quality materials but have various levels of comfort and durability. The severity of your bruxism should guide you in determining the type of mouth guard to buy.

Night GuardRecommended ForReviewPrice
Custom Flexible Super Hard Night Guard
  • Moderate to severe teeth grinding or clenching
Read Review
Dual Laminate Teeth Grinding Night Guard
  • Light to moderate teeth clenching
  • Moderate to severe teeth grinding
Read Review
Single Hard Night Teeth Grinding Guard
  • Light bruxism or teeth grinding
Read Review
Soft Night Teeth Grinding Guard
  • Heavy clenching
  • Light teeth grinding
Read Review
Custom Flexible Super Hard Day Guard (Back cut)
  • Moderate to severe clenching
  • Severe grinding
Read Review
Dual Laminate Teeth Grinding Day Guard Back Cut
  • For use during the day and
  • For light to severe teeth grinding
Read Review

Below is an overview of Sporting Smiles night guards.

#1. Custom Flexible Super Hard Night Guard

Custom Flexible Super Hard Dental Night Teeth Guard (Splint for Bruxism)This is the strongest Sporting Smiles night guard. The device is made from a flexible but strong material. While it resembles a soft guard, it can survive strong teeth grinding.

The mouth guard provides the same comfort as a dual laminate guard, even with its strong make. This night guard model is perfect for people with moderate to severe teeth clenching or grinding.

# 2. Dual Laminate Teeth Grinding Night Guard

Custom Dual Laminate Teeth Night Grinding GuardThe Dual Laminate Night Guard features two materials that are combined together. The inside layer is a soft 0.04mm thick material that ensures your comfort. The outside layer is 2mm (0.08 inches) thick and rigid enough to ensure the guard lasts for long.

This night guard is ideal for anyone suffering from light to moderate teeth clenching and moderate to severe teeth grinding. Instead of the vacuum that dual laminate night guards from other companies have, Sporting Smiles guard has positive pressure forming machines. This makes guard give you the tightest fit possible.

# 3. Single Hard Night Teeth Grinding Guard

Custom Essix Plus Super Clear Dental Retainers Upper and LowerThe Single Hard Night Teeth Grinding Guard is made from one layer of 0.04 inch ultra-thin, solid-hard clear laminate. The guard is ideal for light bruxism or teeth grinding and a perfect solution for people who fear the feeling of a full mouth when sleeping.

# 4. Soft Night Teeth Grinding Guard

Custom Professional Soft Dental Night Teeth Grinding GuardThis night guard is soft and has one layer of a 0.12-inch thick soft clear laminate material. The night guard is available for both the upper and lower teeth and is ideal for heavy clenching and light teeth grinding.

#5. Custom Flexible Super Hard Day Guard (Back cut)

Custom Flexible Super Hard Day Guard (Back cut)The Back cut Custom Flexible Super Hard Day Guard is trimmed for comfort. The mouth guard is designed from a strong and flexible material. As a result, it can withstand a lot of pressure from clenching or teeth grinding.

The material used to make the Custom Flexible Super Hard guard is more comfortable than that used for normal dual laminate guards. This night guard is perfect for people with moderate to severe clenching, and severe grinding and clenching. This is the strongest night guard in the range of night guards produced by Sporting Smiles.

#6. Dual Laminate Teeth Grinding Day Guard Back Cut

Custom Laminate Dental Teeth GrindingThis night guard has been trimmed (back cut) for comfort. The guard features two materials combined together (a soft interior layer, 0.04-inch thick and a 0.08-inch thick hard external layer). The night guard is comfortable to the teeth and jaws but also strong and durable.

This guard is perfect for use during the day and for people with light to severe teeth grinding.

How to Choose the Right Teeth Guard

You should not diagnose yourself with bruxism. If your condition has been confirmed by a medical expert, you already know what severity of bruxism (teeth grinding) you suffer from.

The teeth guards from Sporting Smiles are designed to either help with teeth clenching or grinding. There are also some that are designed to work for both cases. The guideline below will help you know the ideal guard for you:

  • Heavy Grinders or Moderate Teeth clenching – Dual Laminate Night Guard (No. ii or iv). Made of 0.12 inches thick (soft inner layer 0.04 inches thick and 0.08 hard outer layer).
  • Sever night grinders and strong teeth clenching – Hard Flexible Night Guard (No. i or v). This is made of a dense material 0.12 inches thick and is flexible. It gives maximum protection to the teeth.
  • Light Grinding – Single Layer Hard Night Guard (No. iii). Made of a 0.04 inch material and is perfect for people who are looking for thin guards as opposed to the bulky designs.
  • Light teeth grinding and Clenching – Soft Night Guard. (No. iv) This offers the perfect combination of comfort and protection for people suffering from both light teeth grinding and clenching.

Most people prefer upper guards to lower guards since they don’t touch the tongue a lot. Other people feel the lower guard allows them to sleep better. Your preferences should help you decide whether to choose an upper or lower guard. Also, consider the teeth that are less damaged, which need more protection.


Overview of Sporting Smiles Dental Lab Night Guard

  • The guards made by a qualified and experienced lab technician and then checked by a professional dentist to ensure quality
  • All the products from Sporting Smiles are BPS, DEHP, Latex and BPA free
  • Individual night guards are custom-made and therefore perfectly fit and individual customers teeth
  • Come with easy instructions on making the teeth impression from the comfort of your homes
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all night guards
  • 6 different types of guards provided to ensure that the models are perfect for all teeth types (and intensity) for clenching or grinding

Sporting Smiles Good and Bad Impressions


  • The six different guards cover all intensities of teeth grinding and clenching
  • Although they are customized for individual users, they are still much cheaper than custom guards from dentists
  • The company offers an attractive discount for re-orders. When you order another guard within a year of your initial order, the Lab will use your original impression and give you a 30% discount
  • Comes with an easy-to-use impression kit
  • 30-days satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping for all products and fast delivery


  • The ordering process is impersonal and does not involve direct dentist consultation. However, this is compensated by the qualified dentist supervision and the low prices.
  • The quality of the dental impression depends on the customer’s ability to read, understand, and follow the instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I ruin my teeth impression?

If you don’t mix the impression material as fast as you should (in less than 20 seconds), and allow it to harden before pressing it on your teeth, the quality of your impression will be poor. It might also tend to stick strongly to the impression tray and be destroyed as you remove it. If this happens, contact Sporting Smiles Lab and you will be sent a replacement impression kit for free.

Here is a video on how to adjust the mold:

If I had a night grinding guard before, can I order for another one and not go through making the impression?

Sporting Smiles will keep your impression for one year. If you order another guard within the year or shortly after, you will be given a 30% discount off the regular price and your dental impression will be used to make your new dental guard.

How long will it take for me to receive my night guard?

This will depend on your specific location. However, it generally takes 14 to 20 days after the Lab receives your impression for your night guard to be made and shipped to you.

Does Sporting Smiles Ship Internationally?

Yes, Sporting Smiles ships internationally free of charge. When you receive your dental impression, you will also find a pre-paid postage. However, this only works within US. If you live outside the US you will be required to mail your teeth impression to the manufacturer at your own cost. Also, international shipping can be slow.

Does Sporting Smiles offer any guarantee on their products?

Yes, the manufacturer gives a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your night guard within this time, you can return the original one back and for a new, free one.

After how long will I need to purchase a replacement night guard?

Sporting Smiles guards are made of high-quality material and last long if well-taken care of. However, durability will also depend on your teeth grinding and clenching habits. The night guards are made to last for between six months to five years.

Should I purchase the upper or the lower night guard?

This will depend on your preference. The general rule is that you should purchase a night guard for the teeth that are less damaged. Some people prefer a lower night guard as they claim it makes them sleep better. Other people find the upper night guard more comfortable as it gets into less contact with the tongue.

How do I tell which night guard model is best for me?

To begin, consider the intensity of your teeth grinding habits, the frequency of your teeth grinding habits, and whether you only grind your teeth or also clench them. Some night guards are designed for teeth grinding and while others are meant teeth clenching. There are also those that address both issues.

For example, Hard Flexible Night Guard is perfect for sever clenching and grinding, while Dual laminate is perfect for moderate clenching and heavy grinding. You can refer to our table for the night teeth guard recommended for specific intensities of bruxism and teeth TMJ.

Are the teeth guards safe for use by children?

Children under the age of 16 are prohibited from using over-the-counter custom guards (ordered online) since their dental formula is not fully developed. If you suspect that your child might be suffering from Bruxism or TMJ, make an appointment with a dentist to get condition diagnosed and treated appropriately.

How safe are the materials used in making Sporting Smiles products?

Teeth guards from Sporting Smiles are BPS, BPA, DEHP, and latex-free. Therefore, they are safe for use.

Why are night guards from Sporting Smiles so much cheaper than those from a dentist?

First, the dentists don’t make the night guards. What they do is make the impression of your teeth then send it to a qualified lab for manufacturing. This makes them charge you more to cater for all the fees levied.

Sporting Smiles has its own certified lab and only require your impression to make a custom mouth guard. This is why their cost cheap.

What is Expedited or RUSH order?

RUSH or Expedited order means calling on your shipping to be a priority mail so that instead of the usual 2 weeks arrival, yours will come to you in one week. This is however at an extra cost.


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