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Reviews of the Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Alarm With Vibration (Royal Blue & Magenta)

All you have been looking for in a bedwetting alarm is now available in 1 handy gadget: the Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Alarm With Vibration. This bedwetting alarm combines sound, vibration and light to help even the deepest sleepers awaken. An adjustable switch can be set to either just sound, vibrate or sound an alarm.

The bedwetting alarm features allow you select between one sound or eight various tones. When you set the 8 tones, one tone becomes activated every time you trigger the alarm. This helps to prevent accommodating of the audio. With the other tone setting, you can select the sound you would like to hear whenever the alarm is triggered.

The alarm connects to the sensor that clips on and detects if there is any moisture in the bed. The sensor, which is named “Easy Clip”, anchors outside any tight-fitting underwear for both both girls and boys. There is no need to sew anything nor any hassle with metal snaps or clips which could possibly be undone in the middle of the night.

Unlike some bedwetting alarm products in the market, you do not need to attach or purchase any mini pads. The sensor contacts are inside the clip. Any sweat or skin contact will not set the alarm off.

The Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Alarm uses triple A batteries. These batteries last ten times more than the standard button-type batteries used in most bed-wetting alarms. The alarm is available in magenta and royal blue colors. When shopping for the product on Amazon, you simply need to choose the color you would like.

Features and Specifications of the Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Alarm

  • Has a one-year warranty
  • Does not require tricky snaps, mini-pads or sewing thanks to its easy-clip sensor
  • You can select one or eight different tones to wake your son or daughter
  • The alarm combines vibration, sound and light to help wake deep sleepers.
  • Clinically proven equipment in effectively stopping bedwetting.

Below is a guide on how the bedwetting system works:

Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

There are many positive reviews of the Malem bedwetting alarm on Amazon. You can read the reviews here.

Below is an overview of the reviews of Malem Ultimate bedwetting alarm.

One customer was quite a skeptic regarding the effectiveness of the Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Alarm with Vibration-Camouflage. On the other hand, his son convinced him to purchase it and wore it each night for six weeks. This reviewer followed the directions on the product and his son stopped wetting the bed after two weeks. This proves that the product is effective. The customer stopped by Amazon to recommend the Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Alarm with Vibration-Camouflage for everyone who has a child that needs to stop wetting the bed!

Another customer heard about this product after it was recommended by the pediatrician to help monitor this five-year-old’s bed-wetting habit. While the customer thought it wouldn’t work, she was surprised that after a month of using the Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting, her son no longer wets the bed. According to the customer, the cost of the product is absolutely worth it since his son stopped bed wetting seemingly forever. The customer now recommends this bed wetting gadget for any child that has a problem wetting the bed. Check more reviews here.

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