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Malem Ultimate Bedside Alarm With Pad Review

Malem Ultimate Bedside Alarm With Pad ReviewThe Malem Ultimate Bedside Alarm with Pad is a unique and innovative bed-side device for kids who do not like the alarm version. This new type of alarm has a broad range of options that can awaken even the most deeply-sleeping kids.

The enuresis alarm has a plastic embossed moisture-sense pad for the bed, which is positioned beneath the child. When the strips of the pads sensor detect any moisture, the alarm goes off. The pad needs to be positioned either inside a pillow case or under a bed sheet.

The mat is attached to a battery-powered alarm by a 7-ft cord. Don’t worry about the length of the cord; it will not really disturb your child while he/she is sleeping. The 21″ x by 15.5″ bed-mat is easy to clean and dries fast.

malem ultimate bedside alarmThe alarm comes with a range of sound options to wake up your child. You can select from 8 different sounds depending on what you or your child would like. If you don’t like the default tone set by manufacturers of kids bedwetting alarms, buy the Malem Ultimate Bedside Alarm with Pad. Even better, if you do not like the 8 alarm tones, you can record a custom one and use it.

The bedwetting alarm has flashing lights and a volume control. When the alarm goes off, you the lights start flashing. Thus, you can easily find the gadget and switch it off even when there is no light in the room.

The Malem Bed-Side with Pad Bedwetting Alarm currently goes for$181.10 at Amazon.

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Features of Malem Ultimate Bedside Alarm with Pad

  • Includes a comfortable plastic bed-mat
  • You can change the alarm’s volume through the volume control
  • Choose from eight different alarm tones
  • Select your own personalized message/alarm sound
  • Clinically proven to stop bed wetting (read reviews)
  • An optional fifteen meter extension unit for sound lets parents hear the unit from a distance (must be bought separately)
  • Available with a one-year warranty

Malem Ultimate Bedside Alarm with Pad Reviews

The reviews below are a sample of what parents that have bought the Malem Ultimate Bedside Alarm experience. You can read more reviews on Amazon.
happy child using malem bedwetting alarmOne reviewer who has a developmentally delayed and autistic daughter purchased the Malem Bed-Side Bedwetting Alarm with Pad for her since she was bedwetting and going back to sleep. The customer wanted her daughter to wake up whenever she wet the bed.

This device worked perfectly for the customer. By using the Malem Bedwetting alarm, her daughter has been dry for the past four months. In recent days, she even wakes up to go to the bathroom herself!The pad makes soft sounds when the child moves around in the bed. However, these sounds do not interfere with her sleep the way the alarm does.
For this parent, the Malem bedwetting alarm has been a great investment and has made a difference in the quality of sleep her daughter now has. (source:Amazon)

Another reviewer feels that more than any other bed wetting alarms for kids in the market today, the Malem Bed-Side Bedwetting Alarm with Pad has more options. With the alarm, you can select the sound you prefer or even record your own! You don’t really need to buy an expensive alarm as this one does the job you need it to.

This alarm worked really well for both his kids who began wetting the bed at the same time. The parent recommends the bedwetting alarm for anyone with kids that wet the bed. (source:Amazon)

Should You Buy the Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm?

If you have kids with enuresis, you are probably frustrated and wondering how they can stop the habit.There are a number of bedwetting alarms for kids that you can go for. We have reviewed the best bedwetting alarms you can buy. The Malem Ultimate Bedside Bedwetting Alarm is perfect if your children do not like wearing other bedwetting alarms.

Moreover, the multiple alarm sound options as well as the ability to record your own sounds gives it an edge over the competition.However, its current price of $181.10may be a little higher if you are looking for a cheap bedwetting alarm.

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