Pro Teeth Guard Review

Pro Teeth Guard Review

Interested in buying the Pro Teeth Guard? Before you do so, you should know how the kit fits, how to clean it and where to buy. We've compiled information from different Pro Teeth Guard reviews to give you everything you should know about this teeth guard.

Pro Teeth Guard Review

Pro Teeth Guard is a well-known brand that offers the best custom mouth guards. Customers can order the uniquely-designed night guards directly from the dental lab on the internet.

The Pro Teeth Guard Dental Lab is situated in California and has been operational for over 10 years. The lab manufactures dental products, including custom teeth guards.

Pro Teeth guards are of the same quality or, sometimes, even better than those offered by dentists. However, the custom mouth guards are more affordable.

How Are Pro Teeth Guards Made?

When you order a custom teeth guard online, the dental lab will send you a molding kit. The kit has dental clay (putty), trays, and an instruction sheet for making your teeth impression. You have to make your teeth impression and send it back to the lab. The lab's technicians will use the impression to make a custom, fitting plaster mold of your teeth.

Contents of the Impression Kit

The impression kit comes with:

  • Pre-paid return envelope
  • Packages of impression putty (an extra set of putty is also provided)
  • Upper tray ( These are 2 different sizes. You choose the one that fits best)
  • Lower Tray

You have both an upper and a lower impression putty so that the lab can engineer a perfect fit guard by determining how your upper and lower teeth make contact when you bite down. Some online stores that sell custom mouth guards only take the upper impression. This is not a good idea since the custom guard may inflict pressure on a few teeth, for example by protruding a little higher.

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Pro Teeth custom dental guards are made by experienced professionals to ensure their quality. The technician may adjustment the night guards to ensure they fit properly before mailing them back to customers.

Where to Buy Pro Teeth Guard & Molding Instructions

Ordering your night guard from Pro Teeth Guard is easy:

Step 1: Order online here. You will receive a complete home kit that you will use to make the impressions of your teeth. You will have to provide your details in the online form to enable the lab determine your suitability for a custom mouth guard. Shipping is free.

Step 2: Using the putty material, obtain the exact shape and position of your teeth and take the impression of your teeth. Pack the impression in the prepaid envelope provided and mail it back to the lab.

Step 3: After a few weeks, you will receive a custom, perfectly-fitting night guard. Wear the guard at night to manage your teeth grinding habits.

Types of Pro Teeth Custom Guards

1. Soft Night Guard (For Light Grinding)

soft night guardThis custom night guard is designed for people with light to moderate teeth grinding. The guard is made with a flexible rubber that's soft on the gums. Depending on how severe your teeth grinding is, you will begin to notice the results after using this teeth guard for between 6 months and 2 years.

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2. Hybrid Night Guard (For Moderate Grinding)

hybrid night guardThis is the most famous Pro Teeth Guard model since most people suffer from moderate teeth grinding. However, this guard can also be used by people with heavy grinding.

The Hybrid night guard is made of two layers; a rigid durable layer on the outside, and a soft comfortable layer on the inside. Due to its durability, this night guard can be effectively used for two to five years.

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3. Hard Night Guard (For Heavy Grinding)

pro teeth hard night guardThe hard night guard is made of a hard plastic known as acrylic, which is a professional dental material. The bruxism guard is durable and therefore ideal for severe teeth grinders. The night guard is only made for the upper teeth. However, you can make a special request for the lower teeth to be made.

Depending on how severe your grinding habits are, this night guard can last for two to five years.

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  1. Ultra-Thin Guard (For Daytime Grinding)

pro teeth ultra thin night guardThis guard is comfortable to wear as it does not lead a full mouth feeling. It is therefore perfect for wearing during the day to help you manage you grinding dilemma.

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The four types of teeth guards that are made by Pro Teeth Guard are all for upper teeth. However, one can have one made for their lower teeth by request.

How Do I Choose The Right Guard?

Teeth grinding can cause great damage to your teeth and pain on your jaws. When you realize you grind your teeth (the most common symptom is headaches and painful jaws), make an appointment with your doctor to ascertain the severity of your habits. The severity of your teeth grinding will determine the type of teeth guards that will be best for you.

The best thing about Pro Teeth Guard is that the night guard you will get will be custom-made for you. Therefore, it will be very comfortable in your mouth and strong enough to prevent you from bruxism

The hard night guards are durable but rigid. Therefore, they are not comfortable and you may not want to settle for them unless you have severe teeth grinding. The soft night guards are very effective for people with light teeth grinding habits.

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The most preferred Pro Teeth night guard is the Hybrid Night Guard. This guard has both a comfortable soft inner layer and a rigid outside shell. Both light and heavy teeth grinders can use the mouth guard.

Features of Pro Teeth Guard

  • Manufactured by a certified technician in a verified dental lab in California
  • The process of making teeth impression is easy and can be done from the comfort of your home
  • The dental impressions are done for both the lower and upper teeth to enable production of a perfectly comfortable custom night guard.
  • The company manufacturers three types of night guards, which accommodate all types of bruxers
  • You save by ordering your night guard online instead of from a dentists office since the quality will be the same or even better.
  • The manufacturer gives 110% use guarantee for the products and also free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How safe are the materials used to make the night guards?

Pro Teeth Guard has a professional dental lab for manufacturing the night guards. Therefore, the same type and quality of material ordered by dentists is used for making the guards.

The soft night guards are made from a special material known as ProFlav while the hard night guard is made from a hard clear type plastic called acrylic. The hybrid night guard, also known as a dual-laminate, is made from two materials (soft and hard) fused together.

  1. Why are teeth guards from Pro Teeth Guard cheaper than those from my dentists?

The price for Pro Teeth Guard night guards is factory-direct prices. This is because the company manufacturers them from their own lab. On the other hand, when you order a custom mouthguard from dentists, you will also be charged markup (normally 200 300%).

Therefore, although the custom guards are exactly the same even in quality, the one from the dentists will be more expensive.

However, there are incidences where it is justifiable to go through your dentists to get a night guard. For example, if your bruxism is caused by some issues with your jaw, the dentists will want to order for you a special night guard that can also help you with teeth alignment. In such a case, the dentists will also have to do several adjustments to help the night guard fir you comfortably.

  1. Which night guard is best for me?

In general, the more severe your teeth grinding habits are, the stronger the night guard you should go for. When you are diagnosed with bruxism (teeth grinding), your doctor can recommend a nightguard that will help you solve your nightmare. You can consider your doctor's recommendation, and then research to find the best custom mouth guard for you.

The Pro Teeth hybrid night guard is both comfortable and durable (due to the soft inner layer and rigid outer layer). This is the guard recommended for most patients with moderate to severe bruxism.

  1. How easy is making the teeth impression?

When you order your night guard online, you will first be mailed an impression kit. This kit contains the material you will use for making your impression (putty), detailed instructions and photos to help you in making your impression. The process is easy and will take you about 10 minutes to complete.

  1. After how long will I receive my dental night guard?

After you have mailed back your teeth impression in the self-addressed envelope, the dental lab will take about 8 weeks to complete making your impression. Depending on how far you stay from California, your custom mouth guard will be back to you within three to six days.

  1. Will I receive the same quality of dental guard as that from my dentists?

Dentists offices don't always manufacturer dental guards. They only take your teeth impression and then send it to a professional dental lab, like Pro Teeth Guard dental lab, for manufacturing. The materials used to manufacture your custom teeth guard from the dental lab are the same as those from your dentists since even dentists order from ProTeeth Guard. Moreover, these materials are ordered from a certified dental products manufacturer.

When you order a custom night guard from your dentist, you will be charged more than the amount it costs from Pro Teeth Guard to manufacture your guard. Dentists don't manufacture custom night guards. They have to order it from a dental lab Pro Teeth Guard Lab, and still want to make a profit.

  1. What if I don't find the final night guard comfortable?

The dental lab technicians that manufacturer Pro Teeth Guard gadgets (bridges, dentures, crowns, dental guards and others) are qualified and have many years of experience. The Lab has successfully delivered hundreds of custom night guards to dentists all over the country and customers for more than 10 years.

The secret behind the company's quality night guards is not just the materials and manufacturing process, but also the fact that these products go through quality check prior to being sent out. It is therefore highly unlikely that your new night guard will not perfectly fit you.

However, if for any reason you are not happy with the product, you can simply contact the lab and give them your order number. The staff at Pro Teeth Guard is highly efficient and they will promptly help you reach a solution to your problem. Even better, the manufacturer gives 110% money-back guarantee if a satisfactory solution is not found for your problem.

Pro Teeth Guard Reviews: Advantages and Limitations


  • The prices are more affordable than that of custom night guards ordered at dental offices
  • The impression kit comes with a detailed instruction sheet that has photos to enable you to make a perfect impression in a short time
  • 110% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the product, even after getting help from the dental lab stuff
  • The night guards are high quality, comfortable, and are customized for each person
  • They are of three types of guards which carter for different intensity of teeth grinding
  • Shipping is free and delivery is fast


  • The online ordering is personal and there's no option for consulting a professional dentist.
  • The quality of the impression made by a patient depends on their ability to read, comprehend and follow the instructions.
  • Individual customers are left with the decision of the night guards that's ideal for them.

You can purchase the Pro Teeth Guard at ProTeethGuard website.

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