Sentinel Custom Night Guard Review

Sentinel Custom Night Guard Review

Looking for honest Sentinel Nigh Guard reviews? We scoured the internet and pieced up this article that covers everything you should know about the mouth guard.

Bruxism (teeth grinding) is an unconscious habit that can be life-threatening. Apart from ruining your teeth enamel, the condition can also trigger chronic headaches, cause problems with your bite, and make the jaws painful. If it happens at night, bruxism can cause you sleepless nights leading to decreased productivity.

Sentinel Night Guard Review

The Sentinel Custom Night Guard is a custom dental guard that is a good alternative to the guards you can get from a dentist. Custom night guards are customized to fit your teeth perfectly. The teeth clenching guards can help you manage bruxism, heavy breathing, and TMJ.

Sentinel Mouth Guard Company

The company that makes the Sentinel mouth guard is known as The Sentinel Co. This is a US manufacturing company based in St. Petersburg, Florida. The company is renowned for designing and producing high-quality dental products, including night guards, mouth guards, athletic guards,and teeth whitening kits.

Features of Sentinel Mouth Guards

The Sentinel brand offers customized dental guards for both sexes. The company’s clench guards are also available for both the upper and lower teeth. The night guards are made from FDA-approved, BPA-free, hypoallergenic materials.

There are 3 models of Sentinel night guards. The guards aim at tackling different severity of teeth grinding. These models are:

  • Sentinel Hard Acrylic Night Guard (0.40 or 0.80) (Hard Inside & Out)(check it)
  • Sentinel Soft, Clear, Night Guard (0.40, 0.80, .120) (Soft inside/Soft outside) (check it)
  • Sentinel Dual Laminated Night Guard Hybrid (2mm thick) (Hard Outside/ Soft Inside) (check it)

sentinel custom nigh guardsLet’s take a deeper look into the night guards.

Sentinel Hard Acrylic Night Guard (0.40 or 0.80) (Hard Inside & Out)

Sentinel Hard Acrylic Night Guard

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This is the hardest night guard in the Sentinel group of mouth guards and offers the strongest protection for heavy teeth grinders. The guard holds the teeth firmly in place and can last up to 5 years when used properly.

The Sentinel Hard Acrylic Night Guard is ideal for people who need to wear mouth guards more regularly. The guard prevents the teeth from shifting by securing the jaw and preserving the teeth placement.

Sentinel Soft, Clear, Night Guard (0.40, 0.80, .120) (Soft inside/Soft outside)

sentinel mouthguard review

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This night guard comes in 3 thickness options: .40, .80, and .120, and is similar to those offered by teeth grinding dentists.

The night guard is popular with many people. However, soft versions of night guards are discouraged by doctors as they can aggravate teeth grinding.

Sentinel Dual Laminated Night Guard Hybrid (2mm thick) (Hard Outside/ Soft Inside)

Sentinel Dual Laminated Night Guard Hybrid

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This is the most unique custom mouth guard you can get without having to contact a dentist. The Sentinel Dual Laminated night guard is rather new in the market but has already gathered fans due to its top-of-the-line design. The guard is a combination of the soft and hard night guards and is ideal for people suffering from mild cases of bruxism. The teeth guard comes with a 24-months warranty.

Choosing the Best Sentinel Mouth Guard Model

When choosing a bruxism guard, consider the following:

  • The severity of your teeth grinding habits (bruxism)
  • How comfortable you want your night guard to be
  • Your concerns about your teeth shifting
  • Your mouth guard preference

Many people are confused on whether to buy teeth guards for the upper or lower teeth. Although mouth guards for the upper teeth are more popular, consider whether you jaw has more damaged teeth before buying. Also, consider any dental work already done. The aim of the dental guard should be to protect the teeth from further damage.

How to Mold Sentinel Custom Night Guards

Most patients order night guards from the dental office since they are worried about making imperfect impressions. However, the process of making a perfect impression is rather easy and takes less than five minutes.

When you purchase a Sentinel mouth guard online, you will be mailed a dental impression kit. The kit contains:

  • One white and one purple putty.
  • 2 trays
  • A plastic packing bag.

Steps for Molding a Dental Impression

Step 1: Brush your teeth and wash your hands

Step 2: Mix the white and purple putties together until no white streaks can be seen

Sentinel Custom Night Guard Review 1Step 3: Form the putty into a long, oblong shape and place in on the empty tray

Step 4: Push the putty into the tray, distributing it around the trays cavities

Step 5:Place the tray on either your lower or upper set of teeth, ensuring the teeth press into the putty. Be careful not to bite into the tray.

Step 6: Hold the tray in your teeth for 3 minutes and then slowly and carefully remove it from the mouth

Step 7: Remove the putty from the tray then gently pat it dry

sentinel night guard moldStep 8: Mail the putty back to the Sentinel Custom Night Guard Lab

Check the instructions video below:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sentinel Guards


  • The impression kit and the final mouth guard are shipped fast
  • The night guards are durable
  • The quality of the guards is impeccable
  • Instructions for making the impression are easy to follow
  • The company offers excellent customer service


  • Sometimes, the impressions don’t come out perfect and may have to be re-done.

Check the Sentinel mouth guards on Amazon below:

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Does Sentinel offer money back guarantee?

Yes, every Sentinel Night Guard comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.

Will the Sentinel night guard help me stop teeth grinding and clenching habits?

The night guards from Sentinel are perfectly fitting to your teeth. The guards not only set your jaw in place for more comfortable breathing but will also help stop grinding your teeth.

What will happen if I don’t take a perfect impression?

You may get extremely nervous when taking your first impression and may end up not taking a good one. If this happens, contact Sentinel customer care and you will be sent another kit free of charge. When you get the kit, the customer care will guide you step-by-step in making the perfect dental impression.

I’m a very heavy teeth grinder (severe bruxism). Which night guard is ideal for me?

The hard acrylic model is the most recommended night guard for people with severe teeth grinding. The material used will deter you from grinding or clenching your teeth. The acrylic model provides the firmest placement to prevent you from inflicting further damage to your teeth.

Are Sentinel mouth guards FDA-approved? Are they also BPA-free?

Sentinel night guards have been clinically tested to ensure their safety. The products have also been approved by the FDA.

Editor’s Conclusion

Most users who reviewed the products have used all the 3 models of night guards and are happy with them. Reviews on Amazon show the night guards are effective and comfortable. The Sentinel company is also praised for its customer service. Most reviewers indicate they got help through the purchase and when they received the product.

Recommendation & Disclaimer

If you are in search of a trusted and durable custom-fit night guard, we highly recommend Sentinel night guards. The night guards will surpass your expectations and should be in your top list of considerations.

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