A Comprehensive Review Of Snoremed Teeth Guard: What Are Users Saying?


A Comprehensive Review Of Snoremed Teeth Guard: What Are Users Saying?

This review will cover:

  1. What is Snoremed?
  2. How is Snoremed used?
  3. The science behind the working of Snoremed
  4. What is the size of Snoremed and how much does it cost?
  5. Advantages of using Snoremed
  6. Disadvantages of using Snoremed
  7. Conclusion


What Is Snoremed?

Snoremed is a Class II FDA approved jaw retaining mouthpiece. Class II medical devices are those that one needs a prescription to purchase. The fact that Snoremed is FDA approved is a hug advantage for the brand because this assures users of the safety of the brand.

Although snore meds has a similar design like other jaw retaining mouthpiece devices, it is more comfortable to use than most others and more affordable.

The materials used in making Snoremed are recommended and approved for production of oral devices. The material is latex and BPA free and can therefore be used by sensitive people.

The best thing about the design of Snoremed is that it can be personalized for your mouth. Doing this requires the use of boil and bite technology that has also been used by other thermoplastic MAD devices.

A unique feature about this product is the two separate air holes at the front that help mouth breathers. Because you can personalize the mouthpiece to perfectly conform to your teeth, Snoremed will effectively help you eliminate and control your snoring habits.

How Is Snoremed Used?

For the last nine years that Snoremed has been in the market, it has gained fame as the number one mouthpiece most sort after for reducing or eliminating snoring.

The personalization feature that allows the mouthpiece to conform to the unique arrangement of your teeth and mouth is what has largely contributed to this fame.


How To Customize The Mouthpiece

Making a first time impression (using boil and bite technology) for first time users is very easy.

  • Immerse the mouth guard in a pot of boiling water for 20 seconds and then run it under a tap of cold water for 1 minute
  • Fit the mouth guard on the front teeth of your lower jaw
  • The mouth guard will gently pull your jaw forward when sleeping while at the same time maintaining comfort

The boil and bite technology is not a unique feature with Snoremed as it has been used by many MADs. The problem is that people find it more challenging to use the instruction to customize their mouth guard. Snoremed has found a solution to this by providing a customized mouthpiece.

You can read this guide for a more detailed instruction on molding.

What’s The Science behind the Functioning of Snoremed?

The mode of working of Snoremed is pretty simple; it tries to direct your body ton function the same way it does when you are asleep.

When you are awake, all the systems in your body; the muscles around your throat, the nasal opening and the airflow passage automatically work perfectly to maintain a balance in air inflow and outflow pressure.

When you sleep, you become unconscious and things change. Because your body is relaxed, your throat muscles collapse and get in the way of air passageway. Due to the narrowing of the throat under these circumstances, the pressure with which the air you breathe in pass increases and the soft tissues begin to vibrate. This vibration is what causes a productive noise that is termed snoring.

What Snoremed does is it holds the lower jaw in a forward posture so that your air passage is wider and therefore prevents the vibration of tissues against each other. This ideology has been clinically tested and proven to deliver effectively. As a matter of fact, from the 1980s this is the technology that has been adopted by dentist for helping control chronic snoring.

What’s The Price and the Size of Snoremed?

Snoremed stop-snore device comes in a regular and a small size. The regular size is recommended for med and the small size has been designed for women. However, users are advised to be wholly knowledgeable about the size of their jaw and the arrangement of their teeth to make a more informed decision on the size to purchase.

A woman with large teeth but a smaller mouth for example might be advised to go for a regular size mouthpiece which is likely to fit more perfectly.

There is no much difference in the price of the two units.


NB: The shipping cost is 4.50$ and is often applied at the checkout. Click here for more information on pricing.

Advantages of Using Snoremed

The technology that has been used by Snoremed, holding your lower jaw in a proper posture, has the potential of helping you control or eliminate your snoring.

Snore meds is safe to use even with latex sensitive people as it is latex and BPA free. Besides, all materials used in its design have gotten an approval from FDA and you therefore shouldn’t worry about any health issues emerging.

One advantage that Snoremed has over other mouthguard is that it is relatively affordable but just more effective as, maybe even more effective than the others. You will only part with 59.99$ if you purchase a four pack and 39.99$ for a two pack. This will save you more money than if you buy one mouthpiece for 34$.However, the price of one is still more reasonably in comparison to other mouthguards in the same category.

Making an impression for a customized Snoremed mouthguard is relatively easy. In addition to that the device comes with a spatula that you can use for cleaning the mouthguard and also when boiling to make an impression.

Other Benefits Of Snoremed Include:

  • It has two air holes at the front so it’s comfortable for use by mouth breathers
  • It is easy to use
  • It is available in different sizes
  • It is effective
  • It comes with 45 day satisfaction guarantee

Disadvantages of Snoremed

Like most devices, Snoremed is not completely void of negatives. Users have commented on getting some degree of pain during the first few nights. This however, will tend to decrease with continued usage.

The use durability for Snoremed is not very long. You are advised to get a replacement every four months but the company gives a good discount on this so the price shouldn’t worry you.

A study of online reviews of Snoremed revealed more users that were satisfied with the product in comparison to the complaints. Click here to visit the testimonials page.


A comparison of Snoremed with other mouthpiece devices that fall in the same category has shown that Snoremed is a relatively decent stop-snore mouthguard. This product addresses snoring that is caused by blockage of the nasal passage and throat tissue vibration against each other.

The price of Snoremed is relatively affordable and can be purchased by people of all age groups. When you purchase Snoremed you get much more than you paid for.


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